Respect for Soma
Amanita muscaria
Citation:   LearningHowToThink. "Respect for Soma: An Experience with Amanita muscaria (exp114636)". Aug 12, 2020.

12 g oral Amanitas - A. muscaria (dried)
My Amanita Muscaria Experience Part 1

I have encountered the beautiful majestic Amanita Muscaria many times, but other than a passing glance I never really thought too much of this mystical fungi.

However, on the 17/03/18 all of this completely changed, when me and a friend were doing a help’x together in the beautiful Takaka hills, Golden bay, New Zealand. My friend a few days prior was joking around how this mushroom is the king of the psychedelic mushrooms. Having had no previous experience at first I shrugged off his casual jokes. Then after deciding to do some research I found much material.

I was astounded by some of the experiences that people had talked about, and my curiosity peaked. The very same day another member of the help’x crew just happened to find a beautiful patch of Amanitas. We quickly gathered a beautiful harvest of 11 mushrooms.

My previous research led me to the knowledge that to properly use the psychoactive effects of this mushroom, they had to be properly dried to convert the Ibotenic acid into Muscimol. This was done with a fan oven with the door slightly open at approximately 90 degrees Celsius for 3 hours and left in the oven overnight.

They shrunk a lot!
I had also discovered that this mushroom is very different from the classical psilocybin mushrooms that most of us think of when someone mentions magic mushrooms. I cannot over say that the effects are not like any other psychedelic I have tried (DMT, LSD, psilocybin mushrooms). I was also extremely over confident with myself and was severely punished.

With all this I must say that I believe there has been huge amounts of disinformation considering this mushroom regarding the toxicity. With an even greater deficit of research done into the potential benefits for the evolution of human consciousness.

The Trip

A rough plan
There was me and 2 friends who where going to embark on this journey. We begun with a small opening ceremony where we lit incense, a candle and a stick of Palo Santo. We then held hands and each vocalised a small prayer asking for protection, love and guidance. We each then had a turn being cleansed with the Palo Santo smoke. Then we ate our mushrooms, I had about 12 grams, a relatively moderate dose, or so I thought.

After ingesting we proceeded to do some basic Qi Gong and then meditate. During the meditation all 3 of us begun to feel nausea, a common side effect.

After about 45 minutes I began to notice increased energy levels and felt slightly dizzy. I had also read that a lot of people go to sleep and then have incredible dreams and wake up into a trip. So I decided to try to get some sleep, however although I felt a bit tired my energy levels then picked up and after about 20 minutes I begun to get restless. (It should be noted that both of my friends had vomited by this point. I did not vomit.)

I set off on a mission to find some more mushrooms in the nearby pine forests. After discovering there is nothing wrong with them, I was eager to find some more as I also felt that my dose had not been strong enough to really feel what this mushroom can do. I happen to remember reading about some people drinking their own urine to re-absorb the Muscimol. There was little consideration in what I should do, and as soon as I had the urge to urinate, I collected it in a bottle and very hastily gulped down the entire lot. I was surprised by how salty it tasted, and once I got past the smell it wasn’t so bad.

After about 30 minutes I begun to notice the effects of the 2nd hit and begun to feel quite drunk. Although my clarity of mind was great, and had actually improved, my body became increasingly harder to control.
Although my clarity of mind was great, and had actually improved, my body became increasingly harder to control.

After approximately 1 hour I begun to notice how my thinking transformed from words to images, almost forming a video of thoughts in my mind. I begun to think at an incredible rate when this happened and I was going through vast mental thought patterns very quickly. I truly felt like I was using more of my mind. On the other hand, my motor control continued to diminish to the point where I almost could not walk.

Then there was a point where I was fighting to control my body. I begun to panic. I was alone in the Bush with no hope of returning back to my home, I attempted to stay at a safe spot near the stream. The last things I remember that definitely happened are tipping out the contents of my bag (Speaker and phone included). I do not know why I did this, and losing the fight over controlling my body. After this I do not know if what I experienced, was a dream, a trip or actual objective reality.

So the next thing I remember happening was that I was running, endlessly running with no real destination in sight. After a very long period of this I felt my body should be tired or something but I seemed to be perfectly fine, but my breathing didn’t seem to be keeping up with my level of activity. I begun to become worried that I had been running for so long without oxygenating my body properly and that the mushrooms where actually toxic and I was going to die from a heart attack due to overstressing my heart.

Then I was completely immersed in the thought that I really was about to die and my vision was not true to what was happening, that really I was back home, surrounded by my friends, experiencing my last moments on earth on a poisonous mushroom trip.

I began to say how I loved them all and accepted my fate of dying.

Then I actually died.

What I remarked as strange was that the dying experience, after the initial pain of death, was actually a pleasurable experience. I was greeted by many light beings, which took a humanoid form, except they were made of what could only be described as a star lit sky with a turquoise tinge. They were extremely happy for me and were applauding my ‘graduation from 3rd density level of experience’ I was in communication with ‘God’, Then begun my ‘life review’.

I experienced every negative, thought/emotion/feeling I had gone through this lifetime as a sort of flashback with pain going throughout my body. This was incredibly intense and words do not do justice to this experience. After this happened the exact opposite happened and I went through every positive thought/emotion/feeling. This feeling was absolutely amazing and many, many more times more pleasurable than an orgasm. I was overwhelmed. I remember completing my life review with the most amazing experience I have ever had, my whole body was vibrating with extreme pleasure! Dying was an amazing and beautiful experience, nothing to be feared at all.

My memory from this point is slightly foggy but from what I can remember I then experienced becoming god and I then witnessed a ‘universe life review’. I saw how this universe is made up of many layers with progression possible throughout. I witnessed the creation of this universe, which began with a thought. The universe was thought into existence! I also saw how this is just one of the many, many universes each having their own ‘Creator’. This was almost inconceivable to my limited human intellect; I was flying the sea of consciousness throughout all densities of this octave. The Ra Material is the first material that comes to mind when one wishes to go into the complexity of density progression.

Once all of this came to a close, I truly believed I was about to live my life in the next level of existence
I truly believed I was about to live my life in the next level of existence
, however, to my horror and confusion, I was back in my body, on this planet. It gets worse once I realise, it is completely dark (New Moon night), I have no idea where I am, I also have lost my shirt and the night is ice cold.

This was an extremely bad situation to be in, I was not sure if my previous running had actually happened, could I have ran 10ks from where I was before? Quite possible seeing as I was situated in the heart of the NZ bush. I quickly entered survival mode and found the nearest place to sit. Luckily, I was wearing my ali ba ba’s and managed to get my whole body into them and could create a small atmosphere of warm air with breathing. This proved potentially life saving, and for the next approximately 5-6 hours I continued this procedure with routinely moving my body due to not being able to maintain the ridiculous posture I had to undertake to have all my body in my ali ba ba’s. When the first light finally arose, my whole body was shaking, a precursor for hypothermia. After a gruelling night I was overcome with intense joy and relief. After discovering I was actually very close to my home, I ran as fast as I could back home.

I spent the rest of the day, recovering, telling my story to friends, rejoicing in being warm and alive and writing this article. I truly believed if I had of been wearing jeans, instead of my ali ba ba’s, then I would have succumbed to severe hypothermia and died.


I believe these mushrooms showed me incredible things and allowed me to access other realms of reality and my inner universe. They are incredibly scared fungi and definitely deserved to be treated and respected as such. I cannot fathom the possibilities for humanity if we as a collective were to seriously invest in researching the effects these mushrooms have on consciousness.

I am not sure where the huge negative stigma has arisen for these beautiful mushrooms, perhaps a hangover from some cultural ignorance or misinformation. Although they are not a magic pill to be taken as a substitute for sincere inner self work, they could possibly be used as a tool for communicating with other dimensional beings, experiencing death, and exploring the full potential of the human mind/consciousness just to name a few potential avenues of investigation.

Respect for Soma

Exp Year: 2018ExpID: 114636
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Age at time of experience: 23
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