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Smoke Filled the Glass, Inhaled It Through Tube
Citation:   cons research. "Smoke Filled the Glass, Inhaled It Through Tube: An Experience with MDA (exp114343)". May 30, 2020.

50 - 75 mg smoked MDA
Smoking MDA From Foil

It was spring of 2012. In such wonderful spring night, I was sitting at home in an exhausted state. I had a pack of about 2+ g of MDA in a powder form. I’d been snorting and eating it before, so I decided to try a different ROA with a rapid onset. I guessed that my MDA had some impurities, so decided not to inject it. I remembered absinte drinking in a bar, I’d been before. Absinte was heated and covered by a glass. The glass was taken and vapors inhaled from it. After, I was drinking absinte as ordinary strong alcohol drink. Vapors gave a hit of alcohol prior to oral consumed absinte gave an effect.

I decided to do something like it with MDA. I took about 50-75 mg of MDA powder, put it on a foil. The foil covered with a glass, and a cocktail tube was put between foil and glass, so I can inhale through it. I heated foil by a lighter. When smoke filled the glass, I inhaled it through tube. Held a breath for about 10 secs, and when I exhaled, I got a massive hit to my head. My vision melted. All become blurred. I was unable to focus my vision. But, it was not bad at all. I was sitting in a chair unable to move. I’d been in such state for minutes – I don’t remember exactly, but it may be about 5-10 mins. After that, was “normal” MDA effects – stimulation, euphoria, increased music apprehension (listening The Prodigy – “World’s on fire” on headphones was a pure joy). My fatigue disappeared, I felt recharged and able to act. Effects lasted about 1.5-2 hours – not as long, as with oral ROA.

Overall, the experience was more rough compare to oral ROA – less euphoric, more like a hit to a head
the experience was more rough compare to oral ROA – less euphoric, more like a hit to a head
, stunned state in beginning. The visual “effects” were not real visuals, just a part of the harsh onset. After onset the experience was more speed-like, that with oral ROA – strong urge to action and less “I love all people in the World” state.

The dose 50-75 mg was really high. I’d been consuming MDA for a while that time, so I had strong tolerance to it.

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 114343
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 29
Published: May 30, 2020Views: 1,607
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