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Warning: The Breakthrough You Don't Want
by reformedpsychonaut
Citation:   reformedpsychonaut. "Warning: The Breakthrough You Don't Want: An Experience with Changa (exp114293)". Apr 24, 2020.

  repeated smoked Changa

Let me explain a bit about myself. My warning about DMT must be understood from someone who hates warnings about DMT. Hopefully the most adventurous of you will recognize yourselves in me and take it seriously.

I am quite experienced with psychedelics: took high doses of shrooms and LSD over the past 10 years. I have never been the one to take MDMA or acid every week end though, my experiences were mostly very spaced and planned carefully. I am 30 now, and although I have had my excesses, I believe I have been reasonable overall and that I am today psychologically stable and balanced.

I donít bad trip on substances, I think things through and calmly. I get the bad feelings and initial fear of course, then I breathe through it and remain patient and calm. On occasions, Iíve gone far with most substances Iíve tried. Got my ass kicked before, on shrooms, ketamine, salviaÖ but was always able to manage. I know sometimes I pay the price of being too curious, and thatís fine. I believe I have a sturdy mind if you will, when handling strong psychotropics specifically.

Also I am really into science, philosophy etc. I am very critical to incoming information, popular belief, religious belief, spiritual belief, any sort of belief. I guess what I mean to say is, I am not the kind of guy who accepts alien encounters like that, or funky theories about the universe. I will always try to explain things rationally and think against myself in order not to be a fool or delusional.

1.5 years ago I started using DMT, mostly in the form of changa. Since then, I must have had about 200 trips
1.5 years ago I started using DMT, mostly in the form of changa. Since then, I must have had about 200 trips
, 100 at least have been ďbreakthroughĒ experiences. Always experienced fear beforehand like it seems most people do, had to force myself a bit, and I was hyperslapped once or twice, but nothing I took too seriously or had gotten any trauma from. I thought DMT was the best. Very simple actually: inhale as much as you can, remain calm throughout the trip, hope the visuals or visions will be beautiful. 15 minutes and itís over. If I thought I met aliens and couldn't make sense of it, well, within the following days, I would eventually think it was probably only hallucination, and would not be afraid of going crazy. And if I was lucky, I would get the most gorgeous visuals.

I usually use a glass pipe filled with pure changa (50% to 60% DMT content in the changa, I found this is the easiest to use for breaking through). Right now I donít have my pipe with me and I was using joints of almost pure changa. I only sprinkle maybe 1/6th of a cigarette to have some combustion aid in there. I take between 2 and 4 large inhalations for one trip, and I only measure based on the evolution of the hallucinations toke to toke (this is not precise at all of course).

I have had all sorts of trips: pretty static, pretty ugly or dull, absolutely confounding beautiful explosions of ecstasy, falling asleep instantly, amazing mega structures in 4 dimensions, one OOBE, one mystical experienceÖ and visions with elves of course. I believe every time the trip will go in one of the categories or typologies of the DMT experience. Sometimes I would get characteristic DMT visuals, sometimes I got completely original and peculiar things (I once had sort of a slideshow of "normal-looking" photo pictures.), and sometimes I would see the aliens working. This last category is the most disturbing because, deep down in my mind, I could be convinced this was real and that I just connected to another, superior reality, some sort of parallel universe of the most beautiful kind.

Now I am writing all this to issue a serious warning about DMT. I used to think such warnings were not for me, but now I know better. Yesterday I had multiple high dose breakthrough experiences in a row. I realized I can go even deeper if I donít wait for the DMT to fully wear out of my body before going again, and did that a few times.

I donít know if that particular last trip was an exceptionally high of a dose, I never weigh the stuff out, but it was a big big dose. I was initially happy about it, but I then realized it was a mistake.
I never weigh the stuff out, but it was a big big dose. I was initially happy about it, but I then realized it was a mistake.
I was completely convinced to have pierced into another dimension. I know it sounds like many trips youíve had or heard about, but trust me, it was different. I felt that no human being must see what I saw.

Like I said I was happy at first, it was unlike any trip I had had before, it was much much more. Everything was more. I was there. I didnít think there was this level to DMT, I thought I had seen the most extreme already. I felt like the first human being ever to be there. If it happens once in 100 high dose breakthrough experiences, who honestly did that many?

Before it even started to wear off I realized no human could live a normal life knowing what I knew now. That everything would be different. Thatís when I got terrified and tried my best to remain calm and not think. I felt very different after the trip and still do. I am hoping it is only psychological. I will try to work through it.

I am never touching DMT again. I should have stopped when I had my mystical experience a few months back. I am probably never touching psychedelics again either.

I feel a bit better tonight and hope I can handle this and forget, like I did in the past, and convince myself it was just a trip. I believe the brain can do that with DMT naturally.

I just wanted to warn you all. I was no tourist. I went deep with this shit, many times. I was never scared like that. This was something else, a fear of losing my mind, of being alone forever. I repeat I was not a first-timer, and I am not a kid either. Some people tripped on DMT more times than I did, few at the dosages that I have been using. Right now my hands are sweaty, my head is spinning. It is not pleasant for me to write this down right now, so close to the experience. I only do it to protect you folks.

I will try to remember never to do this again. I will put my stash in the trash. I will backtrack from pushing my friends to really try and putting it in their hands, and advise them to stay away from it for their own sanity.

Trust me you donít want to see what I saw and have to live with it. I canít emphasize it too much. Be very careful, donít be like me.

Exp Year: 2020ExpID: 114293
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 30 
Published: Apr 24, 2020Views: 1,213
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