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Delayed Effects / Hurt Myself
Blue Lotus, Cannabis & Alchohol
by Boiler Kim
Citation:   Boiler Kim. "Delayed Effects / Hurt Myself: An Experience with Blue Lotus, Cannabis & Alchohol (exp114613)". Erowid.org. Jul 30, 2020. erowid.org/exp/114613

T+ 0:00
2 bowls smoked Lotus/Lily - Nymphaea nouchali var caerulea  
  T+ 0:00   smoked Lavandula spp.  
  T+ 0:00   smoked Damiana  
  T+ 0:00   smoked Mullein  
  T+ 4:00 1 flower oral Lotus/Lily - Nymphaea nouchali var caerulea (tea)
  T+ 25:00 3 glasses oral Alcohol  
  T+ 25:00 1 bowl smoked Cannabis  


I would like to share my experience insofar as I experienced the same negative effects that others note in regards to use of Blue Lotus, but I experienced these roughly a day after I had taken the plant.

(Thur~ 6pm) I smoked two pipes filled with a blue lotus smoking blend (mixed with lavender, damiana, and mullein) the evening prior to my experience. After smoking, I felt very mild effects but nothing truly noteworthy.

(Thur~ 10 pm) I also took a large, dried blue lotus flower and steeped it for 10 minutes, drinking it as a tea. That night I went to bed very early and woke up abnormally early in the morning, hopelessly groggy.

(Fri~ 7pm) Later that day (after going back to sleep for several more hours, still groggy), I would eventually meet up with a friend. We shall call her A. A and I had the equivalent of 3 alcoholic beverages around. I then went to A's house next door to smoked a bong of marijuana.

(Fri~ 7:30pm) At this point, I began feeling very intense anxiousness. This is not uncommon for me, especially when I smoke weed, so I excused myself to go outside and smoke a cigarette.

I walked back to my apartment for cigarettes. This was when I realized something was wrong. Immediately upon getting inside, I sad down on the toilet as it felt like I was almost about to defecate in my pants. Upon sitting down, I discovered I no longer had to use the toilet. (This feeling would persist for roughly 30 minutes.)

(Fri ~ 7:40pm ) I noticed my mouth was dangerously dry. It was probably the most intense bout of dehydration or cotton-mouth I have ever felt (I have taken many substances that cause such things in the past, and had drank lots of water that day). I walked to my kitchen to get some water.

While pouring the water, I realized I was having trouble breathing, and noticed by heart beating wildly. I concentrated on taking long, deep breaths, but I found it rather hard to do. Realizing that I was in danger of fainting, I walked to my bed.

Sadly, I fell on my way there, spilling the water all over the floor before I could take as much of a drink of it, and smashing my head against something (still no clue as to what, as this part, naturally, is a blur to me).

I believe I had not passed out, as it were, but momentarily fainted and immediately regained half-consciousness. As such, I was able to stumble to my bed, doing great harm to both my face and to the various things in my apartment that it smashed against (mostly the floor, as I recall) as I made my way.

Upon getting into bed, I began shaking uncontrollably. While I was not cold, per se (as a matter of fact, my apartment was hot as it was nearly 100 degrees outside), it made me feel slightly better to lower the air conditioner and cover myself in blankets. Nevertheless, my body shook so violently I wondered what the heck was wrong with me. My body wanted sleep. I involuntarily shook and prayed for God to see me through and forgive me for my sinful ways.

At this point, I began to feel blood dripping down my head and realized there was a possibility that I was concussed and injured. I unsteadily walked to the bathroom to check the damage. I tested my head and neck, turning it in various ways to see if was injured. I appeared well, at least in that regard.

While the bruising and cuts on my face were unsightly, they were also quite small and something I guessed I could take care of later. What was more unsettling was how my face had lost all color. (I am quite pale and white on the average day, but seeing myself like that was quite frightening.)

(Fri~ 7:55pm) I sat on my couch and texted A, advising her that I had fainted and smashed my head, and that I needed help. At this point, I was not certain I could walk anywhere without hurting myself. She cleaned the water that I spilled all over the place while smashing around my apartment, and tended to some of my wounds. She also gave me water, which improved my situation immensely.

At this point, A gave me something of a concussion test by asking me who the president was and taking note of my eyeballs. I answered correctly. She commented that my paleness was very scary and was concerned for my well-being. While she did not seem to think I acted disoriented, I felt very disoriented. I did not have double vision but something was visually off with how I perceived things.

After A left 30 minutes or so later, I lied down and once again shook violently in my bed. I also had closed eye hallucinations. Nothing scary or crazy, and I tuned them out easily enough by keeping my eyes open or relaxing. I decided to stay up that night in case I was, in fact, concussed. I was at this juncture still quite nervous that I had either A) had a stroke or B) was in diabetic shock, or C) was just dying for no good reason.

(Fri, 9pm) I made some food, which made me feel better. I sat quietly and watched UFC until it was quite late. My balance was now back and I had stopped shaking. I drank plenty of water and my dry mouth was gone.

(Sat, 1am) I felt I had stayed up long enough after bashing my head and went to sleep.

(Sat~ 11am) Feel much better but still not "normal" per se. As if a light fog is slowly lifting but is nevertheless still there. A very slight lightheaded feeling, almost imperceptible, but nevertheless worrying due to last nights episode.

Spiritually, I feel well. Sort of drained, as I would the day after psychedelic use, but generally well.

Being as how it had been a day or so since I took the blue lotus, I did not assume it had anything to do with this episode. However, after reading the negative experience reports, I see that I demonstrated several telltale side-effects: violent shaking, loss of coordination, perceived spastic bowl activity, mild close-eyed hallucinations, etc.

The information on blue lotus use online tends to disregard most of these things, I so am writing this as a reminder that this plant is apparently no joke and for people to do plenty of research before using it willy-nilly.

Exp Year: 2020ExpID: 114613
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 29 
Published: Jul 30, 2020Views: 2,080
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Lotus/Lily - Nymphaea nouchali var caerulea (105), Cannabis (1), Alcohol (61) : Combinations (3), Train Wrecks & Trip Disasters (7), Hangover / Days After (46), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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