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Rare but Intriguing and Worth-While
by gc
Citation:   gc. "Rare but Intriguing and Worth-While: An Experience with 2C-TFM (exp114932)". Erowid.org. Nov 12, 2020. erowid.org/exp/114932

4.8 mg oral 2C-TFM


Fortuitously and fortunately having been able to experience this currently still rare and almost unknown substance 2C-TFM hydrochloride, which was of high purity assessed by NMR, I wish to share a few observations and an excerpt of a report noted during a second experience with this substance.

Set & preparations: grateful - immensely grateful; curious; intentional, but allowing to be surprised and to learn; to catalyze and share

Setting: outdoors (biking or sitting at seashore, parks, or city outskirts), mostly cloudy and windy weather during early autumn

No other medications or supplements taken during the experience or several weeks prior this experience.

11:15 - 4.8 mg (0.083 mg/kg) of 2C-TFM hydrochloride administered orally dissolved in water (ate a piece of fruit 1 h earlier). Taste lovely and sweet - uncommonly!

11:45 - No clear effects.

12:15 - (threshold) Increased sensitivity to cold. Inner loosening sensations noticed, nor pleasant nor unpleasant. Brittle softness and gentleness. Cuddling or sexual activities might be desired or welcomed, would need to be tried in appropriate setting and company.

12:55 - (+1/+1.5) Slight increase of intensity. Internal state presents itself more apparently, gradually reminding itself and overriding whatever was intended to be done.

13:15 - (+2) Invitations to the psychedelic world, still or slightly dynamic patterns overriding visual scene. Deeper breathing, time slowing. Gentle body load noted, not positive nor negative. Patience, centering, imaginable opening of oneself trustfully to a friend or a therapist about important topics.

Minor bright CEV, upon closer inspection: gradually in vibrant orange, yellow with minor pinkish and red, snakelike, sexual undertone, figures and faces, divine, caring.

Further and further sensation of time slowing (but that is perceived well, since the overall state is rather pleasant). I feel safe. Feeling into waves that keep coming, breaking on the shore over and over.

13:27 - Smiling from deep within, calm and grounded. I feel very safe, able to walk around outside without problems. Could potentially interact with people. I want to share what I love, why I am here, what can be done. In all shapes, forms and colors.

Time slows and everything is a pattern of immense complexity. Benign being, fearlessness, joyfulness, laughs, firm smiling, sparkling, color perception enhancement.

Walking around and balance manageable fairly well. Body feels very light as if not really existing.

14:30 - Offers potentials, infinite views, choices what to take and create from there.

16:00 - (comedown) Gradually lesser intensity.

16:40 - Almost no noticeable acute effects. Focused attention with intention. Clear intelligibility and immediacy of how all is but our choices.

17:30 - Occasional visual surface alterations.

18:10 - (baseline) Gratefully and pleasantly tired.

19:00 - Submitted tasks at "Psychedelics Cognitron survey", finding it fairly fun and thoughtful.

Sleep possible only late after midnight. Restless, short and rather shallow.
Following day without any physical or mental dysfunctions, except for a reasonable after-short-night tiredness.

In harmony with its sweet taste, 2C-TFM carries one through a sweet and lovely, inner warming, mild, drugging, yet very sober(!) experience all along - a long :)

Similarities with some common psychoactive substances (in own experience):
MDMA - Compassionate, accepting all and loving attitude - in case of 2C-TFM perhaps less intensely, but also less artificially imposed. Acutely anorectic. Advantage - not causing dry mouth or teeth clenching.

2C-B - Warm, gentle, giving, forgiving. Similar type of CEV. 2C-TFM seems potentially intimately sensual, but not too lustful and overwhelming - although this hasnít been explored enough in comparable situations and at various dosages.

LSD (at low to moderate doses) - Childlike view of the world, innocence, cuteness, playfulness. Calmness and stillness. Introspection. Time dilation. Patience, grateful afterglow.

Psilocybin or 4-O-substituted-DMT analogues (at low doses) - Playfulness, aliveness, explorative adventurous tripping spirits. Laughs and smiles, unintended rubbing and emanation of good moods onto unknowing passersby, healthy physical activity and bodily energy. Color enhancement, patterning. Pleasant and mind-freeing couple-hour vacation from the everyday world and concerns.

Mescaline (at low to moderate doses) - Gradual onset and subtle come down. Benevolence, all-is-alrightness. Friendly but shallow relation to strangers. Patterning and colorations. High yet very sober state, absolutely capable of functioning in the common world if needed.

DMT (afterglow) - Knowing-feeling of love as fundamental to all, and of the infinite potential of imagination and manifestation.

Summary of 2C-TFM HCl at the level of 0.083 mg/kg, orally:
Overall mental and emotional experience: freeing, friendly, supportive, encouraging. Loving and loved, sympathetic and compassionate. Calm, peaceful, innocent. Explorative mood. Effortless being, lightness, unbearable ("Milan Kundera's artwork alive?!;)").

Potential for one-on-one sessions in therapy, introspections, honesty towards oneself. Slight entactogenic properties.

Highly suitable for outdoor trips, walking around. Being considerate and attentive of surrounding environment.

None worrisome physical side effects. Energy within body quite noticeable, but not disturbing.

Overall - beneficial emotions and mental states catalyzed and the lack of noticeable undesirable effects make this material highly interesting, worth-while (or a couple whiles), and deserving broader appreciation for both recreational and therapeutic applications. I believe many are going to enjoy and benefit from it.

Discussion and follow up:
Whether this material can catalyze +3 or more profound insights will need to be explored.

Whether this material is suitable for social and group settings will be further explored, as well as its potential in intimate settings.

Magical it is - towards the renowned half dozens in many aspects. More extensive and vaster explorations are warranted to confirm its rightful place.

Further investigations of dosage range, alternate routes of administration and in alternate settings are warranted, as well as dose-response and subjectivity of experiences for others. This is fun! :)

Exp Year: 2020ExpID: 114932
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 25 
Published: Nov 12, 2020Views: 1,512
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2C-TFM (359) : Glowing Experiences (4), General (1), Public Space (Museum, Park, etc) (53)

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