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Quiet Night in to Test the Waters
by Etiztest
Citation:   Etiztest. "Quiet Night in to Test the Waters: An Experience with Etizolam (exp114528)". Jul 1, 2020.

670 ug sublingual Etizolam (blotter / tab)


I am a 24 year old male, 186cm and 92kg, A is a 24 year old female, ~165cm and 60kg.

I wanted to acquire some etizolam for a while, and finally found a vendor that had excellent reviews. I purchased 20 x 2mg blotters, plain white paper with no design perforated to 1cm x 1cm, when they arrived a tiny amount of white powder was present on the inside of the bag. My plan is to use these with LSD however I need to ensure the effects and anxiolysis are satisfactory and figure out the dose. My only experience with benzos is with Diazepam 2.5-10mg around 2013 with previous psychedelic use, I did not engage in regular recreational use and A has not had any experience with benzos before. This is our first time trying etizolam.

I extensively researched on online forums and resources for around a week prior to our use and decided to try the blotters to ensure potency. I measured and cut a blotter into thirds equaling roughly 0.67mg a piece. I wait for 5pm so I am able to accurately log times, and dose one piece sublingually along with A. Neither of us have any tolerance to benzos hence starting low.

T+ 0:00 – I place the 1/3 of blotter under my tongue and hold it there for 20 minutes as the seller advised, my partner does the same, I continue to watch videos and wait for the effects to make themselves apparent. No taste at all.

T+ 0:20 – I notice some mild mental effects and relaxation; my visual field seems to become darker and I feel “off”, nothing else of note so far. Mild numbness of the sublingual area. I think I feel effects coming on but am not quite sure.

T+ 1:00 – The effects are coming on strongly. My muscles feel relaxed and weakened however I still note some mental stimulation and mild anxiety. A reports she is feeling same effects and goes to smoke some cannabis, I do not join. I notice my walking speed has almost halved as I walk around the house and it takes much more effort to do anything, I feel like I am going in slow motion when I do move. I notice my short term memory has been impaired somewhat as I have great difficulty recalling what was at the beginning of the videos I am watching which were roughly 20 minutes long. Measure my heart rate at 95 which remains constant throughout the experience. I am definitely feeling off baseline at this time.

T+ 1:30 – The effects are continuing to remain apparent, with muscle relaxation and strong anxiolysis. I occasionally feel tingles running up and down my spine as if I am receiving a back massage. I am happy with the strength of the muscular effects and anxiolysis. The effect on perceived effort has strengthened and it feels like a monumental task to go to the kitchen though it is only a few meters away. I decide to put on some psytrance, the music feels mildly enhanced. Typing takes longer than usual and I make more mistakes however I am still able to function well. I see how people feel like they can drive but know it would not go well as my reaction time is considerably slowed and I feel incredibly lazy and tired. I know driving on any substance is a terrible idea no matter how good or “sober” one may feel and have read the reports detailing the nightmare scenarios that driving on substances can cause, please don’t drive on any substance. A returns and reports feeling her body “is not there” and that she is feeling very loose and “floaty”, though happy and relaxed, the mild anxiety that weed can create is non-existent. In retrospect this was the peak of the experience for me.

T 1:40 – We decide to cook dinner of steak and chips which is uneventful. My appetite is slightly diminished on this substance as I usually eat significantly more than A, however tonight our dinner is he same size and I feel at ease about it.

T+3:00 - Not noticing any more changes to my sensorium, only anxiolysis and muscle relaxation with mild mental impairment, my short term memory seems mostly restored. Effects are steady and have not diminished at all. Feeling very tired and bored now, I consider going to bed in the next couple of hours though this does not happen. A has smoked cannabis again and reports feeling good, she feels sad that the comedown is on its way however still relaxed, “floaty” and at ease.

T+ 4:00 – I no longer feel impaired mentally, however my balance is now worse when standing, the anxiolysis is still strong and I am quite lethargic. My attention seems to be improved when writing/editing this report, however the sense of boredom and tiredness remains. No other changes reported from A. The perceived effects are diminishing at a steady rate and the comedown feels imminent.

T+ 5:00 – Effects have reduced significantly, anxiolysis is still present, I decide to have a shower.

T+6:00 – I feel back to baseline, very mild anxiolysis and relaxation possibly present, however barely perceptible if there at all. I go to bed and watch some videos.

T+ 7:00 – I decide to go to sleep and fall asleep easily, as the effects have worn off I wake up a few times during the night which is not unusual for me and easily go back to sleep.

T+ 19:00 – Decide to finish up this report, I still feel slightly off baseline possibly due to an active metabolite. I do have small holes in my memory of last night, with difficulty I seem to be able to recall most of it, but it feels distant and dim. A explains her effects in greater detail, she was feeling as if her arm had gone to sleep, however over all of her limbs and without the pins and needles associated with that feeling. The “floaty” feeling was this, as when she walked it felt as if her limbs were not there. She thoroughly enjoyed the combination with cannabis and expresses that she wants to do it again sometime.

In closing, my feelings toward benzos remain unchanged and they are simply not recreational for me, I would find any stronger effects unpleasant. This dose however seems ideal for my planned use with psychedelics to mellow out a bad experience, in a similar vein to to my previous use with diazepam.

Exp Year: 2020ExpID: 114528
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 24 
Published: Jul 1, 2020Views: 4,176
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Etizolam (568) : First Times (2), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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