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Raped Within the Sewers of Damnation
Alcohol - Beer, LSD, 2C-B & Sleep Deprivation
by TornIntoEnthrallment
Citation:   TornIntoEnthrallment. "Raped Within the Sewers of Damnation: An Experience with Alcohol - Beer, LSD, 2C-B & Sleep Deprivation (exp114237)". Apr 16, 2020.

  repeated oral Alcohol - Beer/Wine  
  2 hits oral LSD  
  20 mg oral 2C-B (ground / crushed)


The date is March 23, 2020. The world is at a standstill due to coronavirus, and I am gifted with boredom and much time to kill. I am writing this report through my best recollections, of the earth shattering and life changing trip I took, when I was 18 years old Every person I have ever told this story to concurs that it’s an epic story. Many find it funny, despite the fact that I nearly died…. Honestly, now at almost 10 years later…so do I.

NOTE: All timestamps posted are rough estimations. I remember that day very well. When I left the house, and when I got home from the hospital are still clear in my mind.

It was very early in May, and we had recently hit a dreadful cold-snap, where it was -8C the night prior. However, May was beginning to take hold of the season. The buds were forming on trees, the grass was green, and small amounts of foliage were springing to life once again…. That day turned out to be the first very hot day of spring. And somehow, over the course of 48 hours, the temperature had risen to be at least 27c. It had just stormed like crazy, so the humidity was quite extreme.

gender: Male
Age: 18
Weight: skinny, I’m guessing like 160lbs
Height: 6’3”

Prior drug experience: Cannabis, hash, LSD, Mushrooms, 2cb, speed, meth, ketamine, cocaine, MDMA, MDA, hydromorphone, PCP, morphine, codeine, alcohol, tobacco, diphenhydramine

Drug use prior to the trip: I was a regular cigarette smoker, chronic pothead, and loved psychedelics. I was on a serious bender where I was abusing speed and barely sleeping for at least 4 days
I was on a serious bender where I was abusing speed and barely sleeping for at least 4 days
, and less than 48 hours prior was out all night getting drunk at an MDMA party… very sleep deprived.
Stomach: empty

T-7:30am: I had barely slept the night before, and was not ready to start recovering from the rager of a party I attended. Neither was my friend Sean, he invited me over right at the crack of dawn. I didn’t have much money and got the bright idea to bring some LSD and 2c-B I was saving.

I was about to head out the door wearing a T-shirt and jeans, when I remembered how fucking cold it was. I opened the door and noticed it was only 1 or 2 celsius; spitting rain and howling wind. I quickly retreated, and changed into black jeans. I put on an undershirt, followed by a t-shirt, and put on a black hoodie over top of it. I got 5 steps out the door and the wind bit right through me, so I put on a leather jacket and a black toque.

T-7:40: (He lived literally 5 minutes from my house) I let myself into his house, which reeked like old bong and cigarettes, and he greeted me with a beer. He played some gangsta rap while we started to crush our way through his 12 pack of Budweiser he had. I remember the beer was warm. This fucking guy was a slob. His whole family barely cleaned or tidied anything. He never put his beers in the fridge despite having a beer-fridge, and he never changed his black-syrup excuse for bongwater…. I changed the water as per usual. Afterwards I put on some punk and metal as we cracked jokes, and proceeded to rip disgusting poppers out of his bong. (a popper is Ontario slang for a piece of a cigarette in a bowl-stem, with weed packed on top)

Some time had passed, and I drew his attention to the drugs I had brought over. We loved tripping and were both very excited. I had NEVER mixed 2cb with acid, but it seemed like a great idea at the time. We had roughly 2 tabs each, as well as roughly 20mg of 2cb (pills which we crushed up into parachutes…for some reason)

T-???: The drugs were hitting us HARD, I was sweating bricks, and found communication very difficult. Waves of anxious chills began to wash over me. I became very distant and I began tripping harder than I ever had in my life. We decided we needed weed, because we were both freaking out. Sean says he needs to shower to calm down and abandons me in his basement.

I begin levelling out, but his basement is gross, messy, dirty, dark, and cold. 30 minutes later he comes down in a full tuxedo (he was saving it for our senior prom). He had a red necktie and an Elvis Presley haircut, so I made some joke about him being Agent 47 from Hitman’s gay cousin. We both seemed to plateau to a less chaotic place, but one thing was certain.. we NEEDED weed.

T+10:30- My best friend was in deep with the Hells Angels, and was trafficking unbelievable amounts of pot for a kid his age; we’ll just call him E. He arrived and made fun of us for seeming so high; we got stoned and bought our weed.

E proposes to take us out for Tim Hortons, and drive us around while he made some drops. This offer had me ecstatic, because I hated being in that dark, shitty-smelling basement. My stomach was beginning to eat itself; and I could see through Sean’s only window, that the sun was out. The 2c-B was kicking in very hard and I needed to move before my trip went south.

~NOTE: All time between now and when I came home from the hospital is a complete blur (I accidentally left my phone at Sean’s house). Little did I know I was about to reach the darkest, most depraved depths of insanity and physical agony one can fathom.H.P. Lovecraft would eat his heart out if he knew the revolting horror about to be unleashed on my psyche. This event was life changing, and fucked me up for MONTHS afterwards…. I indefinitely have permanent brain damage as a result.~

We quit stalling, and decided to hit the road. I did not even realize how high I was, until I started moving. I had a weird sense of vertigo, and an odd sense of underwhelming anxiety. I started to ask myself if I bit off more drugs than I could chew; but I didn’t want to feed into that silent dread building up in me. I found comfort in knowing that we would soon be in a different environment.

A sudden wave of electrical energy took over me. My field of vision was now made up completely of hallucinations and fractals. My thoughts started to loop themselves in nonsensical ways. “Fucking awesome”, I thought to myself. At this point, I have absolutely no idea what went through my mind. I became one with the fluctuating machinescape of an environment before me. My friends’ voices became an electronic jumble of cacophonous sounds. A sudden dissolution of my thoughts occurred. I knew we were getting ready to head out the door, but from this point on I began running on autopilot. At some point between the basement, his stairs, and his front hallway, my ego died. I forgot my own name and everything else about my life.

Little did I know, the high humidity and sun had elevated the temperature outside drastically. I had all my layers I left my house with, and I had my shoes on. Silently without saying anything, I headed out the door. I dismissed myself from my friends without saying a word. Not sure what went on in my head when I did this, but I just started walking…and walking.

My friends were getting into E’s car and noticed I continued to walk down his street. Repeatedly they tried to get my attention, but I silently just faded into the distance. Sean laughed and said “he’s too high, probably just gunna go chill at his house” and they left me to it.

The sun was evaporating the water from the storm; creating a beautiful mist that was weaving through the intricate geometry. I know I was sweating bricks; I had been for a while. Everything was beautiful, almost as though I was in a land of nirvana. I continued to walk, completely and utterly lost in my own neighborhood; for what seemed like eternity but was most likely around 4 hours. I did not realize this spike in temperature all around me. My clothes were drenched in sweat, and I was becoming nauseous and dizzy.

Eventually, I found myself deep in the forest beside my old house from when I was a child. I haven’t live in that area for roughly 3 years at that point. And from here my trip took a very dark turn. I had no idea where I was.

I felt like I was just a baby. With no way of knowing what is going on, confused, afraid, and just about ready to shit and puke simultaneously. Suddenly my tongue went completely numb, with pins and needles. I was struck with this sudden sense of urgent fear. I knew something was very wrong and I started to snap out of it a little bit. I’m in the middle of a scary fucking dead forest and have no idea where I am! I’m overwhelmed by a nauseous migraine, and I need to get home because I feel like I might die out here.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~NOTE: I am extremely arachnophobic~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Panic started setting in. I don’t know how to describe this feeling any better, but there was this feeling like I was being watched (hunted… think Evil Dead). Something was out to get me. Suddenly, all I could smell was the putrid stench of feces and rotting flesh. I puked violently, and noticed the entire ground I was walking on, was swarming with creepy crawlies. Centipedes, snakes, and tarantulas were crawling everywhere. Underneath every dead leaf on the ground were trap-door spiders, they kept popping out in attack position and receding. I had completely forgotten I had taken drugs earlier that day. I was petrified in fear and began to cry. Sobbing uncontrollably like a little child, the stench was overwhelming and growing stronger, and my chest was pounding like I was about to die.

I vomit again, this time in a very painful way. It felt like my eyeballs and prostate exploded from pressure. The pain dropped me to my knees, and when I dropped on the ground it was game over. All at once, each and every trap-door spider on the ground (I’m talking hundreds maybe thousands), leaped all over me. Crawling all over and devouring me. I could hear them crawling and hissing, I could feel them covering me underneath my clothes. I was covered in pins and needles, and tarantulas were crawling on my balls. I panicked, violently thrashing around on the ground. I began screaming as loud as I could in sheer terror, and frantically ripped off all my clothes. I got ass-naked, and started throwing my clothes around; smacking them against trees, and using them to defend myself from these evil spiders. It was too late, the spiders had infected me underneath my skin, crawling beneath my flesh and feeding on me. They made their way up into my brain, which must have been in rough shape, because my migraine had become scalding and unbearable.

These spiders had all conglomerated into one big, evil fucking spider. Go on Google Images, and look up a funnel web spider. It looked just like that. To this day, I am almost certain I opened some sort of metaphysical gate into the unknown; and this thing was in fact, a malevolent autonomous entity, that was trying to take my soul. I could see clear as day, right in front of me, all the damage this spider was doing to my brain. This must have been a minds-eye hallucination, because it was so vivid and real. The stench was still present, and all I could taste was a bitter, metallic flavour. I vomited again, this time effecting great pain throughout my gut and I popped a hemorrhoid in my ass. This spider was crawling all over my brain, pulling apart at my wires with its fangs, and inflicting horrible pain. Each time it bit me, brought a new intrusive thought. These thoughts were horrible, unspeakable things. Everything from necrophilia, gore, torture/mutilation, to PTSD flashbacks of me being raped as a kid.
It felt like I was being brutally raped and force-fed shit. All the while, this evil spider was screaming at me in this dark alien language, comprised of hissing and clicking… it was transmitting telepathic thoughts… telling me it was only going to stop inflicting such pain and torture, if I killed my loved ones.

Needless to say I fucking lost it. I screamed harder and more hysterically than I have ever screamed before. I started sprinting all over with total disregard to the paths around me through the woods I was lost in. My heart was POUNDING. Eventually I broke through the bush into a new path and came across a man walking his dog. He must have heard me coming for miles, only to behold a naked teenager screaming and sobbing hysterically, begging for help.

I saw him, and pitifully collapsed to the ground, begging for him- “PLEASE FUCKING HELP ME OH GOD PLEASE MISTER PLEASE HELP ME!” screaming in hysterics…. this fucking guy… avoided all eye-contact… hushed his dog closer, and COMPLETELY ignored me. He must have been fucking terrified… this wasn’t a hallucination; there really was some old man and his dog that just walked right past as I was writhing on the ground. I vomit again in front of him, dry-heaving painfully and shat all over myself and the ground. I rolled all around my poo like I was on fire; while this spider penetrated deeper into my soul, and infected me with evil. The stench was unbearable now. I screamed helplessly and pleading this old man as he just walked right past me. As he walked past, his head turned all the way around like the exorcist and began rotting away as it formed a devilish smile.

I was trapped in hell, and this spider was raping my soul. I felt death closing in, so I picked my ass off the ground and began running and screaming again. I was sprinting off the path, and eventually came across an area that was made up of bramble bushes, entangle in vines. The sun was shining through the other side of them. So I booked it as hard as I could, trying to get through them…. Low and behold I got tangled in that mess. Now there was an entirely new level of pain being inflicted on me, as these bushes and vines were very thick.

It was almost impossible to get through. While these thorns wrapped their way around my naked body, cutting me underneath my armpits, my legs; you name it. The more I fought them the more entangled I became.

Trying to run through a fucking bramble bush while naked, is an exercise in futility. I came back to that same spot weeks later, and the fucking path leading out of the forest was RIGHT BESIDE WHERE I WAS. These thorns were slicing me up all over. They ripped at my scrotum and I got sliced right at the trip of my dick-hole. I had cuts dangerously close to my jugular… eventually it came to a point, where I was literally suspended. almost upside down. I was trapped in this spiders web of despair… literally suspended and COVERED head to toe in sweat, shit, vomit, blood and tears. Crying painfully and blinded by agony as this spider began to feed on me. My eyes felt like they were bursting out of my skull.

FINALLY, I broke free! I crawled my way out of that mess, into the open sunlight. The sunlight paired with finding myself outside of the never-ending forest, seemed to burn the spider away. The sun was bright and not helping my migraine, but it seemed to kill this evil spider; almost like it was a vampire. I saw a familiar busy road with cars, which began honking at me. I was still ass naked, and covered in blood and shit and vomit. I looked down at my bleeding dick and noticed something truly amazing.
THIS ENTIRE TIME, my hoodie and jeans were locked into my hand. Death-gripped like I was clinging to them for dear life (I was). Thank fuck, I thought to myself. I frantically put my pants and sweater back on. Put my hood up and realized I wasn’t very far from my house.

I was still crying hysterically, sobbing like I had been raped (I may as well have been raped by pure evil) and began making my way home. I was crying so hard and stumbling with blood all over my face. Everyone doing their yard work slowly started to notice me. This freaked me out, because they looked at me like they knew exactly who I was; it was my neighborhood after all. They definitely had seen me walking around before.

I was almost there; I came to the top of the hill, on the road my street was off of. I could almost see my house. At the top of this hill there was a white church. “I made it, I’m alive” I thought to myself as I passed the church.

As I was passing this church though, about halfway, I vomited yet again. This time was very different. The pain I vomited forth was INDESCRIBABLE. I dry-heaved blood, as it felt like my stomach and entire digestive track had folded itself inside out in my esophagus. My eyeballs popped (I had huge red spider web veins across my eyes for a few days) and my prostate felt like it had been ripped out of my ass. It didn’t stop there. My whole body was drenched in pins and needles, and it felt like I was burning alive. Like every nerve ending was simultaneously being scalded. This pain dropped me on the ground and caused me to scream so loud it, felt like it broke my voice-box; making the pain ten times worse. I lay on the ground convulsing and may have shat myself again. I cried out for help but nobody was outside. I screamed for my mother, for god, for my girlfriend and anything to save me.

My attention then turned to the church. In the field was a very fat lady on a riding mower, while little children played behind her as she drove; with butterfly nets, trying to catch little bugs. I saw the sun shining behind the crucifix on its roof. “God, please save me!! Sanctuary!! oh god help me please god!!!” I thought, as I limped as fast as I could towards the fat lady. I vomited again and the pain was worse, I collapsed no less than 4 feet behind them all; screaming bloody murder for them to help me. I shit my pants.

The thing about these kind of lawnmowers…. Is they are very loud. Not one of them heard me, even though they were literally just out of my hands grasp. “WHAT THE FUCK GOD!?” this felt like I had been completely forsaken. “FUCK THIS!!” I picked myself up off the ground and limped away from the church towards the rows of houses. I made it to the first house, and began banging on the door and frantically ringing the doorbell; screaming that I needed an ambulance. I must have been there for 3 minutes. The house was empty, I went next door and did the same thing… also empty. I went to another house and did the exact same thing….also empty! Now I started believing that I had never escaped. That I was just a spectre of pain and agony, doomed to live forever in that state of torture…. The hissing of the spider was back, and laughing demonically.

I went to the next house…ALSO EMPTY…I’m guessing a lot of people were still at work… if I had to guess the time I would say 4pm. I finally broke down crying more painfully than I had in the forest. Sobbing like a baby, whose mother abandoned him in the snow and left him to die. I screamed with all my strength a final time. If I wasn’t already dead and in hell, I gave up and accepted death.

Suddenly I heard my name being called from a distance. Low and behold was the head of student council at my high school (Kareem), with a total smoke-show of a girl walking towards me. This caused a new found surge of adrenaline to course through me. I was not ready to die! I frantically got up and made it to them as fast as I could, before vomiting even more pain. I began convulsing, they were terrified. Apparently they heard me from inside their house, many houses down the block; and followed my screams. They knew something horrible was wrong, and Kareem was holding a bottle of water. He immediately jumped to my aid, and started feeding me water from the bottle.

It felt like my stomach was being stretched past its capacity trying to drink it. I definitely needed that. My throat burned. They were pleading with me to tell them what was going on. I told them I did drugs and frantically tried to explain what had happened in the forest. Kareem was a nerd but he still did drugs. He tried to calm me, telling me it was going to be okay and I shouted “NO IT’S FUCKING NOT GOING TO BE OKAY” and started screaming and crying hysterically. I shit my pants violently, right in front of them.

The girl's mom came outside very alarmed, and tried to help me as well. She asked what drugs I did. I told her acid… her reply was like, “LSD? Don’t worry I’m from the 60’s! I can help you brother!!” This would have been very calming, but the level of pain I was in was astounding. They force-fed me ice-water, and it made everything worse. I was still screaming and rolling on the ground. Destroying her front lawn and ripping at all the grass.

I had attracted a very large crowd at this point. One other lady knew I was on drugs (maybe she was also from the 60’s), and started shewing people away. Her mother and the lady decided they had to get me out of public…. So they had the bright idea OF TRAPPING ME IN THEIR FUCKING SWELTERING HOT CAR. They locked the doors and started frantically discussing what to do with me. This heat was unbearable. I was burning alive, and my heart was beating out of my chest. I vomit in her car and started panicking and trying to kick my way out. They pulled me out of the car and got more water. At this point she had had enough, and called the police. They showed up around 5 minutes later, and began rough-handling me into handcuffs. I was blacking out due to fear. These were not cops; these were minions of the spider, trying to gang-rape me. I did not comply; they called for back-up.

The amount of fight-or-flight adrenalin coursing through me must have given me the strength of 10 men; because it took 6 officers to apprehend me. They pepper sprayed me and kicked the shit out of me. Somewhere in this scuffle, I threw an insult at an officer and grabbed his gun. They proceeded to stomp the living hell out of me, soak my eyes in mace, and taser me. This was so bad that the mom who called the police, started screaming at them to call an ambulance. I said something to one of the cops, who proceeded to empty an entire can of pepper spray on me while I was cuffed on the ground.

Now, after this point, I truly went to hell. It was like I had been erased from history and existence. And banished to a realm of pure darkness…. I don’t mean close your eyes and see static sort of darkness, just sheer blackness. I was damned to float through the void, for all of eternity; experiencing pain beyond the human spectrum.

At which point the ambulance arrived. According to paramedics I was screaming up bubbles of blood spatter. They poured water on my eyes, strapped me to a stretcher, and they shoved me in the back of the ambulance…. I had regained some of my vision just in time to see the malevolent, torturing demons cutting off all my clothes, and shoving catheters into my arms. Completely apprehended, they hooked up something that was reading my pulse. Holy fuck that thing was counting fast, my heart really was beating out of its chest. This sound made everything worse.

I remember one paramedic forcing a mask on my beaten up face in a painful manner; and flexing oxygen into my lungs. Each time he was SCREAMING for me to “Breathe! Breathe!! Breathe!!”…. obviously this did not help my panic…. It actually made it 10 times worse. I could hear my heart rate rising to excessive levels before I almost died of fear. It began causing palpitations and going back to concerning speed. Something was injected into me and it returned to normal. A wave of calm washed over me. At which point I was able to breath, and collect myself enough to tell the paramedic shouting at me to fuck off.

They noticed I stopped trying to break free of the restraints, and eased up a little. One of the police officers was lying on top of my legs. I sobbed pathetically and begged them not to kill me. The cop who was previously beating the shit out of me, must have had some change of heart. He started slowly rising up off my legs.

“It’s okay buddy, we’re not…gunna hurt you”… as soon as I got one leg free I kicked him as hard as I could in the face (broke his nose), and my feet just started flying. The last thing I remember hearing was “SEDATE HIM!! SEDATE HIM!!!” and subsequently, a hypodermic needle was put into my temple.

I came to, many hours later in a hospital bed. I woke up like Neo in The Matrix. There were tubes all over me. A tube down my throat, in my arms, and a tube up my bloody dickhole. In a confused panic I pulled out my feed tube and started tearing out the things in my arms. I pulled off the suction cup thingies reading my pulse, and at once a doctor came sprinting down the hall. “if you pull out that catheter there’s gunna be blood!!” he shouted “whats a catheter??” I shouted as I proceeded to rip the catheter halfway out of my dickhole by the bag it was attached to. There was air in this bag and I shoved a bunch of it up my dickhole. The pain was scalding! It was like giving birth, out of your dick!

He was angry with me, told me to stay put until he got a nurse to speak with me

“are you god??” I asked him, still clearly high as a kite.

He did not answer; shortly after a Nurse arrived with a clipboard. “Are you god?” I asked.
“No” she replied, visibly flustered. She then proceeded to tell me how I ended up in the hospital, and it all came back to me. I was plagued with this overwhelming shame and embarrassment. She told me all the drugs she found in my urine, I had to explain what 2c-b was to her. She then told me my internal organs were literally cooking inside of my skin, and I was going into cardiac arrest. I had almost died of heatstroke and dehydration. According to her, almost every patient who goes in like me ends up dying; and they almost lost me.

I had to wait hours, before they got a hold of my parents to pick me up. Boy fuck, were they ever mad. The same nurse went up to me and lifted up my gown with no warning, and proceeded to grab my cock by the shaft. She explained she was taking out my catheter so they could send me home. She said it wouldn’t hurt, and that it was just going to be a little pinch. She lied, obviously. I think it ripped a bit of dick-scab with it cuz my cock was bloody afterwards. Very painful would not recommend….. My parents picked me up. They dropped me off at Sean’s house so I could grab my cellphone. I barged into his house wearing nothing but a hospital gown, with my butt-cheeks expose. I walked past his very alarmed mother, down into his basement. As I walked in I saw Sean, as he was pulling a popper through his bong; still in a classy tuxedo. He looked at me very perplexed, with that sort of face you make holding in a fat bong rip. His eyes widened, “What the fuck happened to you man?” “I went completely insane, got raped and tortured by spiders before cops beat the living piss out of me and stole my weed”, I replied.
“Jesus fucking Christ buddy, want a bong toke?” Of course I did. He had some nugs of weed on his cluttered desk. “I’m taking these” I said as I scooped them up. He busted out laughing, “are you sure you don’t want your cellphone?”

I then noticed my phone was right beside me on the table. I took my phone and left without saying anything. “What the fuck happened to you??” said Sean’s mother, as my horribly cut up ass-cheeks walked out her door.

T+9:30pm – I arrived back home, and ate scrambled eggs. I was still hallucinating, my throat felt like I swallowed razor blades, and I felt very weak. I remember walking upstairs to shower. I took a very painful piss, which ended with dick-farts bubbling out of my penis. “Holy fuck” I thought to myself.

I hopped in the shower and cried. I then crawled into bed, turned off the lights, and cried. I called my girlfriend and told her what happened. She was upset I didn’t call her; I cried. I tried to sleep but nothing came.

For almost 2 weeks I felt braindead, completely depleted of energy. And shame and depression plagued my mind.
For almost 2 weeks I felt braindead, completely depleted of energy. And shame and depression plagued my mind.
I realized things I was avoiding due to how they made me feel, and all my prior depression seemed meaningless. For almost a month I could get phantom pains just thinking about it, and the spider’s image of itself eating my brain, was fresh in my mind. I became scared shitless of everything. I quit all substances, and focused on my school. Crazy how going to hell and back, can really change your perspective on life eh?

Many months - almost a year down the line, I attempted to trip acid again with my girlfriend. It was a great time. I have learned many lessons from this experience. I do not regret it, nor would I wish this experience on my worst enemy. Never doubt the power of these drugs, or be as irresponsible as I was. You may end up losing your life, or even your soul.

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 114237
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 18 
Published: Apr 16, 2020Views: 1,624
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2C-B (52), LSD (2) : Various (28), Entities / Beings (37), Train Wrecks & Trip Disasters (7), Bad Trips (6), Combinations (3)

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