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Heaven and Hell in a Pocket Universe
Salvia divinorum (20x extract)
by Ulysses2137
Citation:   Ulysses2137. "Heaven and Hell in a Pocket Universe: An Experience with Salvia divinorum (20x extract) (exp114306)". Apr 24, 2020.

  repeated smoked Salvia divinorum (extract)


The events described took place in the Netherlands, where I went one summer to with a friend of mine to work. Once after work we went out for a short tour through the Amsterdam, from which we came back with, among others, 20x salvia divinorum extract.

S&S: It was a little after 11 p.m., shortly after we came back to our apartment. Few hours before that we had smoked some weed, but it already wore off and probably did not influence the trip. We were a little tired, but also curious about the substance purchased. My friend had to get up about 4 a.m. to work, but still he wanted to try salvia the same evening. We were excited and a little anxious, my friend more than myself. He told me stories he had heard (or read) about folks, who after salvia acted out as if they got possessed or prayed to a light bulb. I belittled that and deemed to be no more than urban legends.

Dosing: 40 mg of extract 20x each

We didnít wanted to start (as a reasonable person might) from small doses to get to know what weíre dealing with, but rather lunge into the deep water in expectance of greater surprise - there is only one first trip. Anyway, we took some precaution in case of bad trip of an unprecedented magnitude. The plan was that I would smoke first and my friend would keep an eye on me and after it wears off, heís going to smoke. We lived in one apartment with a bathroom. I measured for myself 40 mg of extract on a scale and packed it up in a metal pipe bought in Smart. I turned music on (Emancipator - Soon it will be cold enough) and went to bathroom to heat it up. Contrary to the advice Iíd read, I didnít keep the flame kindling all the time through, but only until salvia caught fire. In addition I inhaled rather slowly in order for tiny particles (almost dust) not to get through the strainer (which turned out to be an unsubstantiated fear). After all, I got stoned less than I could, but still high as fuck.

Right after I exhaled to the vent I started walking towards my bed, but it already took me before I would even get there. The walls and the ceiling turned into something like a city-carpet (it is the closest I can think of, but still not quite). Along the edges there were some kind of pedestrian crossings, but inside there were huge road signs or their empty versions. My bed turned into wooden and twisted something ŗ la a modest bed of an alchemist apprentice. At first I layed down intending to close my eyes and listen to music. CEVs were little similar to those I had on acid, but it wasnít too interesting, so after a while I sat up. I guess that was, when it really took on. I felt something like never before. This state was the only one of its kind and unlike anything I ever experienced. If someone were to ask me, where I am, I would reply them that Iím on salvia. Taking into account that salvia trip is very short and one could smoke during a break at work (besides S&S), I would compare it to a pocket universe or ďa moment just for oneselfĒ.

I was in great mood. Friend started asking about my state and I was replying to him. I told him, among others, about how I saw the border running along the roomís diagonal. On one side it was a beautiful green salvia realm, on the other an ordinary realm of sobriety. In one moment I felt like I was investigated, which didnít feel good and I stopped talking. I canít remember closing my eyes, but I saw the gate (the one I saw on the estate of my passed grandma), through which something was inviting me inside. I came in and there was the salvia realm. But wait, hadnít I been there already? I guessed I entered on some kind of deeper level.

When the song ďAnthemĒ started playing from my laptop, I felt warmth and softness filling me up. Music in the form of white substance was flooding the space above my bed. I felt very comfortable and started to feel even better in this salvia realm. It was great pleasure to be there, actually it was the best it could be. I was in the best place I could be in. If there would be heaven, thatís what it would look like.

Then, I closed my eyes and tried leaving my body, something I had wanted to experience for a very long time, but couldnít do it. All I saw was myself in an empty space, with lower half of my body and instead the upper half I had a radiant, headless trunk. Being in this state, I couldnít feel my body from my navel up. When I opened my eyes, I felt salvia beginning to come down, which I told to my friend. Then he started to prepare his own portion, but had some issues with the scale, which iritated me, because even I, still salviated, could do it (actually it was the batteries, slightly sticking out, which couldnít even be seen, but he didnít know it). He went to the bathroom to smoke and I followed him, just in case.

He was a little hesitant, but I encouraged him, told him that this place I was in was gorgeous and safe. It was like a kindergarten of life, when one can safely learn it through play (made me think of a group terapy of social disorders).

Friend smoked and started walking towards his bed, but he looked absent. I guided him, because he seemed not to know where to go. After two meters or so he started to stumble, so I caught him and dragged to his bed. When I suggested him to lay down, he asked me if he had to. I told him he didnít.

After a while he started speaking something like: ďIím not signing anything, I canít stand itĒ. He was terrified and looked sort of strange. He looked at me as if he saw some kind of a monster. I got a little scared he might want to attack me. Luckily, he didnít. (The next day he would tell me, how the whole world for him was falling into pieces and he was moving through a tunnel, in which there was the timeline of his life. Some higher beings were observing and judging him.) Instead he started asking me, if we were alone, about which I had to reassure him all the time. Then a conversation ensued:
Friend (pointing at my laptop): What is it doing?
Me: Itís playing music.
F: And me? What am I doing?
M: Sitting
F: And what are you doing?
M: Iím sitting too.

This dialogue repeated three times. I guess something happened after that too, but unfortunately I cannot remember. He began to calm down, but still felt the presence of someone else. We talked for a while and then he went to sleep, whereas I turned on some calm music and started thinking about the experience I just had had. After some time (maybe half an hour, all I felt was a little derealization and longing for being in this best place ever) I decided to write down my notes from this trip, which now help me in writing this report.

The salvia state was getting further and further away and I was yearning for it more and more. I considered smoking more, but felt like it made no sense. Instead I started reflecting even deeper. I had a strange feeling, like the presence of something supernatural or so and lasting quite long (or so it seemed to me), putting an element of fantasy into the everyday life. A gateway to the world of magic. I wondered, whether I had made use of it. I felt, like something had just happened and all I had was flashbacks of it or not even that. Like glimmers from this real world (a fog of events from the former world in which one had lived).

After some time I finally got all sober and I stopped longing for the salvia realm.
After some time I finally got all sober and I stopped longing for the salvia realm.
Then I went to sleep to get up in the morning and go on living.

PS: When I smoked salvia the next day and the day after that (but in smaller amounts), these next trips were a continuation of the former, as if I paused a game and then unpause it. I realized that what invited me to go through the gate was three little salvia men. The second time, however, they didnít invite me and the third, they were even driving me away (maybe because I smoked in front of a cemetery). I didnít manage to talk to them, but I guess it would be possible to communicate with them in some other way.

I also smoked salvia while on LSA. It wasnít a continuation of my former trips, but something new entirely, although not quite interesting. The only intriguing thing was that I saw my nausea as some space within a cage.

Whatís worth noting is that the desire for another consumption decreased with each time.

***Thanks to my friend MatthewBaggins for translating this text from Polish.***

Exp Year: 2019ExpID: 114306
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 20 
Published: Apr 24, 2020Views: 439
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