The Deliriants Enthusiast
3-HO-PCP, Benzydamine & Diphenhydramine
Citation:   LifelongPsychonaut. "The Deliriants Enthusiast: An Experience with 3-HO-PCP, Benzydamine & Diphenhydramine (exp114815)". Dec 9, 2021.

T+ 0:00
  repeated oral Vitamins - Choline (capsule)
  T+ 0:00 15 mg IV 3-HO-PCP (liquid)
  T+ 2:20 1150 mg oral Diphenhydramine (liquid)
  T+ 4:40 10 mg insufflated 3-HO-PCP (powder / crystals)
  T+ 7:30 2 g oral Benzydamine (liquid)
  T+ 9:50 100 mg oral Diphenhydramine (liquid)
Background information:
This is a trip report from both tripsitter's and tripper's perspective. My dear friend, who is a deliriants enthusiast and dissociatives veteran decided to inject 15mg 3-HO-PCP. We planned to meet at a party nearby at approximately 7PM (T+1:30). We arrived there and he did not seem to socialize much, claiming there were lots of "typical speed freaks". He (obviously) came a bit late and reported the dose as "inducing small to moderate dissociation and a sense of calmness, but nothing special". At 7.50PM (T+2:20) he ingested about 1150mg of DPH (Diphenhydramine) previously extracted from a pharmaceutical containing DPH and acetaminophen (probably the dose was smaller due to losses during cold-water extraction process). To be honest, he was fairly disappointed. Contrary to the expected effects, he experienced a relatively mild delirium state/confusion with little to no visual distortion. We hypothesized, that this occurred because of his high tolerance to deliriants and supplementation with choline. The overall disappointment drove him to try Benzydamine for the first time.


T+7:30 [1AM]
Approximately 2g of previously extracted Benzydamine was administered orally. The extraction went as follows:

1. The content of four sachets containing 500mg Benzydamine HCl, salt and two other excipients each was poured into the pot containing 100-125ml of boiling water.
2. The mixture was mixed until salt dissolved completely and left untouched for ~15 minutes.
3. A coffee filter was saturated with water, attached to the top of an empty glass (glass #1) and secured with a rubber band.
4. The mixture already consisting of a pale white liquid with a transparent colourless surface layer of undissolved Benzydamine was carefully and steadily (to avoid spreading of the liquid out of the pot) poured to glass #1 through a coffee filter so that Benzydamine was detached from the mixture and left on the filter.
5. The filter was placed in an empty glass (glass #2) and filled with ~150ml of hot water. Then, the content of the glass was mixed so that Benzydamine was flushed out of the filter. The obtained solution was ingested orally, while the filter was left at the bottom of the glass. The procedure (5.) was repeated once again.
6. The filter was taken out of the solution and fragmented by hand. Small (app. 2-4cm3) fragments of the filter were placed in glass #2 once again and then the glass was filled with ~30ml of 96% ethanol and mixed for two minutes, so that the remaining Benzydamine could dissolve easily. 100ml of hot water was added to glass #2 and the solution containing Benzydamine leftovers was administered orally.


T+7:58 [1.28AM]
Lying comfortably on the couch, my friend starts to feel first signs of intoxication. He reports, that shadows seem to be more intense and intriguing than usually.

He gets a little hungry so before the drug really kicks in, he decides to get up and make a sandwich in order to eat something. After the meal he reports no nausea, vomiting, diarrhea or any uncomfortable feelings in his stomach.

T+8:10 [1.40AM]
My friend reports traces and afterimages surprisingly similar to those usually experienced on DPH. This might be partially caused be residual effects of DPH itself (administered approximately 6h ago). Visual distortion gradually gains in intensity and my friend fails to recognize if the lamp has really moved a bit due to air circulation in the room or it was a hallucination.

T+8:23 [1.53AM]
"Dark strands are everywhere and they connect everything with each other"
"Dark strands are everywhere and they connect everything with each other"
. He says they form snakes or other similar creatures. He also claims to see subtle shadows and afterimages beyond the corner of his eyes. I ask him if he is feeling generally comfortable with the experience by far and he answers that he indeed feels rather comfortable despite the visuals are increasing in intensity. The only thing that is a bit annoying for him at the moment is dry mouth. What is surprising for both of us he is not anxious, despite the fact that anxiety or even full-blown panic attacks are frequent side effects of Benzydamine.

When it comes to perception of music, he says that it sounds like it is much faster/has more BPM than usual.

After a while he describes "constantly moving dark patches forming extravagant structures, like a swimming man, a cube or other geometric figures". He reminds himself that maybe he is approaching the shadow realm right now. Subjectively, the experience is getting a bit more mystical.

Soon after observation of the aforementioned dark patches my friend gets up and goes to the other room. I ask him where he is going and he responds "I am going to look for shadow people". Since he stood up, he feels like someone is watching him or standing behind his back and he cannot resist that weird feeling. However, it still does not cause him to panic, eventually makes him marginally anxious. Soon after reportedly not finding any shadow people he comes back to the room and lies on his couch again. These dark patches and patterns start to remind him of Aztec civilization and they turn out to be psychedelic fractals in some unexplainable way. He comments, that staring at the walls for hours is a great hobby in a humorous manner. Closed-eye visions are reportedly futuristic, mostly in form of complicated machinescapes (systems made up of cogs, gears etc. arranged in a cartoon-like scenery). He has significantly dilated pupils. Motor control loss is discernible, but he has no trouble in e.g. having a walk to the nearest park. By far, the experience is "just a little mystical/spiritual."

T+9:05 [2.35AM]
He reports that "visuals seem to come and go in waves". However, just a minute later he says that it does not exactly work like that. He also claims that without a tripsitter, he would be severely anxious (maybe a tripsitter is a key to a positive Benzydamine experience?). We decide to have a walk to the nearest park. Verbal communication between us is a little bit more problematic than usually, he has trouble formulating long sentences and clarify what he means by them, however, the impairment is not really that disturbing.

T+9:14 [2.44AM]
As we stand up from the couch, take our hoodies and approach the front door of his apartment, he notices mild auditory hallucinations ("short-wave radio sounds, whatever it means"). He compares his present state of mind to being "a bit dizzy and drunk". He closes his apartment and we walk towards the elevator through a corridor. We approach the main entrance of the building and get outside. Moving towards the nearest park, we pass a few groups of mostly young people (my friend lives in the city centre). By far, he is not fully aware of his surroundings and from time to time asks me if the people we have seen recently were real or not. Despite the atmosphere in the park is rather dark and scary at night, he feels really safe. He describes his state of mind as "neutral no euphoria or dysphoria". He is probably peaking right now, because he slightly lost contact with reality.

As we walk along a bike lane, he shouts "Watch out for the cyclist!". I look behind my back. No cyclists at all, especially taking into consideration that there is no light here in the park at 3AM, the idea that cyclists have night rides here sounds ridiculous. Just a few seconds later, he says "Hey, look at that dog". Same story, the dog is, of course, imaginary. However, it is much more probable to meet a homeless dog here than a cyclist. We sit down by a lake. As he turns on his phone and shakes his arm energetically, he says it is giving him nice tracers and smudges of light, so he continues to move his arm, still holding the phone in his hand in order to observe them. To be honest, I feel much less safe here than him and we decide to get back to his apartment. Nothing really worth writing happens during the time we return to the building.

T+9:50 [3.20AM]
He reminds himself of the leftovers of DPH in the fridge so he ingests app. 100mg of it orally (obtained using cold-water extraction). We are chilling while lying on his couch and watching trippy music videos and...we spontaneously start to clean his apartment! After a while he starts to have kind of deep thoughts on why we, the people, use names and definitions to identify and judge each other. We conclude that everything can be analyzed and studied if only our language allows us to do so. He reports that the peak is definitely gone. He generally looks tired if not exhausted, his skin is pale and bags under his eyes are prominent. He reports frequent synesthesia and visuals that adapt to the currently playing music.

The rest of the trip we spend writing this report, chilling on his couch. He seems to be at ease all the time, enjoy the music whatever genre is playing. Aforementioned afterimages, tracers and other OEVs gradually lose their intensity, however, they are still discernible (but to an insignificant extent) 8h after ingestion (T+15:30). He says that claims of strong and annoying residual stimulation (up to 48h after ingestion) that prevents people from sleeping following Benzydamine intoxication are really exaggerated. On the other hand, DPH might mask many of these symptoms. His pupils are still dilated.


To sum up, he is (again) slightly disappointed with the fact that the trip was not nearly as intense as expected. He says he would willingly try a higher dose, but is generally discouraged by the amounts of salt left in the solution after the extraction (risk of kidney damage and other complications). Reportedly, the trip was rather visual with little to no headspace and was generally enjoyable. My friend had absolutely no problems with sleeping within a few hours after the experience (app. 8h after administration he fell asleep easily). The bodyload was manageable and nearly nonexistent. When Benzydamine peaked, he felt just bored and did not really know what to do, but taking a walk to the park made boredom go away. He reports no hangover at all. Significant losses during the extraction process could not be excluded when it comes to assessing what factors may have contributed to the generally slightly disappointing experience. During peak phase he said the general quality of the experience is 4/10, but in retrospect, according to my friend it may be "as high as 6/10".

Exp Year: 2020ExpID: 114815
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 24
Published: Dec 9, 2021Views: 1,511
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