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First 'Holed' Dissociative
by 83n
Citation:   83n. "First 'Holed' Dissociative: An Experience with 2'-Oxo-PCE (exp114811)". Sep 28, 2020.

25 - 35 mg insufflated 2'-Oxo-PCE (powder / crystals)


I have tried 2Fdck, Racemic Ketamine as well as way too much DXM before but couldn't ever reach the "hole" up until taking it on with O-PCE. I am also very experienced in the Acid-Ego-Loss and got myself often into very difficult trips, which is probably why I have a hard time dissociating and getting into a K-Hole.

This is my third experience with Eticyclodone and for now certainly the best on par with my first DXM experience :D

T-0:10 Laying on my new couch, I weighed 60mg and spaced it into two equally looking lines because my scale is very .
T+0:00 I snorted what should be about 25-35 and noticed sedative effects within the first 5 minutes
T+0:15 The effects were prominent, I felt uplifted and noticed coming up even more.
T+0:45 The mania was coming on so I stopped watching Youtube and played my psytrance playlist on my Laptop which I haven't done in quite some time but it sounded incredible.

T+2:00 I put a blanket over my face and closed my eyes in order to attempt holing and after a short while, I started drifting off and felt as if I was a cushion flying into a space which got bigger the further I got out. I was drifting ever further away, then a song in my playlist annoyed me, which disrupted it because I needed to open my eyes and instantly felt sober though when trying to control my notebook my hand and finger coordination was totally gone. When I finally put on another song I repeated the process and holed again, this time I was just in a large black room which was expanding further, up until I myself was some kind of ball on a pillar flying straight into nothingness.

T+5:00 I noticed coming down and my body felt like a cold rock, which was mildly unpleasant but tolerable. I haven't had a very good sleep but it was ok and my day after was quite upbeat.

This is my favorite dissociative by far and although I have got alot of self control when it comes to addiction, this is one of the few substance which somewhat got me hooked because of its slightly manic euphoria.

Exp Year: 2020ExpID: 114811
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 20 
Published: Sep 28, 2020Views: 1,504
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2'-Oxo-PCE (703) : Alone (16), General (1)

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