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Sweet Little Stim
bk-EBDB, Cannabis & Flualprazolam
Citation:   nervewing. "Sweet Little Stim: An Experience with bk-EBDB, Cannabis & Flualprazolam (exp114422)". Jun 9, 2020.

T+ 0:00
90 mg oral bk-EBDB (powder / crystals)
  T+ 1:15 1 cig. smoked Cannabis  
  T+ 0:00   repeated smoked Cannabis  
  T+ 6:00 1 mg oral Flualprazolam  
T0:00- I got off work and got on the trolley. I was headed to a friendís birthday party. I wanted to dose as quickly as possible after work since it was already pretty late, so I ended up dosing while on the trolley. I broke open the gel cap and directly swallowed 2 large crystals of Eutylone that totaled to 90 mg while I put on makeup. I wash the bitter crystals down with ginger ale.

T0:30- I only begin to feel the first notes as I walk up to my friendís house. There is a spring in my step and I feel warmer than I should on this bitter February night.

T0:45- I am welcomed into the house and quickly shed most of my layers as I am now very warm. The first notes were tentative and uncertain, but now that I am free of winterís grip, the drug comes hurtling through me unbridled. I find myself suddenly short of breath, thereís a benign tightness in my chest, as though I want to breathe faster than is physically possible. My heart is beating faster than normal, but it isnít pounding or racing in any way that is uncomfortable. I feel giddy and elated, there are so many people here I want to talk to but I decide to anchor myself on one of my closest friends there for now, just so I donít tire myself out.

T1:00- Iím talking a lot, Iím talking very fast.
T1:00- Iím talking a lot, Iím talking very fast.
I feel like I have so much I want to say and the words spill out like a waterfall. There seems to be no interruption or inhibition between my brain and my mouth. I feel like Iím going so fast, though I donít necessarily feel overstimulated or restless. I am perfectly content to sit still on the ground, there is no need to pace or let off excess energy. I roll a joint for myself and a few friends who choose to partake.

T1:15- I smoke a joint, it seems to flare up the mental effects a little, but its hardly noticeable against the ambient heat of this drug. I am still talking a lot. We are watching The Phantom Menace now for some reason. Despite my heightened sociability, I donít feel that shameful sense of doubt I get normally on empathogens where I sense I am overwhelming people or being overly sentimental. In my mind at least, my words are profoundly neutral, though at a high density, and people are reacting positively to them.

The excess energy has crawled out to my extremities now, I find myself uncontrollably grinding my fingertips against rough surfaces. My hands are fidgeting and moving a lot though my larger muscles are still content to be at rest. A powerful bruxism has set in, I chew some gum to alleviate it. Other physical effects like nausea are absent, as are any sort of visual or other sensory effects. There is no sense of physical pleasure either, itís all fairly neutral aside from the stimming in my extremities.
I tend not to like empathogens, it feels like a fake chemical happiness, a glittering faÁade over my often insufferably gloomy demeanor. I find MDMA exemplifies this to the greatest degree. With this substance though, it feels more like a genuine sense of self satisfaction and acceptance. I am okay with who I am right now and I am okay with sharing that with the people around me.

T1:45- An uptick in physical side effects signals the tail end of the peak- now I am entering into the familiar territory of cathinones. The shortness of breath and tightness in my chest builds and builds. I find myself swallowing a lot. My fingers are uncontrollably in perpetual motion. It feels like every fine muscle in my body is screaming for attention, though it is still within a tolerable threshold. Other cathinones I have experienced (Hexen, α-PCYP) have pushed the physical stimulation way past the limit of my comfort. I certainly wasnít comfortable now, but it was tolerable, it didnít have me reaching for benzos to calm it down. The hyperthermia has died down and a window opening to let out the smoke in the room has prompted me to rerobe most of my layers. All I want to do right now is languish and lounge on soft surfaces- I am blessed by a soft carpet that I can stretch out on like a cat and a large beanbag I can sink into.

T2:15- The novelty has died down by this point, I no longer feel the thrill and motivation of speaking to people as I did before. I become more muted and selective in my speech- the verbosity and gregariousness I was expressing before seems tedious and tired now. All thatís left is the physical stimulant effects and a spacey burnt out sensation. Itís not unpleasant at all, just not as pleasant as before. All things considered, this is a relatively gentle comedown. I am still altered in the presence of friends and acquaintances and I am still able to socialize, I am just choosing not to unless someone else speaks to me first. I have found my comfort in fidgeting on the big beanbag. The most uncomfortable physical effect now is probably the excess swallowing.
The most uncomfortable physical effect now is probably the excess swallowing.
I feel like I am starting to get a sore throat from it.

T3:15- I am still burning at close to the same degree I was an hour ago. I am more taciturn now, content to chat just a little. The party is thinning out now and I feel like going home and relaxing in my own space. I am able to take public transportation home without any issue. The shortness of breath, the hand fidgeting and the excess swallowing persist. I donít feel drowsy by any means, but I feel mentally exhausted as a stimulant comedown will do.

T6:00- I have been at home smoking weed and playing video games for some time. I am noticeably awake, though not aggressively stimulated, at least mentally. The physical effects still persist to this point. I am definitely unable to sleep as it stands. I donít have much appetite either but I force down a meal. I decide to dose 1mg flualprazolam to sleep as I have to get up for work the next day. The physical stimulant effects seem to die down as the flualprazolam kicks in and are absent when I wake up the next day, save for a bit of extra finger fidgeting.

Conclusion: I wonít explicitly discuss price but I will say I got this for extremely cheap. The only reason I even decided to try it was because it was so cheap. Iím not normally inclined towards empathogens. However, I personally found this one delightful at this dose. It wasnít the overclocked intensive stimulation some empathogens can give me, and I didnít find myself veering into the territory of being overly sentimental or overwhelmingly social where I feel like I am annoying the people around me. It was ideal for a low-key social setting like the small intimate party I was attending. There were some annoying physical side effects, but they werenít sufficient enough to negate or ruin the whole of the experience and subsided almost entirely with a nightís sleep (aided by a benzodiazepine to be fair). Best of all though, the comedown was relatively gentle, while the annoying side effects persisted there wasnít any noticeable harsh drop off in mood or thought beyond a normal and manageable stimulant burn out. It was a gradual and gentle landing.

Seeing as this was a mostly pleasant experience, the drug is extremely cheap and easy to obtain, and it comes in the form of aesthetic large crystals, I can absolutely see either dishonest or misinformed dealers trying to pass this off as MDMA. It reiterates the need to always always test street MDMA, as it is one of the most commonly misrepresented drugs. Though personally, I think I prefer Eutylone at this sweet spot dose. Perhaps I simply need to try lower doses of MDMA in the future for a more pleasant experience.

Exp Year: 2020ExpID: 114422
Gender: Not Specified 
Age at time of experience: 24
Published: Jun 9, 2020Views: 5,154
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bk-EBDB (915) : Small Group (2-9) (17), First Times (2)

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