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Dropped in My Nose, Psycidelic Blackout
NBOMe (sold as LSD)
Citation:   Sloth. "Dropped in My Nose, Psycidelic Blackout: An Experience with NBOMe (sold as LSD) (exp114385)". Jun 1, 2020.

2 drops insufflated NBOMe Series (liquid)
I'm 24yrs old now and this insane experience happened when I was 17. I have told this story many times amongst my friends at party's..I do not intend to glorify anything I tell or exaggerate it. The background of psychoactive substances that I used before this experience are THC, psilocybin, some kind of NBOMe (blotter form), ketamine, salvia divinorum, alcohol, mild amphetamines and nitrous.

At the time of this experience I was naive to psycidelics despite the list of previously used substances above implies. I did salvia when I was 14yrs old. My mind wasn't mature enough at the time to fully comprehend what was happening.
I did salvia when I was 14yrs old. My mind wasn't mature enough at the time to fully comprehend what was happening.
I only ate psilocybin mushrooms twice and both times were mild to mid level strength. I did ketamine as a party drug with my sister a few times. Now I respect it as a therapeutic tool rather than a recreational drug. And the NBOMe I did before twice was on a blotter. Both trips were nice and mid level. Nothing crazy. It deffinently couldn't prepare me for the horrifying and beautiful experience I was about to embark on. I'm going to refer to my friends as Dim and Rib.

T -0:05. Me and my buddy at the time Dim and his friend Rib are hanging out in my garage. We've been eager to try some legit LSD during this pleasant summer weather in Michigan. While hanging out in my garage Dim finds a plug to get some "real LSD" ( as the title foreshadows it's not). Nonetheless we get excited and eager to test this stuff out. Dims plug (a man with many names) agrees to meet up at the convenience store just down my road to dose us. We walk up there extremely excited. Dim cannot stop talking. In hindsight he was already talking in loops before we even dosed...some people just like to repeat themselves. Me and Dim used to be close friends. We would hang out almost every day. But for some reason we never really vibed when we tripped together. Always on different wave lengths if that makes any sense. Anyways we wait in at the back of the convenience store until they arrive. 2 people come out of a soccer mom van. Ones a white slightly athletic type with a bad black eye. The other one that was going to dose us was a skinny jeans wearing emo looking black dude. Weird af I know. Should have been a red flag. Rib offers the white dude with a black swollen eye a pain pill for some cash. Thinking back I think this was the first time I saw opiates dealt. Anyways the emo/black Dude asks us to tip our head because he's going to drop the "LSD" down our nose. (Another red flag). But we do as he says and allow him to whimsically drop this extremely harsh chemical down our noses. I feel two drops hit my nostril. The burn was so intense. I've put a lot up my nose but nothing compares to the liquid NBOMe that was dropped in my nasal cavity that day. Me, Dim, and Rib all hand the strange skinny black dude $10 and say "thanks" like a bunch of idiots. They mischievously said "have fun" and drove off. The vehicle kicked dust from the speed (red flag #3)

T+0:05. Me, Dim and Rib walk onward to the Elementary school yard that's just one mile away, approximately 1.6 km. At about a quarter way there the sensation of psychedelics hit us very rapidly. Everything is moving. Trees are swirling and the pavement feels like a treadmill. My skin looks scaly and it has patterns reminiscent of my past nbome experiences when I examined it closer. As I was walking I couldn't shake this feeling that my brain was 2 steps behind what was happening in real time. This was a unsettling effect.

T+00:15 Half way to our destination in a suburban area Dim and Rib get hit with a wave of nausea. They puke in peoples lawns in the middle of the street in broad day light. This happening so quick to us really worried me. It had only been 15 minutes and this already is happening to us? I felt the nausea too but I knew we had to go on or the cops might get called.

T+00:20 My nausea eventually fades and we're 90% to the school yard. But we have a obstacle to get to there. We had to cross a highway. (this should go without saying never cross a busy main road while tripping absolute sack.) My vision was constantly moving in a vibrating fashion. My eyes can't be trusted but I already decided we needed to get to that school yard to chill for a bit. As we all crossed trusting our heavily unreliable vision a car blared its horn at us. Hearing that horn is the only reason I know we almost got hit. I immediately felt reckless, stupid, and scared. At this point we feel like we're at the home stretch. No one's around and we head to the school yard field out of most people's sight. We all lay down next to each other and look into the sky. I'm seeing a colorful assortment of gears and levies forming into a robot. I'm also finding it really hard to be able to speak at the moment so I just say "beautiful". Rib says "I know one think and that's I'm not being left in the dirt". Now this comment made me personally feel like a dirty person because we were in fact laying in dirt. We get out of the dirt and walk around the playground. I talked about how swimming while tripping was always a blast in hopes to get some fun out of this. So we decide to go to a nearby beach.

T+0:40. We walk through one of the school yards walk way exits. Its a fenced in straight trail that is sandwiched in between two yards and leads to a neighborhood road. This was increadble despite it being so simple and mundane. I went to elementary school here and I always thought about running through this pathway and escaping during recess. Now I was going through it trying to escape what was going on. But when I got to the other side I was still trapped in this strange forgin melty world. As we walk through the neighborhood the effects just kept increasing. We approached a bench that was in someone's yard but it was almost touching the sidewalk. It seemed too inviting... All three of us sat on it and became apart of the bench together. We sat there awkwardly silent for a few seconds then we got off the bench attempting to shake off that weird experience we all just exchanged. We trekked on.

T+01:00. We approach the beach and it turns out that its fenced door is locked. Family's are having a good time in the sandy area of the beach but to the right side is picnic tables and unwelcoming sea weed. (Lake weed?) We hover around the fenced-in Beach waiting for the door to open. At this point Dim was about to call his mom and tell her he needs help. I instinctively snatched the phone out of his hand because I've had to do it before. Odly enough dims eager/ intoxicated mind can't wait any longer for the beach door to open. Dim hops the fence, takes off his jeans and jumps in the sea weed infested part of water. He comes out shaken and almost not the same person. (Btw this is when my memory starts to slip. I saw palm trees...I live in Michigan.) He jumps back over the fence. Leaving his clothes behind. From what I was told by Rib and his brother (that just so happened to be around) is that Dim was walking around with his penis hanging out his underpants. Not classy haha. Rib and Dim head off to Ribs parents house tripping out of there mind. I guess they banged on the door untill Ribs dad answered. I however walked around a bit until I mustered up the courage to jump the beach fence.

T+01:30?? I pulled out me and Dims stolen phone and placed it on a picnic table. I took off my shirt and shoes and jumped in the water in my jeans and swam to the beach raft. I climbed the ladder and layed down with my arms behind my head and listened to the people on there boats playing music and partying. This was the only time I really felt euphoric during this experience. I felt like people were talking about me and you know what? They probably were. My COV's were intense as fuck that's all I know.

T+01:40??? A little girl climbs on the beach raft and sees me laying there. She swam off as most children would if they saw a dude in just his jeans laying on a raft by them self. I swim back because of the guilt I felt from ruining a little girls day at the beach. This little swim to the shore felt like forever. I was fighting the resistance from my soaked this is when my memory really starts to blur. I remember going to the sand and building a mound of...well sand. I just kept plopping it on top of itself and looking at the lake in complete awe. The lake and skyline kept folding in on each other forming kaleidoscope like patterns on a masive scale. A lady aproches me and asks if I'm okay and tells me she's a nurse. I reassure her that I'm fine. I walk to the end of the dock and complement a womans dog. She seemed fine with it and that's all I know...

T+03:20???? This is when I brown/black out if you will. At this point I don't even know if what I remember is real or not and I have no idea how much time passed. I'll tell you what I can and what I think is real. I start putting scenarios in my head of me walking in this neighborhood talking to people that live there that I know personally. I'm not sure if I actually did this or if it was in my head but it felt deliriant/dream like. I did get this feeling that many stories are happening around me and they're all different then mine. There is a word for this but I cant find it at the moment. I remember asking some dude that was raking the beach for a cigarette multiple times. He started to get frustrated with me because he told me multiple times he didn't smoke... I also remember talking to some cops and showing them my ID. I told them where I was going but I have no idea if any of this is real.

T+04:00????? I start to walk home. I think a couple let me out so I didnt have to jump the fence to leave the beach. I vaguely remember going up to people's houses on their deck and exchanging words. Again I'm not sure if I really did this. But what I do know is that I picked up a green softball and bounced it on my way home in my soaking wet jeans and no shirt. A friend of mine ran into me and asked me "You alright man?" . He said that I replied "I am the Ball".

T+05:00.?????? I completely blacked out at this point. I have no idea how I got home into my bed.
I completely blacked out at this point. I have no idea how I got home into my bed.
(I'm pretty sure I walked all the way there but who knows). The only thing I vaguely remember is telling my mom I went swimming with my friends. I think the only reason I remember this is because I was probably terrified of getting caught tripping this hard and I had to say something to her so she wouldn't question me.

T+06:00???????? I wake up in my bed. Everything is moving and shifting around my room but I understand that I'm grounded too reality and I'm in control now finally. This was extremely strange to me because everything I heard about psychedelics was that you don't fall asleep on them. To this day it's the only time it's happened. I'm not even sure if I was sleeping or what but I definitely blacked out. I've still never blacked out to this day. Not even on alcohol.

Anyways this dude that was selling this stuff and dropping it into people's nostrils was notorious for doing this to people and got his ass whooped. I think he went to jail for a while too. Nonetheless it was extreme and it changed my life for the better as weird as it sounds. Rib and Dim got in huge trouble because they told Ribs parents everything and they wigged out on Ribs couch together. I went to warped tour the next day and my parents never found out... Luckily this substance is rare nowadays. And it should stay that way. Thank you for reading my story and as always be careful. Much love

Exp Year: 2013ExpID: 114385
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 17
Published: Jun 1, 2020Views: 1,312
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25I-NBOMe (542) : Public Space (Museum, Park, etc) (53), What Was in That? (26), Train Wrecks & Trip Disasters (7)

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