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Hacking the System to be Born Again
LSD & Cannabis
Citation:   Time Traveler. "Hacking the System to be Born Again: An Experience with LSD & Cannabis (exp114340)". Erowid.org. May 2, 2020. erowid.org/exp/114340

T+ 0:00
1 hit buccal LSD (blotter / tab)
  T+ 3:45 1 cig. smoked Cannabis  
This story took place in summer 2018 and it has to be the most profound experience in my life. I was 36 years old at the time of this experience and I had not done LSD in the last 15 years, yes my last LSD trip took place back in 2003, but that's another story.

I have to say I was not under any medication nor any other drugs when I experienced this, and I also have to say that I have done many different drugs in my life and I can say I'm well experienced with them, I also fell in love with psychedelics in high school since the very first time I tried them ( mushrooms and LSD), so I can say I have good experience with LSD, at least twenty times and over one hundred mushroom experiences.

I found some LSD after 15 years of looking for it, I live in a small city down in Mexico, so LSD was something no one had ever heard of ( they have mushrooms growing wild in the nearby mountains instead, and that's something almost no one even talks about, I mean most people don't even know what they are, everyone just talks about cocaine and alcohol). But one day I bumped into someone who was about to change the way things were for me, this person had the real stuff… How do I know? Well, I bought two tabs then went home and did some research about the new drug testing kits I could buy online, I wasn't completely sure this guy was selling real LSD, so taking my precautions was something I wasn't going to forget (I don't trust anyone selling drugs, specially in Mexico and specifically new dealers). I had to buy the Ehrlich testing kit, soon I was testing a little corner of a tab and to my surprise... it came back positive for LSD, jackpot!!!

Not knowing how strong the tabs were, I decided one tab would be fine, so I took the one with the missing corner that I had cut off earlier to test, then I went directly to my bedroom. I was in a comfortable place where nobody would interrupt me for the rest of the night.

5:00 pm - I'm sitting in my bed meditating to get rid of some of the anxiety I was feeling ( come on, it's been 15 years since last time I tripped) 30 minutes later I felt I was ready…

5:35 pm - I placed the tab between my gums and my upper lip and as soon as I felt it touch the inside of my mouth I knew there was no turning back (I knew I was in for a ride). I felt a rush of euphoria just by the fact that I knew I was going to be tripping soon. I felt like I had won the lottery.
I felt like I had won the lottery.

5:40 pm - Setting up some nice music to listen to, by the way, the tab was tasteless, and I'm now getting some comfortable clothes on, just trying to get the best out of the whole experience.

5:55 pm - Still at baseline, it's a beautiful cloudy day, there's a nice breeze in the air and it feels good, but no feelings of the LSD yet.

6:10 pm - I'm feeling something, but not sure exactly what, just a little bit spacey, I feel something shifting in my mind, but that's about it.

6:20 pm - I have these "dream like" feelings that come and go, and a strong euphoria is starting to set in my whole body, I'm definitely feeling extremely happy about everything, I'm starting to notice some strange spots on my computer screen that appear and disappear constantly.

6:35 pm - No visuals yet, but I'm feeling this enormous joy and happiness, as in when you are deeply in love with your soul mate and everything is perfect between the two of you, it also feels like butterflies in my stomach as in when falling in love for the first time, just wonderful.

6:55 pm - A slight feeling like when I drink a couple of beers is starting to creep up on me, I'm reaching this moment where I feel clear headed and extremely happy, just wonderful and strange at the same time.

7:00 pm - Reading about Albert Hofmann and the history of LSD is wonderful and so fun, I don't remember enjoying reading so much the way I'm doing right now. I'm also thinking the tab was a little weak, I should be feeling more of the effects, but that's ok I rather be on the safe side, that's why I won't be taking the second tab, I've read so many trip reports where taking a second tab was a big mistake, I'm just gonna keep playing the waiting game patiently.

7:25 pm - The effects are pretty much the same but a little stronger, they're starting to build up, I believe this to be the "peak" of my experience. Feelings of joy are all over me, my eyes tend to close half way and I'm suddenly reminded of MDMA. I'm in a dream where I am fully charged of this unexplainable energy going through my body coming from the center of my soul… Is that possible?... Wow!!!

7:50 pm - I feel my body very energetic but sleepy… just in my eyes (if that makes any sense). Everything is starting to move slightly and the walls are starting to breathe, my senses are heightened, music appreciation comes as I pay close attention to every sound in the song I'm listening to.

7:55 pm - Objects are starting to move, colors are alive and so bright, like they are calling me, yes they're calling for me to pay close attention to them. I also see some colorful shadows creeping in the corners of my vision and in the corners of my bedroom.

8:10 pm - I still feel I'm coming up, the effects are getting stronger and stronger by the minute, oh man! was I wrong about the "peak" earlier, every effect is being amplified
I wrong about the "peak" earlier, every effect is being amplified
by the drug, it's starting to do what's supposed to… and I'm loving it!

8:35 pm - Every effect described earlier is getting very intense, music sounds a whole lot better now. There has been no body load at all, everything seems positive and in the right place, this moment is perfect, I can't say I'm tripping, everything is just in its perfect place; mind, body and soul.

8:50 pm - I'm having deep feelings of love towards life, my loved ones and my surroundings, I finally understand so many things I was ignoring that have been in front of me this whole time.

8:54 pm - Everything in my room seems to be expanding and growing out of proportion, I feel I can fit so many thoughts into one tiny moment,, time seems to have stopped. I have sweaty palms and a slight body temperature, but it feel just right and normal for me. My thoughts are becoming sharp, everything in my head is being understood, any question I make about my life makes sense now.

8:57 pm - Beams of clear light are shining off my jewelry, it's as if they're calling me trying to say something, I'm trying to "read" light shining off precious metals… Can I read "light"? well, almost, I mean it's calling my attention, but I don't quite catch the message.

8:59 pm - I'm looking at some pictures with wild animals and landscapes in them and this seems to bring out my love for nature, I'm aware of all the living things on Earth. My thoughts seem to take on another dimension, I feel like I just crossed the next higher level of this wonderful compound.

9:05 pm - Love, love and nothing but pure love is all I can feel, even though the visuals are not strong, the love sure is and it's running through my body like the way my blood runs through my veins.

9:15 pm - I know I can take the next step, I have a joint I want to smoke, the effects of the LSD aren't that strong that's why I'm taking the decision to go for it, I want to experience the effects I once did with this combo a long time ago, I'm ready!

9:20 pm - This joint tastes so good, the quality is not the best to be honest, but the whole joint will do the job, I rolled it with a full gram.

9:28 pm - Finished the whole joint, it was a full challenge, but I sure love the way is making me feel, it was just right, everything is starting to vibrate and shining at the same time.

9:35 pm - Wonderful combo… Interesting!!!

9:50 pm - Just like I remember, strong and lucid thoughts, pure love radiating from everything I see and touch.

9:55 pm - I can't find the words to describe everything I'm experiencing , I'm finally connected, now I'm in tune with existence, but it's hard to explain.

10:00 pm - I decided to lay down on my bed with my eyes closed under the sheets with the lights off…

The traveling begins…

10:01 pm - As soon as the lights go out, I feel like I'm ready to be launched into space. I'm under my sheets and I feel like I'm floating in space, suddenly I'm able to travel at the speed of light.

I'm in the dark with the lights out so I don't know the time, from now on I'll just explain what I saw and felt, it was so real and everything felt like I was actually there in every place; I'll be explaining it the best way I can.

So I find myself navigating through the universe at the speed of light, making stops in random galaxies and planets just to meet all kinds of intelligent "beings" in multiple realities taking place at the same time, but in different galaxies and planets, there's life everywhere in the universe and I'm discovering it.

For some reason I end up in a strange world where all human consciousness get uploaded after dying into this one and only computer system manipulated by this pale, big-eyed beings who are "harnessing" these human "spirits". There I am, and they just noticed I have died, so my spirit has to be uploaded like the rest of them, but for some reason these beings can't harness my spirit. Could it be because I actually didn't die and my body is back on Earth waiting for the drug effects yo wear off? And this is actually true, and it's really taking place and the only reason I know it is because I'm on LSD.

I somehow seem to wake up from this hibernation state and as soon as this happens these aliens detect it and all the alarms go off, they're calling me an intruder who now knows the secret no one else should know except for them, anyway I start "hacking" the system telepathically and I'm able to see what is really happening in this place, as they find out what I'm doing they start going after me, now I'm getting away fast traveling through space using certain galaxies to navigate my way back to where I started before I was launched into space. Earth...

I arrive to a planet, similar to Earth, I'm standing in this forest, nothing much happens here, but I manage to find out I can travel anywhere I want, simply by thinking about it. Am I traveling through space just by putting my mind into it? Yes!!!

Suddenly my mind takes me to this futuristic time traveling machine where I sit calmly waiting for the t - minus countdown. I'm about to begin a time travel into the future… 3, 2, 1… Time travel!!! And as soon as I arrive I start yelling "we pulled it off" wait a second… We? … Yes!, There seems to be someone sitting next to me who is glad and excited knowing we just did something no one else had done before.

There we are, in the future, just to find out everything is so empty and lonely, reality seems to "not" take place "here" as in I need to be in the "past" in order to make the "future" happen, that's when I realize the future is connected with the past and present, where the past events connect with the present and the future can't happen without the present, so I think to myself "there's no point being here in the future, I must go back to the present"

Back to where I started, navigating in the present and through the universe, I find this to be extremely easy to do, as if I knew the routes or as if I had a map inside my brain, I know where to make the right turns at the right time, it felt as if my traveling machine with this wonderful technology was trying to lead me the way through the cosmos "reaching" me about the múltiple universes I was now navigating through where all life is connected and taking place at the same time, but in many different planetary systems in many different galaxies in different universes; all in one at the same time, uploading their consciousness into the computer program where I was earlier, waiting to be downloaded into a new body to be born again somewhere in the universe.

Downloading my consciousness into a new body…

I'm hacking this advanced computer and I find a new body to be downloaded to, I find myself inside a deer's body, strange, but interesting. I lived the deer's life and died of old age, suddenly my spirit gets uploaded to the main computer, so I'm able to choose a new body quick and fast because these pale beings have detected me once again.

Getting away from these beings is something I learned very quickly, it seemed easy to jump into new bodies coming back to live new lives in many different planets just to die and go back to the main computer over and over multiple times. I got to live so many different lives that seem to have taken centuries, but all this happened un a matter of one hour, but it's sure felt like several eternities, time traveling at the speed of light yo all these different places, all these great distances of light years were si apart from each other that it seemed like I had been traveling forever…

I suddenly open my eyes...

11:01 pm - Back in my bedroom. All my visions had taught me how life works, how we're all being harvested and planted again and again in the universe, just like a farmer would do with his land and seeds, spreading life and collecting it… It all makes sense now!

11:05 pm - Lights on!... My whole bedroom is vibrating and the light in the ceiling is flashing with beautiful rainbow colors showing me kaleidoscopic patterns of colorful light in tones I had never seen before, I have to say it caught me off guard, but I soon knew what was happening and I was loving it, wonderful combo, I must try this again in the future.

11:07 pm - I'm brushing my teeth in the bathroom and I can't help to notice I'm so big, like a giant, the toilet seems so tiny and far away as well as the bathroom sink, I feel time and space bending, shifting and morphing all at the same time.

11:15 pm - I forgot to feed my dogs earlier, this is the right time to do it. Once I get downstairs I feel this enormous love towards my two pet dogs.

11:23 pm - Back in my bedroom, music sounds awesome, I find myself looking for soft sounds in the song, I can feel each different sound through my body like never before. Looking at some paintings on my I-pad, art is "alive" and I can understand it in more details than before. I'm looking at some mandalas which are spinning and moving.

1:20 am - I'm starting to feel a soft comedown, I feel a bit sleepy, but I just can't fall asleep.

1:35 am - I feel everything is coming to an end, no more visuals, just strong and intense thoughts rushing through my mind.

1:45 am - I figure it's time to try and catch some sleep and as I close my eyes I can't help smiling, everything is just perfect.

6:55 am - Just woke up, I don't know what time I felt asleep, I don't even feel like I slept at all, but I don't feel tired.

7:05 am - I feel as if I slept all night, newly and refreshed, both, mind and body. I feel like I was born again… Wasn't I?...

8:30 am - Eating breakfast tastes soooooo good! Is a lot more pleasurable than normal. Everything seems to have come to perfection.

9:30 am - I'm doing laundry and I'm enjoying it. Not tired nor sleepy.

10:00 am- I feel something in my brain was unlocked, something only a few have got the chance to experience at such low dose. I got away with "the secret of existence" I guess they let me get away with the knowledge si I could transmit it to humanity.

10:30 am - I still feel fully awake and refreshed.


The best experience of my life, I now look at everything in a different way, a better way, I feel the love for everyone I come in contact with, life will never be the same, it'll be much more pleasurable. I feel this "knowledge" gave me the love my heart needed to live in a much better way, better life quality.
I feel this "knowledge" gave me the love my heart needed to live in a much better way, better life quality.

Today is April 26, 2020 and this love and personal pleasure has stayed with me this whole time, it hasn't worn off, if I can say, it has grown a lot more since then. I am a new and better person since this experience. LSD has taught me how to love and live life at its maximum. I'm not encouraging anyone to try what I did, but if you do, please pay attention to set and setting, know your source and test your tabs. Play it safe.

My love goes for everyone in the universe.

See you in the next life.


Exp Year: 2018ExpID: 114340
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 36
Published: May 2, 2020Views: 2,835
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LSD (2) : Glowing Experiences (4), Entities / Beings (37), Therapeutic Intent or Outcome (49), General (1), Alone (16)

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