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Plugging the Magic Ice Cube
Citation:   Armathan. "Plugging the Magic Ice Cube: An Experience with 4-AcO-DMT (exp114684)". Sep 16, 2020.

T+ 0:00
20 - 25 mg rectal 4-AcO-DMT
  T+ 5:00 4 mg oral Melatonin
Plugging the Magic Ice Cube

T0 4-AcO-DMT fumarate 22.5 mg rectal
T+5h Melatonin 4mg oral (daily)


I am a moderate psychedelic drugs user for about 10 years, almost 30 years old now and I weight approx. 70kg for 1m81. I tried many different substances essentially once but I continued with MDMA, psilocin (either shroom or 4-AcO-DMT) and LSD at a lesser extent. I never tried DMT in the past. I have taken hallucinogenic mushrooms about 15 times between 19-22 years old, liked it a lot, and went back to it through the consumption of the psilocybin analog 4-AcO-DMT which I used maybe 10 times during the past 18 months.

I usually take between 15-35mg of 4-AcO-DMT fumarate salt orally, dissolved in water. As I have seen some consistent reports of people plugging the molecule, I finally decided to try it myself.


The rectal route of administration is generally known to offer a better bioavailability and activity of drugs, possibly related to the bypassing of early hepatic metabolism or harsh stomach environment, and quicker absorption overall.Since I do not dispose of a precision scale at every moment in my life, I prepare the 4-AcO-DMT usually this way:

- 250mg weighted on a precision scale
- Dissolution in tap water 50mL inside a conical screw up tube with graduations
- Then using other tubes I split by 5mL which then contains 25mg 4-AcO-DMT
- I keep all the tubes in my freezer and so I truly make Magic Ice Cubes that can be further used for tripping
- The dose can be readjusted by melting the ice out of the freezer and transferring/adding volume from one tube to the other, with still good precision. And the solution 4-AcO-DMT can be frozen again after with no problem.

So here was the starting material. Unfortunately, I had no syringe home when I decided to plug the drug. Then, to try the 4-AcO-DMT by rectal route of administration, in absence of alternative ideas, I have decided to take a Magic Ice Cube and to insert it in my butt.


The whole experience happened inside my flat, ground floor, and more essentially in my office room.

T-5min (6.55pm):
I take the conical tube out of the freezer. As the tube is conical, it contains the 5mL magic ice cube shaped as a 2-3cm height cone. To extract it, I heated the tube with my hand until liquid water was present at the interface between the plastic and the ice. Then, I shook the tube to make the magic ice tube falling on the cap. I opened the tube and collected the magic ice cube. In the process, I lost some content since the ice melted and so I estimate the dose of 4-AcO-DMT between 20-25mg. Well, I had my ice cube and went fast to insert it in my butt, no special skill here if you already used suppositories it is pretty much the same. Since the magic ice cube was conical, it was not even hurtful or anything, it went smoothly.

T+0min (7pm):
The magic ice cube was in. Surprisingly, upon the insertion of it, I got an unexpected erection. Maybe the cold or I do not know but I had this great idea to not waste this pretty solid erection and to masturbate really quick before the trip begins. I knew I had likely not much time before it begins, so I had to be efficient.

Well, I am watching a porn on a well known website and I am optimistic that I could make it on time, although I had some loss of focus erratically occurring at that point.

I am changing of content because it will definitely not make it with the one I was watching. And shit, my laptop is like switching by itself in low-resolution mode. I do not know why but the automatic setup makes it 360p whereas it normally selects the higher resolution (720p/1080p). Well even by manually setting up to full HD the video pixelating after a few seconds and fuck the pixels are pretty big and shaped like 3D cubes that mess up the porn I was watching. I have got it at that point. It was not my laptop, it was the magic ice cube coming into action.

I tried to be as efficient as I could to finish masturbating as I really hate to stop when I started. I could be late in exams at the uni because I wanted my endorphin dose in the morning shower and so noway I stop generally without any consideration for the environment at all. At this time my focus does not survive more than 3-4 seconds and I start totally loosing the contact with my penis which irrevocably flattens regardless the implication I was putting in that from both psychological and mechanical perspectives. Plus, during that time, as soon as my focus was lost I got some kaleidoscopic or fractal vortex surrounding my computer screen and like targeting the porn which was even more messed up you could not even know what you where looking at anymore. This vortex was coming more and more intense in a pulsatile manner and I knew I was on the edge of giving up masturbating which I did not want at all but at the same time I knew I was already beaten by the magic ice cube, I knew it like you know the fundamentals.

Well, I now decide to give up masturbating which was kind of a terrible moment where I properly accepted I have been beaten and there is nothing more to do. I was fucking high at that time and physically exhausted because of all the energy I have put in this aborted attempt to masturbate. Desperate, exhausted and extremely high with those extremely colorful vortex / tunnels around me, I turned half the way back on my chair, and fall on the floor which was a soft carpet not bad at all to lie on. As I had no idea at all how far I would be going again, I lied in recovery position on the carpet to be sure whatever happens I will be safe here not moving.

T+20min - T+1h:
Before falling down on the carpet, I have put some chill relaxing music like what you want to listen to when you watch the Niagara Falls or other majestuous and natural things like that (at least in my conception). In my office room, I have attached many wide flags on the ceiling for decoration. Places where I lived or origins, a total of 6 flags in this room. Also in the middle of the ceiling, there is a wood/metal fan since it is pretty warm/wet in summer in my location. So I was on the carpet, on recovery position, watching half the ceiling half a wall of the room on which a large marker board was present. These 40 minutes were like the eternity. I was here, not moving at all or maybe just the end of my finger, erratically. All the room was like vortexing, the flags were blowing up and down, they were merging and dancing together, it was absolutely beautiful. The carpet was now like a lake and there was a door wedge I knew it was that but before I realized it turned in a duck with an headset swimming in the lake. This duck was my friend during the whole trip and the more I was watching to it the more I went super far in this metaphoric thing of the lake, the headset, the swim and the electronic music I was sure he was listening to. Until I totally lost contact with the describable environment.

Well, my body was not here anymore. I realized at some point I had no body anymore. It was not even like I had a messed up proprioception, it was more like I have had no proprioception at all anymore. I virtually did not know how to move anymore and was truly feeling like my mind is flying in the air. At some point I believe I almost saw myself in the other corner of the room but this was extremely transient. I also went back to reality at some point and realized I was like dreaming about knocking the door of God awaiting for the judgement and so on (I am not a believer I precise).

During that time I was crying too. I mean I was all dead on the floor and my eyes were big opened, like fixated, and they were crying. During these 40 minutes I really lived a crazy experience I loved a lot. I was literally absent in a physical/material sense but the visuals were absolutely awesome, the emotions were incredibly blissful, my thoughts were erratic in that there was sometimes a content sometimes not, and I had virtually or even no negative feelings at all. An extremely lucid dream where I was just in a state I did not need more, I would even be OK for less, and just I was not looking for anything anymore.

I decide I was going to stand up for drinking some water. I did stand up successfully. I felt like it was the first time a human stood up in the history of the world. I did that by steps over seconds and saw my shade on the wall, it was really like these historical timeline of evolution from monkeys to homo sapiens. I was recovering and up now, ready to go in the kitchen 10 meters away to get some water.

Well I walk slowly because shit everything is moving pretty hard and my focus is not existent. At this point I realize it would be great I wear a boxer or whatever cause I was still half naked (only a T shirt) because of the aborted masturbation session.
Well my room was between my office and kitchen so after having reached my first objective (the kitchen) I went back and entered my room to take a new boxer. There was many boxers here so I took one without starting to consider useless things and went back in the kitchen because I forgot to drink a few sec before.

I turn the light of the kitchen on. I drink a glass of tap water. And shit. I see 2-3 flies on the cupboard. And they multiplied incredibly. To all who saw The Birds from Hitchcock, it was the same thing on this cupboard. The flies were dozens and then hundreds everywhere. Well I did not get trapped by it and knew the worst thing to do would be to take some insect-killing product and start to kill them all. So I left this mess and concluded I needed to be back fast on the carpet in the office room cause my life expectancy was dramatically reduced in these conditions.

Laid on the floor, again. But this time I could leave the recovery position to be on all sides of my body. I was on my belly for a while and watched my arm like when you sleep on your arm. I have a normal quantity of hairs on my arms. So I was watching that, and the lake behind, the lake that my carpet was forming.

Well, without me to even realize my hairs were a wheat field somewhere outside and I did not see the lake anymore. This wheat field was opening itself on some other indescribable things where light was highly diffracted and the landscape very fragmented. I had no fucking idea where I was, I knew I just have had to control to be back in reality but did not want it at all, I was just letting things go.

I continued being carried over by the intense visuals during this second hour. The cognitive effects of 4-acO-DMT were a bit less pronounced than in the first hour, as the proprioception related effect were too. It was more a dream-like moment in that I had less mind-shocking feelings related to mystical experiences, I was still blown away but in the much smoother manner, my eyes were not stuck wide opened and crying anymore and I could sometimes close them, I could move on the fluffy floor made with the carpet, and I could entertain conscious or directed thinking on things.

During this time shift, I mostly came down as usual when the 4-acO-DMT is taken by oral route at a dose of 30-35mg. I was still laid on my carpet, with a pillow now, and was extremely relaxed, watching the flags on my ceiling, the large fan, the wall, with still existing visuals but those were lights and not essentially entertaining by themselves. So I was just thinking about things, listening to music, browsing some stuff on my phone erratically, was a good post-trip moment. At some point I went to grab some food in my kitchen, it was very pleasant to eat and to be back on basic things of life, appreciating the very normal after all. About 11pm now, I quickly texted some friends to expose the outcome of my experiments and did not wait much to go in my bed after.

Well relaxed in my bed, reading some trips reports on diverse ROA with 4-acO-DMT on websites, I had my daily dose of 4mg melatonin. Melatonin is working pretty much on me to facilitate falling asleep. In addition, it has anti-oxidative properties and can counteract the melatonin depletion indirectly induced by the loads on the serotonin metabolism upon consumption of serotonin agonists drugs. Although psilocybin (and very likely 4-acO-DMT) has limited impact on serotonin/melatonin depletion and oxidative stress upon a single drug consumption, this becomes a nice chemical tool when it comes to consume MDMA, among others. About 30min after having taken melatonin, I fell asleep and had a great night until late.

I first woke up around 11am, and stayed in my bed half-sleeping until 1pm when I finally woke up. I had no side-effects perceived as negative at all, as always with oral 4-acO-DMT. Still, the colors were more vivid than usual this day, and sometimes I believe they were shifted like the white was slightly purple shaded, among others very light abnormalities. A day after this totally vanished and I was totally back at baseline, still quite more peaceful and relaxed than usual, where I tend to be over-focused on my work and logical thinking.

General Comments:

Overall, the rectal administration of 4-acO-DMT was a very conclusive experience that I will repeat with no doubt in the future. Because the onset virtually does not exist and the come up is very fast, I would still not favor this ROA when it comes to taking the drugs with friends. In this situation I interact with others at the beginning of the trip, at least, and it is always funny to more slowly see myself and my friends disappearing in the void, which also tends to lengthen the whole experience by a quarter or so. However, the rectal ROA will certainly turn to be my favorite route when I take the 4-acO-DMT alone. Indeed, the flash effect at the beginning is very impressive, and it does not let time to wait for the effects to build-up, which diminishes the possibility of inhibition inherited by this type of behavior, at least on myself, regarding the strength of the developing effects.

Although there was no kind of effect I did not know already by taking 4-acO-DMT by oral route at up to 35mg, it has been clear that the 20-25mg by rectal route induced a much more intense experience. With 35mg oral, I would say that the pleasantly overwhelming state is present during about 20min in the whole experience. With 20-25mg by rectal route, this phase lasted more than one hour. It is clear to me that the rectal route either favors the bioavailability of the drug or allows a greater maximal concentration of the drug in the blood/brain, which overall should level up the serotonin signaling in the brain, inducing a stronger experience. I would predict that the strength of the experience with 20-25mg by rectal route would compare with 50mg+ by oral route, as it was unambiguously stronger than 35mg oral.

Finally, I would emphasize that this 4-acO-DMT was purchased from a trustable and regular chem vendor with associated quality control data (NMR and Mass Spectrometry). Moreover, tryptamines are generally harmless with low to no toxicity on cells and tissues. The rectal route of administration should not be used for drugs of unknown quality or harm potential, as it can damage rectal tissues and impurities or the chemical itself can have unexpected effects potentially dangerous compared with the use of the oral route, which includes the acidic stomach and much stronger hepatic processing prior to let the drug entering in the brain.

Exp Year: 2020ExpID: 114684
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 29
Published: Sep 16, 2020Views: 3,533
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