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Amazing Focus, Connected With Old Self
Phenylpiracetam, Caffeine, NAC & L-Theanine
by 3XTR4
Citation:   3XTR4. "Amazing Focus, Connected With Old Self: An Experience with Phenylpiracetam, Caffeine, NAC & L-Theanine (exp114742)". Oct 26, 2020.

325 - 375 mg oral Phenylpiracetam
  300 mg oral Caffeine
  500 mg oral Theanine
      Vitamins / Supplements


The experience with phenylpiracetam my first time was most certainly a glowing one. I felt focused, euphoric, and a general feeling of better control over my mind and actions. This report will, as in-depth as possible, report that experience.

Some background info on me: I am a somewhat experienced psychonaut. I do my best to as accurately as possible record my experiences. A SPECT scan of my brain shows that I have increased activity in my basal ganglia and decreased activity in my frontal lobe and hippocampus. I have previous experience with LSD, Psilocybin, LSA, DXM, MDMA, Kratom, Xanax, phenibut, kava, alcohol, morphine derivatives, and weed. I am diagnosed with ADHD and mood regulation disorder. I often find myself somewhat dissociated when not in a social setting, struggling with focus. I also recently had an accident where I ended up with a DVT. At the time of this experience, I was taking Xarelto 20mg a day.
At the time of this experience, I was taking Xarelto 20mg a day.

My intentions and purpose for taking phenylpiracetam were to help me be more present as well as be more focused and negate the effects caused by my ADHD. The day before my experience with phenylpiracetam, I prepared a supplement/nootropic stack. The stack was as follows: phenylpiracetam 375mg [Reported Dose: '325mg phenylpiracetam'], caffeine 300mg, L-Theanine 500mg, NAC 1200mg, Creatine, and Ubiquinol.

T+000 I take my stack at 9 am with two eggs and join an hour-long meeting. I feel mild effects for about 45 minutes, which I can assume was mostly caused by the caffeine.

T+045 I can definitely feel the phenylpiracetam coming up. I am feeling physically stimulated. I notice feeling somewhat restless, but not to an uncomfortable extent. I did not need to perform any physical activity at this time; the restlessness was manageable. I started to feel somewhat more sociable and motivated. I note that I feel tense. This feeling was somewhat more pronounced in my arms and chest. At this time, I check my heart rate and temperature not out of paranoid but for the sake of science. My heart rate is 80bpm, with a temperature of 98.9C, well within the normal range for me.

T+090 All effects of which I will have listed below are noticeable and at a mild to moderate intensity. I have much better control over what I am focused on. I don't feel as if I have to push through a metaphorical wall to engage in activities I would normally dread and find mundane such as uninteresting school assignments. I proceed to be hyper-focused on work. I am working through a computer science objective far more quickly and with a feeling of greater understanding of the assignment. At this time, I would note the most beneficial effects being motivation enhancement, focus enhancement, acuity enhancement, analysis enhancement, cognitive euphoria, and increased cognitive organization.

T+180 I peaked around this time, noon +- 30 minutes. During the peak, for myself, it was somewhat too intense. I found myself getting slightly distracted from my studies by the intense effects of the phenylpiracetam. Ironic as I had taken it to allow me to focus more on my work. However, this distraction and intensity were relatively short-lived, lasting roughly 30 minutes. The visual effects were very noticeable during the peak. The acuity and color enhancement was what I would compare to a threshold dose of MDMA. The tactile effects were very subtle but surely noticeable, it felt like my skin was more sensitive, and fuzzy things felt very soft and nice. One of the nicest effects at this time was my incredible cognitive organization. I was able to have several things at the forefront of my mind and not have them conflicting with each other I was able to choose a specific activity, and like a computer program, I would then know exactly where I left off and how to proceed. I notice that I am sweating much more than I ever have just sitting down at my desk, so much to the point where my shirt is visibly wet around my armpits. This increased perspiration was uncomfortable but not distracting. I check my vitals again as I have the feeling my heart is beating much faster than baseline. I was pleasantly surprised to see that my heart rate had not increased significantly, 87bpm with a temperature of 99.1C and a SpO2 of 99%.

T+240 I feel the effects going down headed towards how I felt at t+90. It was at this time I play some music on my phone. I find myself getting very engaged with the music, really 'feeling' the music and the music sounding much more lively. The auditory enhancements were most similar to that of cannabis without track separation. The emotional effects of music were similar to that of a low dose of LSD. I felt much more personally connected to the music. I took a shower around this time, which felt really nice, and I noticed the effects of mindfulness. I was surely feeling wakefulness, but it was not until I chose to relax and not engage in any activities I felt like it was easier to connect with myself and not think about pointless things and distractions. Also, the tactile enhancement was very prominent when I got out. The towel I used felt much fuzzier than it has before. While walking around the house afterward and doing chores, I felt like I had much better endurance. I could run up my stairs and, once to the top, I felt like I had just been walking.

T+360 It was at this time the effects plateaued. I would say the intensity of the effects were less than half of that of the peak. Effects were very subtle, but for the rest of the day and even into the next, I noticed increased motivation and mental energy.

Cognitive effects: thought acceleration, increased sociability, wakefulness, mindfulness, cognitive euphoria, focus enhancement, motivation enhancement, increased cognitive organization, memory enhancement (particularly working memory), and anxiety suppression.

Visual effects: acuity enhancement, color enhancement

Auditory effects: auditory enhancement

Tactile effects: tactile enhancement

Psychical effects: perception of bodily warmth, stimulation, stamina enhancement

Uncomfortable psychical effects: tension, increased perspiration, perception of increased heart rate.

Exp Year: 2020ExpID: 114742
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 16 
Published: Oct 26, 2020Views: 1,710
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Phenylpiracetam (756), Caffeine (11) : Performance Enhancement (50), Combinations (3), Alone (16)

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