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A Pleasant Foray
Citation:   BigData. "A Pleasant Foray: An Experience with 4-AcO-MET (exp114813)". Oct 15, 2020.

13 mg oral 4-AcO-MET  
    oral Ginger (tea)
Background: I recently have been intrigued by 4 substituted tryptamines. Despite my previously horrible experiences with even low doses of mushrooms (in the ~1g range), 4-AcO-MET caught my eye due to its anecdotally clear head space and LSD like visuals.

Prior to this experience I had approximately twenty positive LSD experiences (highest dose being 300ug) and four different negative experiences with cubensis mushrooms.

Setting: I took the day off work for a long weekend, background anxiety present due to my past experiences with psilocin. I had my dose pre-weighed the day before and was alone for the day. A friend was on standby for remote mental support if necessary.

T-1:00 I wake up for the day around 9AM. I noticed some background anxiety around tripping which I usually get after a long period of being away from psychedelics. Meditation seems to help some.

T-0:40 I eat a light meal, consisting of oats, some fruit, and yogurt so I don't get confused about being hungry during my experience.

T-0:20 I prepared some ginger tea to sip on after dosing. I attempted to dose but the my anxiety around my past bad experiences with psilocin has me holding back. My heart is literally pounding on my couch. Resting HR is 107 and BP is 130/82 (Normally 70BPM and 110/70). I need to go for a walk to contemplate if I should wait on this experience a bit longer.

T+0:00 Dosed 13mg of 4-AcO-MET orally. My anxiety is still high but my walk reassured me that I control my set and setting. I put some Glenn Miller tunes on over my TV and try sipping ginger tea while controlling my breathing.

T+0:15 My anxiety is spiking. Need to go for another walk.

T+0:20 I am walking outside and the first subtle effects are present. It feels like more of my vision is in focus than per usual and I feel like I am almost gliding. Very slight color enhancement. I am noticing details that I would normally miss. Buildings pop against the skyline and I feel as though can sense the depth of space beyond the sky. My phone seems... out of place with the external environment.

T+0:30 I arrive back to my place. I begin to feel some slight gastro-intestinal discomfort which is common for me on both shrooms and LSD. My living room feels more alive and vibrant than it usually does. Everything seems to be reaching towards the ceiling. I am starting to have trouble keeping a string of thoughts going but my head feels incredibly clear.

T+0:35 Anxiety strikes again. I keep getting worried this is going to be like the times I tried mushrooms. I take a warm shower to try and relax. There appeared to be some entactogenic effects starting to appear as my shower doesn't usually feel this good.

T+0:45 I am now clothed again and just spent some time looking in the mirror. My pupils were dilated. I am beginning to notice mild Aztec style visuals and fractals appearing on surfaces. Some perspective warping is present but relatively mild. This is becoming surprisingly visual while remaining clear headed. I notice some mild vasoconstriction, but nothing unmanageable.

T+0:50 My body has started getting heavy and I feel like my heart is racing. My pulse is 97BPM sitting still, but reasoning with myself that this is normal for the compound is getting challenging. Despite the anxiety I have surrounding the experience, I feel some mild euphoria. I put on an anime and try to just allow the experience to wash over me.

T+1:05 Wow... My head is perfectly clear and my anxiety finally melted away. I was absolutely lost examining a trinket an ex gave me that sits on my desk to this day. The level of detail and sentiment attached to such a simple object was mesmerizing to me and was symbolic of how much I have grown since. Despite being mildly introspective, I am finding this to be primarily visual experience with some moderate mental stimulation and sedating body load.

T+1:10 I had a minor thought loop about being a piece of shit to one of my friends at one point in the past year, but found that the mild euphoria I had made it easy to accept my mistake and move past the loop. Becoming more disoriented with my thoughts and my body is very heavy. I am going to lay down and listen to music

T+1:40 The experience has come in waves. One minute I am perfectly normal, and the next I am mesmerized by the sunlight playing on my wall and the Aztec geometry that shifts with it. Almost no CEVs despite strong OEVs. Significant positive introspection has occured in the last 30 minutes and my life anxiety feels significantly reduced. I have primarily been thinking about my relationships with those close to me and our roles in society. How my perspective makes up merely an insignificant fraction of the human collective conscious. Maybe we are all part of one larger organism that we call humanity?

T+1:45 Odd urination urge without having much urine in my bladder. [This was a reoccurring urge from this point until T+3:00] I can't help but laugh seeing myself in the mirror, I am a great ape who is taking drugs which cause me to question my own existence on a tiny space rock.

T+1:49 I find it odd how much command of my native language I still have. Typically psychedelics completely destroy my ability to write/speak coherently even at low doses. Typing this on my phone is still challenging however due to spacial distortions. This headspace is still very pleasant although without music, I feel like I could fall into a negative loop quite easily.

T+2:10 Been listening to music, the waves are slightly too intense for me without some tunes to help regulate my mood. The music enhancement at this point is euphoric and the melodies resonate in my soul. The visuals seem to breathe in sync to the half-note beat and the color shifts seem to match the mood of track section. Color shifts are bright and vibrant. Significant spacial distortions, sometimes feeling like I am standing right next to the painting I am looking at despite laying on the other end of the room. The Aztec patterns flow in and out from this painting and it is truly beautiful.

T+2:20 The last wave felt a bit less intense. I think the peak effects are starting to wear off. I am starting to contemplate how different preconceived societal roles may not be optimal for any ones' state of being. What is the importance of forging your own role or path?

T+2:40 Sedation is lifting some, I feel alert and alive. Still quite visual at this point. The patterns on the tile floor of my bathroom are EXACTLY the same as my experiences with LSD visuals. I find it joyous how similar these visuals are as it reminds me of good times.

T+2:47 It just finished raining, what perfect timing to go on a walk. I can feel the humid air in my lungs and have some of the most refreshing breaths I have taken in years. Color enhancement still prominent, fractals and Aztec geometry are starting to fade some but are still noticeable.

T+3:05 I always take for granted how incredible the earth's varied climates are. (Shame we are destroying it) Our rich atmosphere is truly a blessing. Snacking some on a banana as I feel like I might not have ate enough breakfast. Not too much flavor enhancement, but the feel of the fruit is definitely enhanced some.

T+3:15 Visuals are starting to fade, color enhancement and breathing is still lingering. My thoughts are still somewhat disrupted, but I feel functional enough to interact with others.

T+3:25 Definitely am functional, had to interact with a neighbor who was moving in, made some pleasant conversation and got to pet her dog.

T+3:40 I feel mostly back to baseline. Visuals have mostly stopped although my headspace hasn't completely returned back to normal. I feel more in touch with humanity than I usually do. While I feel smoking some cannabis would bring the visuals back, I don't feel the urge to potentially dirty the tail end of this experience.

~T+5:00 Back to baseline with lingering positive mood.

The experience for me was very visual, even at a lighter dose and while there is a psychedelic headspace present, it was remarkably clear compared to psilocin. I think the term beginner psychedelic applies well to this compound due to this headspace and the short duration.

I do believe the reports of introspection somehow lacking with this chemical are somewhat unfounded. While there was a tendency towards more analytical thought patterns due to the clearer more euphoric headspace, there was still a level of personal introspection that was present. With that said, the mild euphoria and clearer headspace that 4-AcO-MET provided made dealing with this introspection easier and more forgiving than psilocin in my opinion.

While I want to get more experience with lighter and heavier doses of 4-AcO-MET my preliminary assessment is that it is a chemical worth investigating if only for comparison to psilocin. It is a relatively easy going chemical with a delightful headspace and visuals.

Exp Year: 2020ExpID: 114813
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 25
Published: Oct 15, 2020Views: 2,564
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4-AcO-MET (711) : Alone (16), First Times (2)

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