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A Very Fun and Exciting Day
Lisdexamfetamine, Cigarettes & Nitrous Oxide
Citation:   shard shins. "A Very Fun and Exciting Day: An Experience with Lisdexamfetamine, Cigarettes & Nitrous Oxide (exp114656)". Dec 11, 2023.

T+ 0:00
60 mg oral Lisdexamfetamine (capsule)
  T+ 2:00   smoked Tobacco - Cigarettes  
  T+ 2:12 60 mg oral Lisdexamfetamine (capsule)
  T+ 4:00 Couple smoked Tobacco - Cigarettes  
  T+ 5:55 60 mg oral Lisdexamfetamine (capsule)
  T+ 0:00 Repeated smoked Tobacco - Cigarettes  
  T+ 11:35 1 cart.   Nitrous Oxide  
I'm a male, 17 years old, in year 11 at school, I’ve been doing drugs for around 2 years now, I have previously experimented with weed, MDMA, LSD, Ritalin, Vyvanse, speed, dextroamphetamine, ketamine, nitrous oxide, amyl nitrate, inhalants, Benzos, DXM, tramadol, alcohol, cocaine and a few other things, I smoke cigarettes daily and at the time of this report had not eaten prior to ingestion and was running on 7 hours of sleep. No tolerance.

First capsule was taken at 8:40 am, school started at 9 o’clock, I smoked a cigarette with my girlfriend, she will be called ‘A’. Me and A were doing the same amount at the same time, she was the only person who knew I was doing them. Noticeable effects kick in first period around 9:30, 50 minutes after dosing. Time started to speed up, waves of noticeable talkativeness and confidence arose. Class went fast and I didn’t partake in school work in the first period although felt the need for a task, I talked to some kids in my class and played basic computers games which I find to be very satisfying on substances such as these.

My next class began at 9:47, it was psychology class, I did a page and a half of answers to my questions, I completed the task I was given and was feeling very accomplished after it was done. I talked to my friend who was in the class with me about Netflix shows and call of duty. I noticed my hand was slightly shaking and my foot began tapping. The class ended and I was excited to catch up with A and see how she was going.

Me and A went for a cigarette in the school's smoke spot at recess time and both agreed we were feeling good but wanted more. After cigarette smoking and talking a little more we both decided to do another 60mg capsule, this was ingested at 10:52am. This is 2 hours and 12 minutes after ingesting the first 60mg capsule. The effects of the second one were first noticeable in my third period of school, now on 120mg, I began to open my eyes slightly wider then normal, I was footing tapping crazily and my hands were visibly shaking. I had no friends in this class which I am thankful for as I really enjoy doing math work on Vyvanse, there was no distractions. I caught up on previous work I was behind on and also managed to complete newly handed out work. The whole 47 minute period I was completely in “the zone”. I felt as if I could sit there all day and just keep learning new math equations and algorithms. I felt really accomplished after this period. I noticed I felt hot and was sweating around my forehead. It was very mild although definitely present.

Next period was English class. I felt as if I could write double the speed of what I could before. I copied the notes I was required to very quickly, and was very interested in the content of the work, which was movie study, definitely more so then usual. After completing my work I opened up emotionally to my close friend in that class and told him why I had been absent all week. I was suffering some mental health issues and it felt good to tell someone. The confidence I had been given from this drug is unmatched and for me personally I find it hard to open up sometimes, but the Vyvanse made this an easy task. My friend was worried but also understanding and we talked through some things. I was thankful that I opened up and felt gratitude towards my friend for being supportive. Class finished and now it was lunch time, was once again excited to catch up with A and see how she felt.

(Lunch starts 12:54 and ends 1:30)
Me and A went to the smoke spot again and had a couple cigarettes, we both felt a bit scatter brained and talkative. My mouth had now become very dry. So I sipped on a water bottle for all of lunch. Me and A both felt extremely awake, energetic and confident. Like we had the solutions to life problems. We were completely on top of our game. I played hand ball with my friends for the remainder of lunch and listened to music while doing so, I listened to skepta and slowthai. I found music to be even more uplifting and entertaining.

I had wood technology in fifth period and I felt pretty much the same as the rest of the day, I chatted to my friends, got my work done quick and felt great about it. Nothing too interesting occurred, I was still foot tapping a lot and had started to sweat again. In between period 5 and 6 me and A decided to have another 60mg Vyvanse capsule. This would take our dose up to 180mg. Me and A ingested our third Vyvanse capsule at 2:35pm. Me and A both had legal studies last period.

Legal studies was not really eventful, me and A talked throughout it and got no work done, I continued feeling the same as before, slowly increasing in intensity over the next hour. This is when the light feeling/ rush was very prevalent. I went to my after school detention and it was during that time the third one took effect, I spent the whole detention writing the first half of this and after my detention got picked up by my parents from school. It was a struggle to contain my foot tapping and constant talking. I was also visibly sweating which made this somewhat scary. I went home, changed clothes and met A in the city, in the apartment she is currently living in.

7:00pm I noticed a slight drop in intensity, absolutely no bad feelings just a a very small decline in intensity.

8:15pm, Me and A walk to the creek after purchasing a 10 pack of nitrous oxide canisters (nangs) and balloons. We walked to the creek, chain smoking cigarettes. It was a long walk but we both walked at a very high pace. We found a hidden spot at the creek and I proceeded to “crack” us a nang each. We both put a bluetooth headphone in and I played a song by the dj/producer, 'mall grab'. My vision got dissociative, everything produced light fractal patterns. After I finished I felt like I had just been properly woke up, extreme alertness and a massive rush of energy. My eyes bulged, I bit down my teeth hard, feelings of urgency, joy, gratitude and excitement
I felt like I had just been properly woke up, extreme alertness and a massive rush of energy. My eyes bulged, I bit down my teeth hard, feelings of urgency, joy, gratitude and excitement
is what I gained from this. We both decided not to partake in another as we were both left with physical pain from putting stress on our chest and hearts. We both felt it was safer to not continue.

We began walking home, once again chain smoking cigarettes, I got in bed with A and we chilled out. It is now 12:30am, comedown is properly starting although I still feel quite positive.

3:00am, me and A have been watching TV and smoking cigarettes for the past 2 and a half hours, we had sex a couple times which usually is a challenge on stimulants but was surprisingly quite easy. A offered me some weed as she began to smoke. I declined due to past experiences on a combination of Vyvanse and weed.

5:00am, I definitely feel a change in mood and intensity but I'm still very awake and so is A, a lot more subtle feeling although when I try to sit still and close my eyes, I notice how awake I am.

6:00am, me and A lay in a dark room, only a candle is lighting it, grid like patterns can be seen in the darkness, they are made up of the “graininess” of the darkness. They aren’t that present unless I focus on them but if I let myself zone out and stare into the abyss of darkness, they can be seen clearer.

9:03am, me and A both feel like we are at half capacity of our brain. Strategic thinking has become a lot harder. If you gave me a test to do right now I can assure you I would fail it. I am messing up my words every now and again. As for my feelings I don’t feel particularly bad, I feel more flat then sad. My stomach begins to ache in pain as it's been 36 hours without eating.

12:30pm, Patterns are continuing, my stomach ache also hasn’t subsided, I feel like I’ve gained a temporary disability, I feel spaced out and not myself. Me and A both try the sleep but it proves pointless.

I fell asleep around 3pm. The whole time I lay still with my eyes closed I felt very strange, my mind was racing, I was zoning out quite hard. I got slight visions of things I could picture extremely clearing although they were completely foreign. It was like visualising memories Id' never had. I visualised these things without trying. The visions were mostly weird pictures, like surrealist artwork. It was crazy how clear I could picture them. This was a very fun and exciting day, although it went very quickly.

Be safe

Exp Year: 2020ExpID: 114656
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 17
Published: Dec 11, 2023Views: 19
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