Through the Ears of a Psychedelic-Virgin
Citation:   Harri Seldon. "Through the Ears of a Psychedelic-Virgin: An Experience with DiPT (exp114556)". Jul 16, 2020.

T+ 0:00
  oral DiPT (powder / crystals)
  T+ 0:00   inhaled Nitrous Oxide  
  T+ 2:50   smoked Cannabis  
The first psychedelic I ever tried was DiPT.

That trip was a crash course in the tryptamine, nay, the psychedelic experience. Lots of coping skills were quickly deduced.
That trip was a crash course in the tryptamine, nay, the psychedelic experience. Lots of coping skills were quickly deduced.
"You will feel nauseous. This will pass. If you feel the need, vomit. Fighting against a particularly bizarre/scary/uncomfortable come up and peak is futile. This too, will pass. Let the guide (the RC) take you where it wants you to go."

Nitrous oxide is wonderful in conjunction with psychedelics, but IME, not enjoyable with DiPT, a substance that so drastically affects how aural stimuli is perceived. The 'wahwahwah' and the hyper-focused hearing common with N20 I found very jarring and discordant. No euphoria, just 1 more substance fucking with my hearing! However, on almost any other psychedelic substance, I would say a few cases of N20 chargers will certainly make my trip more intense, more visual, and overall more enjoyable... It can take a peak I assumed was a 7/10 and send it through the stratosphere with quite the quickness.

That is, unless, in your youthful naivete all you have is a thin aluminum Cracker and an assortment of water balloons, 1 regular balloon, and a full bag of clown balloons. (NITROUS SNAAAKE!) Since on that occasion, I was the only one with the dexterity or the presence of mind to be able to fill a balloon with a double, I got stuck on nitrous duty. Then, as the peak from the LSD was started to wane, I got freezer burns on my hand. Was not a fun experience. <--this was a few years after the DiPT adventure.

Anyways, myself being inexperienced with drugs (in practice, i.e., I read heaps of literature on the myriad of diverse and alluring psychoactive chemicals to be explored in Tihkal/Pihkal) I trusted my more knowledgeable friend to give me a "threshold to low dose" as I requested, considering both the novelty of the chemical, and my total inexperience with psychedelics. Apparently, he took that to mean take that dose, and multiply by 2.5 or 2.8. I had done some research into the effects of this substance, but I was a teenager drug noob.

DiPT remains one of the oddest substances I have ever experienced. (Excepting a good 1.5-2 month daily ketamine binge, but that doesn't count and should not be attempted, as the prolonged and frequent use turned me into a space oddity, not the chemical itself.) <--also years after the DiPT experience

So yeah, Diisopropyltryptamine....the come up and body load are similar to other tryptamines. OFC I didn't know it at the time, but the body load was kind of heavy. As was the gastro discomfort. Usually, NOTHING makes me vomit. I distinctly remember, as the DiPT was intensifying during the initial come-up, I was convinced I was gonna puke, so I got out of my friend's car, and threw up mostly air and bile. I felt SO much better. It was then that, from a kneeling position, I looked up. I was immediately assaulted with the incredibly vivid rim of my friends' 86 Crown Vic. The spokes were reaaaal trippy, and I wasn't entirely convinced they should NOT be contorting themselves in such a manner. They and I didn't agree on whether or not they should be moving. It was at this point I can distinctly remember saying to myself 'well, you're sure as fuck tripping now!' It was almost like once I gathered the courage to try to vomit to alleviate the nausea, vomited, 'the substance' felt I was ready to move on into the trip proper. Obviously DiPT isn't making any decisions but I remember that's how it felt at the time, though I knew it wasn't literal.

The headspace is hard to describe, but pretty different from most other tryptamines I've done. To say I was clearheaded would be disingenuous. It's kinda like diet shrooms w/r/t headspace. I guess some of the aspects common among tryptamines were otherwise muted with DiPT. Definitely there, but kind of subdued and dilute. I heard it gets more intense on higher doses, but after the one time, never felt the need to try this compound again.

But the sound. Can we talk about the sound? My god the aural alterations. This started off relatively mild. Could still understand what friends were saying....what I was saying. But after I vomited next to the impossible wheel spokes aural distortions really kicked in. This is a difficult sensation to put to text. I could hear my friends talking, but they sounded 2 octaves too low, with a HEAVY digitized effect on top of that. Whenever I spoke, I remember I kept asking my friends for reassurance that, yes, I was in fact speaking, and yes they could understand me fine. Apparently they could, because when I said 'bong' someone passed it. To my inebriated ear, my own speech was completely unintelligible. Calls to mind the first chapter of the novel Infinite Jest...I really couldn't understand what other people were saying. Everything sounded digitized, robotic, and compressed. The closest way to describe it is the scene in The Matrix, when Neo touches the liquid mirror, and starts to scream as the liquid goes down his throat.

Music was unrecognizable. Songs I had heard 100's of times, I did not recognize. All notes, tones, and harmonics were I tried playing guitar at one point, and I couldn't tune the fucker because I couldn't hear when say an E was played, then played an octave higher. I by no means could identify notes by ear, but I could tune a guitar to itself without issue. Not on DiPT I couldn't. I then got out a keyboard and was trying out various notes. playing with the note +1 octave. It was so fucking bizarre. Instead of a pleasing, complementary sound, it produced a sound not dissimilar to picking 2 random keys and playing them.

Trip lasted around 6-7 hours. The aftereffects, 3-4 days. They really were not bad. No mood or headspace issues or lingering trippiness. In fact, I only noticed because I had school 2 days after my trip. My hearing was back to normal, and had been for the previous day. Until first period. When the bell signaling first period rang, it was incredibly distorted. I should note, it was not a literal bell, but a single tone played over a loudspeaker I think.

This was a sound that I had heard 20 times/school day for almost 7 school years. What is a clean tone became distorted and robotic-sounding. Hearing it through the earmuffs of the lingering DiPT effects was pretty damn frightening, especially because this was my first psychedelic experience, and I had no idea how long it would last. Luckily, only another 2 days. The strangest part was the school bell was the only thing that sounded different. I could hear what I was saying when I spoke, hear others, music sounded normal again, even the octaves were behaving properly. It was only the bell.

Overall, the trip was intense but enjoyable. I remember walking home from my friends house around sunrise, and it was incredible. Probably only a 15 minute walk as we live in the same neighborhood. At this point the trip was pretty much over, there were still plenty of faint audio anomalies, by headspace was close to baseline. I remember being awed by the beauty of the grass, the lawn sprinklers, peoples front yard flora, and the sun rising higher, as I reflected on the incredible journey I had just returned from, as I walked back home.

No idea what prompted this impromptu attempt at a trip report. I hadn't thought about that experience in years. Oh wait, it was probably the d-amp. I hope if anyone actually makes it all the way through that it isn't too tedious and verbose (it almost certainly is) and that you get a sense of what ingesting a moderate to high dose of this strange little molecule is like. When I tried it, it was legal and easily had on the clearnet with a bit of searching, and my friend's unique ability to use his mom's CC and not get in serious trouble.

I guess I really never considered how few people were able to experience this drug. I knew it was far from common, not something you would have been likely to get from your friendly neighborhood dealer. I think the only other people I know who have tried (or even heard of) it are the few my friends and I gave it to. I'm gonna assume it's now illegal? We also had a bunch of 2C-i, 2C-B, 2C-E, 5-MeO-DiPT (Foxy Methoxy), and some others I probably forgot. 2C-C maybe.

I didn't have school the next day, I had 1 day to recover. As for the visuals, to psychedelic-virgin me, they seemed like visuals. Looking back, after an excessive amount of experience with psyches, I now now realize that it was more visual distortions. Heightened color intensity, wavy patterns, plain white walls seemingly swirling, etc. Kind of like the visuals you get as soon as you start to feel the psilocybin kick in, but never fully realized. I think most of these effects were simply the result of pupils that were dilated as fuck, but there was certainly a very subtle visual element to the trip. All open eye, don't recall any CEVs although there might have been some. I recall the come up being uncomfortable, mostly due to anxiety and nausea, but not as bad as psilocybin nausea.

Towards the end of the trip, I remember we went to get bagels, and I had this cinnamon covered bagel that was fucking incredible. It was certainly an experience trying to order a bagel, at 6am, obviously not sober and not drunk, without knowing if what you just said was the metallic robot gibberish you heard yourself say, or what you intended to say. I was getting the hang of it by then. I heard this numerous times over the course of the night: "Yes bro, you sound totally normal, now STOP ASKING."- friends who had not taken any DiPT, but still sounded like pitch-shifted digital demons, so their reassurances that I was speaking normally and enunciating properly were hard to take seriously.

It is truly unique in that I know of no other substance that produces auditory distortions exclusively. Definitely none that do what DiPT does. Sure there's auditory components to many psychedelic experiences, but....just not 'you and everyone else now sounds like a broken speaker, and music doesn't make any fucking sense anymore'. To this day, I would like an explanation as to why, 4 days after my trip, the only remaining effect was the horribly distorted bell. I imagine it has to do with the nature of the tone. Is it more than one tone, is it a harmonic? I know very little about music theory. I wonder if any blind people have tried this drug. I imagine that would be terrifying for them.

I remember being slightly apprehensive about trying psychedelics at the time (I was prob 16) and DiPT was described to me as 'a psychedelic, kind of like mushrooms, but only affects how you perceive sound.'
DiPT was described to me as 'a psychedelic, kind of like mushrooms, but only affects how you perceive sound.'
Which is an accurate but lacking description of this drug's effects. I thought it would be a nice, gentle guided tour through the doors of perception, into the vast realm of psychedelics, rather than being used as a battering ram and unceremoniously hurled though the metaphorical doors. That's not to say I lost my shit or anything, but it made me realize you can't take half a trip, fighting the effects is futile, and you will feel better after you throw up. Thus, I quickly learned some valuable coping skills that would help myself and others navigate the precarious psychedelic state, and how to make it through the inevitable 'bad trip'.

I went on to try a shitload of psychs, but I never felt the urge to try DiPT again. It was certainly an enjoyable experience and served as a rather intense, albeit unorthodox introduction to the world of psychedelics. I'm not sure what my dose was, but I know it was more than I would have taken if I capped the doses. I always start on the low side, my friend however goes for broke on the first try. He later said he gave me enough to make sure I had a proper psychedelic experience. And that I most certainly did.

I'm older now, and have not had the desire to trip in a long time. Probably for the best.

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 114556
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 16
Published: Jul 16, 2020Views: 1,524
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