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Room Full of Life
Cacti - T. pachanoi
Citation:   Lisergicblood. "Room Full of Life: An Experience with Cacti - T. pachanoi (exp114590)". Apr 9, 2023.

  oral Cacti - T. pachanoi (liquid)

Before drinking the brew I decided to try microdosing just to test the waters and to check for any allergy. I had bought the brew from a friend who's into rock, existentialism, growing mushrooms, and psychedelics. The night I bought the brew I was studying math with my ex (at the time only my best friend) and had taken some bites of a 1 g happy brownie. I paid 60 Soles (like 20 USD) for the bottle and gave my friend dealer, B, and another friend, O, who was tripping on Peter at the time and who had seen B cooking the Pedro, some of my happy brownie so they could go home happy go lucky. I took a sip and my ex was mad at me because she disapproves of all illegal drugs. I was high on the brownie so I shrugged it off and we kept doing some math but then it was late and she had to go home. Luckily, this was before my dad's return to the house so I had the time to put on my pajamas and go to bed and fake being asleep to avoid talking to him in that state.

The next morning I woke up feeling like I had an IQ of 70 and my eyes were red as fuck but the day was not bad. I asked my dealer B how long could I keep the brew and he said it was fine for up to 3 months if I kept it in the fridge but no way I was going to put that in the fridge with everything else so he told me I should drink it within 2 weeks, or preferably 1. I took five sips on a day in which I went on a walk with my dad and did not feel anything which wouldn't be placebo so I decided to drink everything as soon as I got home. Let's see what the fuss is all about.

We got home at 8:30 pm more or less and I started drinking the brew. It took me like 15 minutes to drink almost all of it because it tasted like shit and had pieces of cactus skin. I left like 5 sips of brew because it is sincerely the worst thing I've ever tasted (and I enjoy the taste of mushrooms!) and went to bed with my door open and left my lights on. I was hearing some music and spending the time on my phone. My father came a few times to check the heater as it was cold as hell (it was June in Peru) and everything passed on as it normally would.

After half an hour I thought it had not taken any effect and I was considering taking the 5 sips left but when I closed my eyes, damn, it was so weird. I was listening to Loca (by Cazzu) and upon closing my eyes I could see a hindu god, it looked like Ganesha (weirdly, I did not know Ganesha at the time) and was spinning in circles and moving across my visual field in 2D. He left tracers all over and these tracers overlapped and did not disappear. It was as if he was coloring all my closed eyed visual field while at the same time vomiting rainbows of color everywhere he faced.
He left tracers all over and these tracers overlapped and did not disappear. It was as if he was coloring all my closed eyed visual field while at the same time vomiting rainbows of color everywhere he faced.

When I opened my eyes, everything looked normal, however. I repeated the closing and opening of my eyes a few times and saw the same. I thought it was some kind of extreme placebo but still decided to turn off the lights just in case. I closed my eyes and gradually, my body felt sick. I felt like I was about to have a cold. That is, cold but hot at the same time, body aching, and a feeling of restlessness (like when I take pseudoephedrine) in bed. But my pain was cool. It felt like serotonin and every feeling summoned visions in the black canvas of my closed eyes.

I saw "paisanos" drinking "wachuma", the "remedio". It was a family. The man, the woman, and a baby. They were walking through the mountains, everything in 2D, in the middle of the night, and with a lama. The night sky shined at their left side, in the background (like if they were the characters in Mario Bros, the background is at the left side of Mario when he walks to my right, which is what the paisanos were doing). They settled by a cave and started drinking wachuma, it was their family ritual. "La medicina", the sacred medicine, was being poured onto the baby's mouth. Everyone tripped happily, a remnant of the old days, of forgotten roots that demanded to be noticed again.

Suddenly, I became a cactus. And each part of my body had a cactus coming out of it. I was cactus man. I could see myself in 3D, like in a virtual reality, if I closed my eyes. In fact, I could move around and see myself from multiple angles at the same time! My dad was watching a movie and the audio sounded so epic. It felt like it was a "hero's journey", where something great and spiritual is about to happen. Something so illuminating. As the night moved on the hallucinations continued. I opened my eyes and the moonlight coming through the window allowed me to see my cat coming into the room. She jumped into the bed and laid on my legs, wanting to sleep. Her ears were extending and stretching in impossible, surrealistic ways. She looked like an elf.

The walls were breathing. The tiles had geometric patterns with blue, yellow, red, and green. My legs were extending in various ways. I closed my eyes again, after seeing the code behind the Matrix that the opened doors of perception exposed. Sounds from the jungle, from a not so far past, from the ancestors, inundated my room. A gigantic dragon-fly laid on my head. I didn't see her but I knew it. Well, I lie cause I actually did see her. It's just that my eyes were closed. But the night was young (I guess 3 am) and my room was full of spirits, full of live. It felt as if all those entities were extraneous to myself. After some time of this and trying to control my breathing because I thought my dad would wake up because I was breathing like I had taken San Pedro and more of this and more of the paranoia and more of this, the birds started chirping.

It was the morning and I needed to go to school. I "woke up" a bit scared because I was still feeling the Peter, and took a shower. When putting the shampoo on my hair I always close my eyes and this time I could see myself from above, putting the shampoo in my hair, almost like an OBE. Also, the sound of the water in the shower was entrancing. After my hour long shower I went to have breakfast and tried to not look at my dad much because I still felt a bit off. He did not talk to me much because it was the morning and he was watching the news as well. When I went to school I noticed sounds were still amplified. It felt mystical to walk and hear the men moving the leaves that had fallen of the trees with those fork-like instruments. I heard the moving of the leaves and I could see them moving the leaves without having to look at them. This was at 7:15 am.

At 8 am I was already pretty much normal although my teeth ached as I was grinding them too hard when on Pedro. Now, after this, the day didn't feel any different than any normal day, at all, except that I didn't feel extremely tired as I would if I had slept even 6 hours. Weird but good. When I got back home I did not sleep until like midnight, even weirder but welcome.

Exp Year: 2020ExpID: 114590
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 17
Published: Apr 9, 2023Views: 1,003
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