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T+ 0:00
1 capsl oral 2C-B
  T+ 3:15 1 cig. smoked Tobacco - Cigarettes
  T+ 4:00   oral LSD
Wonderful First Experience

I have quite a bit of experience with psychedelics in general. LSD, Mushrooms, DMT, Ketamine, MDMA, MDA, etc. I have wanted to try 2C-B for 2+ years now. I finally acquired a capsule of high quality 2C-B crystal. Advertised dose was 22mg and hearing from others this seemed to be pretty accurate.

Friday night I decided I would take the dose Saturday morning when I woke up. I had nothing to do all day and my girlfriend had work in the morning. There was no hesitation regarding her presence she just happened to work. I woke up around 9am and took the capsule soon after. I hadn't eaten and had only had one cup of coffee.

T+ 0:00 - Take the capsule at 9:30am while sitting on my couch. Turn on Midnight Gospel (phenomenal show) and relax into the couch.

T+ 0:30 - No apparent effects as of yet.
T+ 0:30 - No apparent effects as of yet.
Starting to notice some discomfort in my stomach I wasn't expecting. Looked this up on Reddit to find that this was normal during the comeup.

T+ 0:45 - Starting to notice effects now. Minor but there. Begining to notice the psychedelic headspace yet it feels extremely clear and managable. No visuals yet. Nausea is increasing to the point I lay down and drink some water.

T+ 1:15 - Visuals now noticible. Things appear to be round in nature and moving slightly. Color density and objects appearing bouncy reminds me of mushrooms yet I'm begining to see patterns that make me think of LSD. These are just visuals I can compare to other psychedelics but I must note that they feel entirely their own. I haven't seen these specific visuals before. Nausea is starting to subside.

T+ 2:00 - Midnight Gospel is somewhat difficult to focus on. I lay often with my eyes closed just listening to the commentary. I'm surprised at how managable the headspace is. If LSD is like driving a rocket ship and mushrooms are like being tied to the back of said ship, 2C-B is like guiding a submarine through the water slow and steady going wherever you'd like. Visuals are quite nice. Patterns on the ceiling are waving and moving to their own dance. I look over to the blinds where some light is coming in and notice something beautiful. The way I'm sitting the blinds seem to blend together into a flat surface shifting colors from deep blues to greens. I stare at this wonderous scene in awe for what seems like 20-30 minutes. Nausea is no longer present.

T+ 3:00 - By this time I've settled into the trip. I notice a euphoria that feels very natural. I am feeling the amphetamine effects of 2C-B at this point. I no longer feel confined to the couch I want to get up and move around. I am talking to my girlfriend over snapchat telling her how wonderful this experience is. She suggested going on a walk and I quickly agreed.

T+ 3:15 - I've put on my shoes and grabbed my cigarettes. I changed out of my pj's and opened the sliding door to go out. My apartment is on the bottom floor and slightly underground so I jump up on the concrete barrier and walk into the grass. I'm blown away by how amazing the air feels and how beautiful the trees are. I'm seeing so many shades of green and brown with the bright blue sky illuminating behind them. Not only are the visuals amazing but the thought that this is a living thing. This is nature at its purest. I light my cigarette and see the smoke swirl up. Nicotine feels wonderful at this point. I go on a 10-15 minute walk around my apartment complex with a huge smile on my face and actually tear up during the walk because of the beauty I'm feeling/seeing.

T+ 4:00 - I'm starting to notice the effects dissipating but it's not abrupt.
T+ 4:00 - I'm starting to notice the effects dissipating but it's not abrupt.
Girlfriend is now home from work and we decided we'll be going hiking. I decide to take some LSD with her and we get in the car to leave. Riding in a car feels quite weird but I still can't get the smile off my face. I keep expressing to her how amazing the experience was and she say's she can't wait to try it.

T+ 5:30 - Have come fully down now but still have a nice afterglow. No bad effects or hangover after the experience which is a big positive. (Note: LSD is also coming into effect so this could play a part in lack of comedown.)

Overall: I didn't know what to expect with this substance. I've tried just about every psychedelic, stimulant, downer, dissocociative, but this was its own experience. There were points I could compare to other substances but 2C-B was all its own. I've heard it described as LSD and MDMA but I didn't experience that. I got a very clear headspace with unique visuals and a natural and pleasant euphoria. In my opinion it was very worth the long wait to find it.

Exp Year: 2020ExpID: 114373
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 21
Published: May 13, 2020Views: 1,198
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