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The Spirit Molecule
by Bianca
Citation:   Bianca. "The Spirit Molecule: An Experience with DMT (exp114530)". Jun 29, 2020.

25 mg vaporized DMT (powder / crystals)


On the 11th of March, 2016 I was looking forward to my first DMT trip. It was a Friday evening and I was at my friend’s house. We had talked about DMT a lot and I had done quite a bit of research on the topic. My friend prepared everything and made sure I was feeling very comfortable. He had chosen the music that would be playing in the background during the trip. I absolutely loved his choice of music for this experience. The two songs were ‘May it be’ and ‘Only Time’ by Enya. My friend suggested I would be having the experience in his bedroom, sitting at the back end of the bed so I could lay down once the DMT would kick in. He assured me that we wouldn’t be disturbed during the experience. His voice and gestures were very calm and soothing. I was ready!

25 mg of DMT powder was poured carefully in the round chamber at the end of this glass pipe. My friend was going to tell me when the substance was ready for me to take a hit. The flame of a lighter under this glass chamber made the powder dissolve into an oily substance and shortly after I could see the vapor started to build up as it was getting all foggy in this little glass chamber. I inhaled slowly but profoundly. Now I had to make sure to hold my breath for about fifteen seconds. I felt a little lightheaded. I liked the taste of the DMT, it was a very plant-like taste.
I liked the taste of the DMT, it was a very plant-like taste.

I took a second hit and I saw the objects in the room started to glow, so I laid back on the bed and closed my eyes. I saw these beautiful and perfect geometric shapes, sort of like shifting before me. It was as if I were in a room where the walls, ceiling and floor were made of these same rectangular frames. Everything was so perfect in detail, like high definition but even better. It was all moving slowly and synchronized. The color was this bright orange, but I think this was because the light on the ceiling was shining through my eyelids. I also found it hard to close my eyes tight, because my eyelids were shivering.

I was just amazed by the sight of all this and the music was a perfect match for my experience, I felt a very warm glow from the center of my head and the center of my chest. The rest of my body was feeling cold. I was breathing very relaxed and my heart was beating calmly.

In this hyperspace, the wall that was the furthest away from me, started to open up, like it was suddenly a door. Behind this door I caught a glimpse of more rooms consisting of these geometrical shapes. I remember wanting to move towards that, when the visuals started to slowly fade. I noticed my mouth was very dry and my hands were cold. I realized that I was already coming back to my physical body.

I had decided to smoke DMT one more time that evening. Yet my throat didn’t agree with me, I started coughing immediately after inhalation. I kept coughing for the next five minutes. In the meantime, I had my eyes wide open. I noticed that there was a visual effect taking place: the things I concentrated on had a light glow around them and it seemed like I could zoom into it. Also my friend's head was very colorful and I couldn’t quite understand what he was saying to me. Also answering any questions was a difficult task for me at the moment.

When I was driving home, I was trying to process everything that had happened to me that evening. I didn’t feel like listening to any music, I was just calmly enjoying the view while I drove home. I went to sleep almost directly after. I had a long and deep sleep.

The next day I got up and started my normal everyday tasks. When I was doing the dishes, I looked out the window and I was overwhelmed by nature’s beauty. It was a sunny day and I never felt so happy to be alive.

I suddenly had a deeper understanding of things and I was convinced of the fact that my soul was an infinite being. I felt one with the world around me and I didn’t feel any stress or anxiety.
I was convinced of the fact that my soul was an infinite being. I felt one with the world around me and I didn’t feel any stress or anxiety.
Just harmony and love. A tremendous wave of gratitude washed over me. I am so thankful for this life-altering knowledge. I texted my friend to thank him for this wonderful experience.

I totally enjoyed social contact with everybody, it felt like a gift. My soul is having a human experience! It’s like I’m re-wired. Everything that has happened in my life suddenly made sense. It’s like zooming out and looking at it all from a different perspective.

I also noticed that I resonated with certain people in my environment. I had a few pleasant conversations at work. And two of the people I work for said to me: “You have so much understanding of life, you probably have an old soul.” What a coincidence, that two people told me that in a matter of days. And we were just talking about everyday life, it’s not like I told them I did DMT! I was sending out a positive vibe and therefor receiving positive things. I believe it is called ‘karma’.

I started to realize that this experience changed me profoundly. I was no longer a victim of all the ‘bad’ things that happened to me in my life. I was simply observing it, not wanting to change anything about it. Just looking at it all from a different perspective gave me a tremendous feeling of freedom.

I was suddenly able to talk about things that I would normally avoid. I was no longer agitated about the fact that these conversations popped up in my life. I now chose to embrace it with an open mind and a playful attitude. How liberating! It’s just amazing…

[One Month Later: The Breakthrough]

Exp Year: 2016ExpID: 114530
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 33 
Published: Jun 29, 2020Views: 259
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