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Happy Night
MDMA & Alcohol - Beer
by wittgenstain
Citation:   wittgenstain. "Happy Night: An Experience with MDMA & Alcohol - Beer (exp114717)". Sep 16, 2020.

4 glasses oral Alcohol - Beer/Wine
  0.5 tablets oral MDMA
    repeated smoked Tobacco - Cigarettes


Happy Night Using Ecstasy for the First Time

I am a 22 years old boy and I want to report my first experience using MDMA in ecstasy form. I am a cigarette smoker and a habitual marihuana smoker. I also drink alcohol almost every Friday and Saturday, and I have used magic mushrooms once, being this all my experience with drugs.

On September 2019 I went to study to the Czech Republic in an Erasmus exchange. From a long time ago, I really wanted to try ecstasy and I thought the Erasmus was the perfect time to try it. Soon I found out that some of my new Erasmus Friends had taken ecstasy several time, so I told them I wanted to join them next time. However, they did not have a dealer, so we basically asked for pills whenever we went to pubs or discos. I must say that I had read a lot about MDMA and ecstasy and I had spoken with people with experience with it, so I knew the effects, the risks, etc… Now I wanted to try it myself.

One Saturday night, after a few beers, we went to a disco and a friend and I started asking for ecstasy. The third guy we asked answered he could get it for us. After waiting 5 minutes and paying 8 euros we got a “Pink redbull” pill. As it was my first time, I ate the half of it. I know that we should always test what we take…but I could not do it in the moment and I really wanted to try it.

The overall impression is that the night was great. The word that comes to my mind to describe it is “happiness”. I was extremely happy that night… I do not specially like disco music but that night I really enjoyed it… I danced a lot with everybody, hugged all my friends around… However, I wanted to have an exact idea of what happened, so I took several notes on my phone. This is exactly what I felt that night:

2.30 am. I take the pill while I am drinking a beer.

3.00 am. I go to the bathroom for a piss… I don´t feel anything.

3.15 am. It is kicking… I feel something very strong…My body is warming up… This does not last long… The warming sensation disappears and now I feel really great!!

3.35 am. I feel that I am in drugs, but it is not too strong, I can keep control. I feel really happy and euphoric and I really want to dance. It is nothing from the other world, though.

3.50 am. I feel very-very good. My friend takes my next to the acoustic box (speaker). It is a great feeling, we are really feeling the music and enjoying it. I am not going crazy; I mean I am controlling myself, but I feel extremely happy and euphoric.
I am not going crazy; I mean I am controlling myself, but I feel extremely happy and euphoric.

The disco closes at 4.30 and until then I continue feeling this happy and euphoric. I feel that I am tightening and moving my jaw and teeth. I also have another beer, and when I go to the toilet and see myself in the mirror, I notice that my pupils are extremely, and I mean, really dilated. They look like spotlights. (But I don’t care, I feel really happy). I took a photo of my eyes and I confirmed they were really dilated next day.

When the disco closes we move to another techno place by bus. In the bus I am sitting next to a friend. She is speaking about ordinary stuff, but I am listening to her so happily, extremely concentrated and focused, as if she was telling me thrilling or exciting stuff or something very interesting.

5.45 am. We came to a strange techno club. I feel calmer, the euphoria sensation went down, but I still feel happy and enjoy myself.

6.40 am. We came to the school dormitory and I am in the room of some colleagues. They are speaking about girls, relationships… I am just sitting in the bed feeling extremely relaxed. I have been feeling this way (extremely relaxed) for a while.

7.40 am. I go to bed to sleep. I am physically tired, and my head hurts a bit…I hope I can sleep.

10.30 am. I wake up for a piss, and go back to sleep until 12.15 pm. When I get up, I would say that the effect of the MDMA is totally gone. I feel really tired physically, but I don’t feel bad. My jaw hurts a bit.

I did not feel any comedown or sadness the following days…And overall, it was a great experience for me. This was the 26th of January of 2020, and I have not taken any other drug (apart from alcohol, cigarettes or marihuana), so I think it can be controlled. However, I would really like to take it again on a special occasion, and try some new things too, always with caution, of course.

Exp Year: 2020ExpID: 114717
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 22 
Published: Sep 16, 2020Views: 477
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MDMA (3) : Club / Bar (25), Glowing Experiences (4), Combinations (3), First Times (2)

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