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I Became Sceptical & More Fascinated
Propylhexedrine & Caffeine
by Wallis Truman
Citation:   Wallis Truman. "I Became Sceptical & More Fascinated: An Experience with Propylhexedrine & Caffeine (exp114367)". Erowid.org. May 26, 2020. erowid.org/exp/114367

T+ 0:00
  oral Pharms - Propylhexedrine (liquid)
  T+ 1:45 100 mg oral Caffeine (capsule)
  T+ 3:40 5 mg oral PRL-8-53 (capsule)
  T+ 3:40 100 mg oral Caffeine (capsule)


Live Report of First Benzedrex Experience

Iím initially drawn to Propylhexedrine while because of its unique structure - it looks exactly similar to Methamphetamine if you forgot to draw the double bonds. Upon some of my friends telling me itís not worth it or they thought it was bad I became sceptical & more fascinated. I head off for the store and buy 4 Benzedrex nasal inhalers. No fuss, no I.D., just a seemingly benign over the counter drug. Though Iíd love to smoke a bowl or snort a line of the stuff I decide to do a simple lemon juice extraction for my first time.

T+0:00 - After a few hours into the extraction process I become drowsy and impatient. I ingest just a hair more than half of my lemony speed brew on an empty stomach. Iím estimating my initial dose as being ~150mg even though I have no way to tell for sure
Iím estimating my initial dose as being ~150mg even though I have no way to tell for sure
with this method/roa.

T+ 1:30 - A little come-up anxiety reminiscent of MDMA or LSD a little bit.

T+1:45 - Feeling a familiar stimulation and smooth/gradual transition from come-up to peak. At this time I take a 100mg capsule of Caffeine to increase wakefulness.

T+1:59 - Focus is significantly increased and a sort of mental euphoria comes on. Feels very similar to amphetamine, but more like meth. Very positive mood and high amounts of energy. Not very well able to stay on task with things like studying, but certainly could be sufficient as a work aid. I am certainly very curious about other ROAs.

T+2:18 - My mouth has become very dry. As the stimulation effects begin peaking I am getting distracted and failing to keep up with drinking water. I have become fully distracted from my school work. I would definitely call this an amphetamine-like drug. It has its own little nuances of course, I just canít seem to put my finger on them yet. The headspace is relatively clear. My thoughts are racing with a parallel desire to organize them.

T+2:27 A brief period of gross sweating ensues as I reach around my desk for a couple things (this is the most I've exerted myself in a few hours)... I decide that I should be more cognizant of the physical effects so I get up and go to the bathroom. While in the bathroom I take 120mg of CoQ10. I found a little trouble with urinating - not surprised by this at all, normal stim thing.

T+3:00 Possibly starting to exit peak. Euphoria and focus are just slightly decreasing. I drink the remaining propylhexedrine and lemon juice concoction (~100mg).

T+3:40 - Extremities feel kind of cold and tingly as I look away from the computer and stretch. Need to urinate again and I get the feeling this time around will be more difficult. Really wish it didnít have such a long onset. Impulsively, I take 5mg of PRL-8-53 sublingual and swallow another 100mg Caffeine pill for pretty much no reason.

T+4:07 - Noticeable degradation of mood. Frustrating lack of focus in school work with a feeling that thereís definitely something better I could be doing. Soreness from poor posture and my tendency to remain sedentary is more pronounced. I would get up and stretch, but I decide not to because I don't want to disengage with the little focus I do have. Thereís a little bit of euphoria lingering, it may even be rising slightly as the most recent dose moves into its peak.

T+4:32 - I put on some ambient music and it kind of brings out some entactogenic effects. Thereís just a tiny bit of music euphoria. very watered down compared to MDMA but possibly better than listening to music on meth. Extremely pleasant. This would be fun to do with somebody and I regret not listening to music for more of the experience. The only thing I can think of that feels different from a normal phenethylamine is this strange clean, sort of head in the clouds feeling.

T+4:35 - A mental clarity has replaced the uncontrollable train of thought. I look at the tree outside my window and have this ditzy little urge to smile-almost like an appreciation. Once again, sorta like MDMA. Still forgetting to drink water. The peak from the second dose has become very prominent and Iím noticing more recreational effects now that the sun is shining through my window as gentle music plays in the background.

T+5:18 - Just barely starting to come down, I donít have much energy left and my mood is slightly lower. Donít foresee this being much different from a general stim comedown. Not super depressing, actually quite clean, except for discomfort being more prevalent. Little to no more euphoria-still very much so awake.

Concluding thoughts...
For something so easily obtainable, Iím blown away. Looking back I canít believe how much I wrote. The peak effects are very familiar, speedy, clean, and long lasting. Overall the drug seemed a lot more like meth than I expected with a few fun little entactogenic effects. I really look forward to trying some different ROAís. I think this could make for a really weird and interesting new subcategory of stimulants.

Exp Year: 2020ExpID: 114367
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 19 
Published: May 26, 2020Views: 917
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Pharms - Propylhexedrine (389) : First Times (2), Combinations (3), Unknown Context (20)

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