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One Day
by Kitana
Citation:   Kitana. "One Day: An Experience with LSD (exp114227)". Apr 12, 2020.

2 hits oral LSD
    inhaled Nitrous Oxide


My husband and I are on Day 3 after a quarantine shelter order was put in place in our state. We have been trying to live or lives as normal as we can from home. Both of my jobs are closed until April 7th (at least). My husband's school is closed as well with his job slowing down greatly. We have been needing about covid-19 for days. We feel scared, but we also know we will get through any health or financial burdens that come our way. We had ravioli for dinner and shortly after wrapping that up we went to our room to decide our dosage. We have about 50 whipped cream charges to do throughout the night.

We took our doses around 6pm. By 7pm I feel the electric tingles in my brain. This is normal for me. Between 7pm and 8pm I feel pressure in my ear almost, but it's like a pulse on the right side of my head. This distracts me from being able to concentrate on conversation. My sinuses (after days of congestion) finally allow one side to open and is completely dry. While the other is a goop mess all closed up. I can feel my smile growing. I feel a little uneasy as I do my best to settle in for the ride. "Was this a a stupid decision?" The world around me is melting. I'm forgetting about my worries for a moment. That quickly ends.

As my husband and I converse, naturally our worries start to pour over into the conversation. We are both emotional this doesn't feel toxic or bad. This may not be what I wanted my trip to revolve around, but it's what needed to happen.
This may not be what I wanted my trip to revolve around, but it's what needed to happen.

We are sitting. Talking. I'm having a hard time with words. My thoughts just won't piece together to form a sentence right now. My husband says something which I can't recall, but it was sad and I told him, after I sucked in half a whippit, that "one day it will be okay". This look came across his face. A look of relief. A look of bliss. Suddenly the energy in the air was strong. I saw behind him a vision of white flowers growing, the light behind that was bright, a family was walking with their child. The cold ran out of the light and jumped into the air. The happiness was so radiant! I looked at my husband tears pooling at the corners of my eyes. "I just saw your thought." I said softly. I was so confused. I was crying. He was crying. It isn't the first time I've had a vision. I've had many since being with him.

The first one I remember was off of a whippit, no other psychedelics involved, I saw his spiritual form. It reminded me of the characters from the movie Avatar. The second time (on acid 2 doses) our basement turned into a jungle. We turned into these spiritual forms. I could feel the texture of my skin be different. Almost like wax. The third time, on mushrooms, my bed turned into my little mushroom house and sunk into the ground.

This experience was so different. I've never seen thoughts before. About ten minutes later my husband is in the kitchen while I'm still in the bedroom. My music on my Google home turns off. I hear music coming from the other bedroom we have. Playing is "calling in the air tonight" I walk out to use the bathroom and ask my husband if he turned it on. He says "no" suddenly the music in my room turns back on. The occurrence is strange. I don't know if there is meaning behind it or where to go on from here. One thing I do know is that for the rest of that trip I was extremely turned on and couldn't escape the desire to have playtime with my husband.

Exp Year: 2020ExpID: 114227
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 26 
Published: Apr 12, 2020Views: 553
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LSD (2) : Relationships (44), Combinations (3), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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