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Fun Days... and So Much Cleaning
Citation:   Quarantine. "Fun Days... and So Much Cleaning: An Experience with Lisdexamfetamine (exp114291)". Aug 3, 2020.

100 mg oral Lisdexamfetamine (capsule)
  10 mg oral Pharms - Diazepam  
  4 glasses oral Alcohol - Beer/Wine  
It is the age of COVID19, and on the long weekend I decide to shake things up a bit by taking some Vyvanse, which had been prescribed to me previously but I don't actually take it.

My mindset in the morning was pretty depressed and groggy, I've been stuck at home for two weeks, and along with everyone across the world feeling despair about the current situation. During the week, I am working from home and I had no motivation to do simple things like cook or clean.

I was a little sceptical that chemical enhancement could "fix" my mood and energy but I took 2x 50 mg capsules.

Within 2 hours, I was feeling the positive effects that have been reported by others.

- Music sounds FANTASTIC, and I can't get enough. I started asking people via the internet for their wedding songs, not really a sentimental person but wanted some slower, more "emotional" music at times. Wonderful.

- Optimistic AF. Just a very positive mindset.

- A little obsessed with clean floors. My vacuum cleaner was having problems, and I did have a BIG reaction to this (very angry) but short-lived.

- Creative. I actually got out my sketch pad and sketched for hours.

- Social. I am definitely more social on Vyvanse and tend to make a lot of promises (watch out for this haha) and very positive and complimentary. I feel I am a "delight" but I'm also high! Usually on come down, I see all the conversations and want to check out immediately. But at the time, I cannot be stopped.

- Focused. I get so much done in terms of cleaning, making and freezing meals for the week etc. When I return to my depressed self I have to thank my Vyvanse self for fixing shit up.

The only negative is the anxiety.
The only negative is the anxiety.
Within 5 hours or so, I am gripped by racing heart and a "body" feeling of anxiety. Then it seems to grip me again every hour or so. My mindset is still very positive. I find this easier to manage than, say, a marijuana-based anxiety which is all in the head. I did take 10 mg Valium and drank maybe 4 beers to address this. I am not too bothered by it.

After 8 hours, I am returning to baseline and able to sleep for the night.

Exp Year: 2020ExpID: 114291
Gender: Not Specified 
Age at time of experience: 29
Published: Aug 3, 2020Views: 3,652
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Lisdexamfetamine (589) : Therapeutic Intent or Outcome (49), Performance Enhancement (50), Glowing Experiences (4), Combinations (3), General (1), Alone (16)

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