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Effects I Feel From Plugging Are Different
Amphetamines (Adderall)
by anon
Citation:   anon. "Effects I Feel From Plugging Are Different: An Experience with Amphetamines (Adderall) (exp114894)". Erowid.org. Sep 13, 2021. erowid.org/exp/114894

20 mg rectal Amphetamines (liquid)
I am writing this for informational purposes for others who are curious about plugging drugs, and how different routes of administration impact the subjective effects of a drug. I have plugged many different drugs over the last year or two, the majority of which I have preferred plugged to taking orally. Most guides on the internet suggest putting the syringe several inches inside the rectum and then laying on your side/stomach for 20 minutes for absorption. In my experience, this is not the ideal way to plug- if you look up a diagram of the anus/rectum you will see that the vein (aka the target) which carries the drug into the bloodstream is located quite shallowly in the body. My preferred way is to insert the syringe into the rectum as shallowly as possible, ~slowly~ push the plunger of the syringe to empty the contents (around 3 seconds), and then I remain standing for around 20 minutes after. One mL of water is more than enough for a single 20mg IR Adderall pill; using the smallest amount of water possible is ideal and depending on the pill manufacturer I can use as little as 0.3 mL for a 20mg IR pill, and never ever do I need over 1 mL.

By not inserting the syringe/drug as deep, I have found I am able to plug effectively even if my bowels are not first emptied- I will sometimes plug in the morning before a bowel movement, even if I feel like I have to shit, and I find that a bowel movement after plugging eliminates the occasional discomfort that can happen from plugging. Air in the intestines is very uncomfortable and it is wise to keep this in mind as you prepare the syringe! Turning the syringe upside down for several minutes allows the air bubbles trapped in the drug/water mix to meander to the top of the syringe where it can then simply be pushed out. Allowing the contents of the syringe to settle increases the amount of powder that will get stuck in the syringe after plugging, but interestingly, I have found that if powder is stuck/left over in the syringe after pushing the plunger, it consistently has very little to none of the active compound in it (discovered by re-injecting later to mild/minimal effects); this has made me wonder if I can do some type of cold water extraction on the pills so I can inject the smallest amount of material possible. I’ve observed this left over bunk material with several different pharmaceuticals.

The key components to plugging I would stress are not to put the syringe too deep, to not use too much water, and to remain standing somewhat still for 20 minutes after administration (certain twists/torso movements will cause the drug to move deeper). There is no reason to lie down as many guides on the internet suggest. Going too deep can mix the drug solution with feces in the colon which makes it impossible for the drug to be absorbed along with creating gastrointestinal discomfort. Again, when plugging, the vein in the rectum is where the fastest and best absorption occurs. The drug can always be moved deeper after if that is a concern. I have plugged many times without lube but I highly recommend putting a healthy drop of it on the end of the syringe before insertion.

When people talk about plugging being “messy” it does confuse me a little- if you’re creating a significant amount of “mess” from plugging you are doing something very very wrong!! I just plan ahead where I will put the syringe after I pull it out and wash my hands. If you are shitting, then plugging, then shitting again, you do open yourself up to a risk of sharting out a mixture of lube/shit water/shit- it is important to not trust any farts you feel coming! This can be helped or avoided by not going too deep with the drug solution, and also by shitting one time after plugging to move everything I put in out of the body in one go. It took a few lube/shitwater sharts for me to learn what to/not to do to be perfectly honest- shitting then plugging then shitting then plugging is a recipe for disaster! I try to shit as little as possible throughout the day unless I really need to go. If I am plugging regularly and suddenly stop, I will experience constipation- no need to freak out! I was concerned I had seriously damaged my intestines so I went to the doctor. Turns out all it took was some Metamucil and everything eventually returned to normal. Going less deep with the drug solution also seems to help this. I have read that frequent water in the bowels can lead to incontinence later in life, and I feel as though its important to include this potential risk even if I have not experienced it. I also prefer to plug my sleeping pills (triazolam) as I find it gives a stronger feeling of intoxication than oral.

Plugging: Adderall (IR)
Typically, I feel the effects of the Adderall between 10 and 15 minutes after administration, usually right around 11-12 minutes to be specific. I have eaten, snorted, and plugged Adderall over the years but snorting I have never cared for much as it turns me into an absolute fiend for the drug in addition to general nasal issues. I do not know the bioavailability of anal vs oral, but for myself I can say I did not lower the dose when administering rectally, and in fact I likely now take higher average doses rectally than I would orally. The effects I feel from plugging Adderall are different from the effects of it taken orally; plugging Adderall provides:

- Less raw focus potential than oral (still provides a significant focus boost, but its more of a “scattered”/spazzy focus)
- More euphoria than oral
- More irritability (mostly at higher doses only but worth noting)
- Changes in personality (obviously only while you’re on it, again mostly higher doses only; I think I tend to come across as less friendly, which is maybe odd given that I’m flying quite high)
- More overall recreational potential than oral (subjective of course)
- Very “clean”-feeling, powerful stimulation (stimulation feels markedly powerful yet simultaneously smooth/gentle/easy to handle; walking feels like soaring)
- Literally no comedown, like ~ZERO~ comedown (can binge for days without the omg I’m dying feel that an oral binge gives, remain in good spirits even if you haven’t slept)
- Less intense teeth clenching than oral (but still present)
- Shorter duration than oral
- Compulsion to redose (similar level as oral, perhaps due to less negative effects; significantly less compared to snorting)
- Dosage/absorption can be inconsistent due to the nature of plugging, leading to redosing and overshooting your original intended dose (I’ve taken well over 100mg without really realizing until I notice my eyes focusing oddly. This report is written on 100mg taken over 6 hours with low tolerance which is certainly a much larger dose than I needed [but I do feel great tbh])

When the plugged pill(s) hit, it sometimes feels like my heart suddenly drops in my chest- I find this feeling to be somewhat unpleasant but overall mostly pleasant, perhaps because my brain now associates it with the dopamine that follows. I do sometimes worry about the long-term impact of my Adderall abuse on my brain and body, and I do wonder if it is accelerating my aging. It feels intuitive that frequently abusing a powerful stimulant simply must have some negative repercussions. I have experienced urinary retention from carelessly repeatedly plugging Adderall over the day- later I learned this is a sign of amphetamine overdose.

Plugging has become my favorite route of administration over the last year or so, and I’ve come to enjoy it more as I improve the technique I use. Overall, plugging Adderall is my favorite way to take the drug. The absence of comedown effects combined with the euphoria it provides are simply too good to beat! The lack of comedown alone makes plugging worth it. Just typing this is making me want to redose. I sometimes wish I had never tried plugging it because I really do just so strongly prefer the effects from plugging I don’t think I can ever go back to oral; this is mostly an issue only because rectally administering recreational drugs is a bit taboo so I tend to try pretty hard to avoid mentioning it and it makes me feel like a bit of a depraved weirdo.

Stay safe friends!

Exp Year: 2020ExpID: 114894
Gender: Not Specified 
Age at time of experience: 27
Published: Sep 13, 2021Views: 12,294
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