Uh Oh I Licked the Scale...
Citation:   Jellyman65. "Uh Oh I Licked the Scale...: An Experience with AL-LAD (exp114945)". Erowid.org. Jun 17, 2021. erowid.org/exp/114945

5 mg oral AL-LAD (powder / crystals)
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During my high school days I took ALOT of different drugs [now 21 years old]. I was used to taking 10-15 hits of LSD tabs. I was also involved in the RC scene for some time and bought lots of different chemicals from several different clear-net and dark-net vendors.

I had ordered 10mg of crystalline AL-LAD. I planned on weighing out half and then dissolving it in alcohol and dropping it on candy. At the time I had a job at Bi-lo, it was early July and we were on summer break. I had a PO box downtown 7 miles from my house. I woke up that morning and got my buddy to ride bikes with me there and back to pick up the AL-LAD. That day here in Charleston SC the heat index was over 100+ Fahrenheit. I hadnt eaten anything that morning and had maybe drank a glass of water, and I was not planning on doing any of the AL-LAD that day.

Right as I got home I went to work making the room dark so that I could lay the acid. It was also very humid, %70+. It was taking very long to register on the scale and it started to degrade and turn a brownish black color at one end of the small pile, right as it was going bad it showed 5 mg and without hesitation I licked it off the scale thinking that it was a good idea not to let it go to waste... I start freaking out because I have to work and I immediately feel the G forces and nausea associated with blasting off. So I grab my arizona green tea and head outside to puke. I puked a little yellow in the bushes and when I looked up each tip on each blade of grass formed a grid-like pattern and it was moving and rippling like waves. I head inside and tell my mom I think I was having a heat stroke. I was getting very hot because of heat exhaustion, dehydration, and overdose. After 15 minutes from licking the scale I was seeing different light spectrums associated with natural gases in the air, it was like multicolor cloud vision, like looking through multiple lenses. I threw up some more but this time it was swirls and tracers.

I began thinking I was going to die at this point and I realized I was having a heat stroke but I was so high that I would forget I was dying and trip out running around the house screaming and bouncing up and down in the mirror laughing. So my parents (God bless them) told me to put on a shirt and get my shoes so we can go to the ER so I ran upstairs and grabbed my Arizona shoes and shirt and I spilt my arizona and it poured colors all down the steps. I was hearing a riot outside and could smell gunpowder, oil burning, I could hear fire truck and ambulance sirens and I thought we were going to mob in the street. As I walk out the door with my parents there are three fire trucks and an ambulance or two in the front yard then there are small toy trucks and ambulances driving in circles around the life sized ones. Standing in front of these trucks were humanoid beings. With blank white faces. They wanted me to come with them but my brothers showed up in a grand hallucination and told me to stay with my parents and everything was gonna be alright. Everything looked like loony toons as I got into the car and we took off.

When we got to the intersection leaving the neighborhood I could see myself in the car from across the road from on top of the gas station and suddenly the gas station exploded, my flesh melted off, and I was back in the car. I was experiencing mass hysteria and kept experiences different realities and timelines. Each time I came back to this world for a second I would say exactly what my parents were thinking and I was hearing things backwards. Everything had patterns, geometric, the colors were so bright and the sky was like lightening with gaseous rainbows and a green matrix would appear when I closed my eyes. I thought we were at the hospital when we were still going about 25 miles per hour and I rolled out of the car like a drunkard and into the grass median. I looked up and saw the loony toons ambulance as my father pulled me in and before the light turned the face less beings approached the car with a stretcher and knocked on the door.

When we got to the hospital I tried fighting some old people and I told somebody to suck my sick along some other things I'm sure. They brought me in a room fast, hooked my IV up, and I thought I was having heart surgery. I leaned over to my mom told her not to tell the nurses or doctor that I was on acid and then I asked the nurse for a cigarette. I thought my crotch caught fire and I pulled down my pants in front of the nurse. After receiving fluids the AL-LAD started to really peak and the delirium from the heat stroke was going away. I lay there staring at the wall while my wrists and ankles cramp up and I tell my mother I'm dying and that I was ready to die and how happy and at peace I was. I let go of everything at that moment and everything melted and was replaced with flowing sand and there were snakes slithering through the sand and then a random disco 70's dancer with high tops an afro and sunglasses starts dancing across my field of vision while a disco came down from heaven with some wicked pure light and then literally I was completely sober other than the residual lethargy. We went to chik-fil-a and then I stayed awake for like two or three days.

I have never felt the same since, I have a lower tolerance to the heat now. My anxiety and ADD  worsened. I experience manic symptoms ever since, my head and neck shake some times uncontrollably (this has gotten far worse after abusing meth and MDMA). I have never felt the same after that day and most of the time I feel numb and I had a death wish for a long time. I believe I experienced complete ego death. I've tried suicide before and after this experience. I no longer wish to kill myself and I figure I might as well enjoy my life while I'm here. My brain has healed significantly since then. Please everyone if you are going to do acid. Get real LSD-25 take care of your health and nutrition first and know exactly how much you are taking.

Exp Year: 2015ExpID: 114945
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 16
Published: Jun 17, 2021Views: 1,052
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