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Of Conceivable Potentials
by gc
Citation:   gc. "Of Conceivable Potentials: An Experience with 2C-TFM (exp114956)". Nov 24, 2020.

6.5 mg oral 2C-TFM (powder / crystals)


Prompted by two previous, precious, gratuitous and gratefully appreciated experiences occasioned via, through and with 2C-TFM characterizing the effects and qualitative nature of action at lower to moderate doses, there follows a description of a third adventure evoked by 6.5 mg of this pristine powder and an evaluation of what it happens to be bringing up.

Report was jotted mostly real-time during the experience with minor transcript additions and edits afterwards. The wordings and types of notes may to a degree indicate contents of mind as they evolved at various stages, as well as clearly example how inappropriate, limited, insufficient and ridiculous such means of record for communicating the complexity of processes, states and concepts emerging are.* Most part - the experience itself and its integration over time - is beyond text lines, and merits actions other than writing an online report that appears depreciating. However, I wish to publish it anyway, in its crude form and an unstructured arrangement of at times confusing immediate observations, as it can serve as an example trial disclosing some human effects (duration, time-course, intensity, safety, qualitative nature, emotional tone, dimensions of mind spheres tapping into) and could therefore enable and facilitate further investigations - and hopefully validations or broadening - of the effects and types of action noted so far of this exceptional, respectable and recognition-deserving substance.

(*) That in contemplation - being investigator, enthusiast, professional, scientist, therapist, artist, writer, IT virtuoso, brain researcher, VR programmer, film maker, entrepreneur, person with any imaginable backgrounds, skills or ideas that might be imagineered as a novel way of evaluating, enabling, or facilitating the evaluation of subjective effects in various states of mind, pharmacologically- or non-pharmacologically-induced, you are welcome to get in contact and to contribute or discuss potentials that are being sincerely, extensively and continuously thought of, examined and developed.


Set: well slept, looking forward to get outside; in loving and welcoming spaces and in good flow lately
Setting: outdoors (open fields, seashore), very windy autumn weather, alone
No other medications or supplements taken one month prior or during this experience.

10:15 - 6.5 mg (0.112 mg/kg) of 2C-TFM hydrochloride administered orally, followed by fruit smoothie.

10:40 - (alert) Slight headbuzz and "smiling feeling". Body slowly succumbing, giving into, crumbling, melting.

11:40 - (+1) Thoughts of broader perspectives time-, distance-, connection-wise. Thankful and appreciative for people's long-term dedications around the planet for common transformation and consciousness evolution. Feeling-being acknowledgement and recognition of all beings of immense existential variety.

Mental "check up", reminder, recharge.

12:15 - Body cold and shivering.

Rewind. Seeing everyday focus and patterns "in whole", its results over time, and imaging potential long-term involvements and devotions.

Feeling absolutely comfortable potentially interacting with strangers. Very sensitive and susceptive of acute as well as long-term mind states, moods, intentions and life paths of other people.

12:26 - Understanding and being a collective mind and (un)consciousness. Why our current world is the way it is. Reaching a space of intimacy with all beings ever living, closely and within, our solitudes, willingness to transcend, to merge, to connect, and the paradoxes of our fears, preventing it.

12:34 - Timeless TIME for reflections. Cannot be written on a paper, this is to be lived, now all along. Wanting to explore and share experiences, who we are, what can we do. Being not body self, but all-present awareness. We have the ability to use it any way possible, shape future, minds, leaving traces, directing and pouring energy into spaces. It can take time, that’s alright.

CEV pink and yellow, landscapes, movie-like scenes, modern-medieval. Nonsensical. Not of much interest.

12:58 - (+2) All people ever encountered, physically or mentally, passing through me. Being expanded by each everyone, being here and everywhere at the same time. Taking on perspectives of variety of people I have known and loved, personally or by being familiar with their thoughts over geographical or time distance.

Want to share and exchange consciousness, notions, knowledge, moments and dialogues, with those who do the walk of life fearlessly. Where there is will in manifesting, energy materializes itself into existence.

13:07 - Feeling blown and cleared by the wind. Expanded, absorbing the experience and bringing back as I am able to. Gifts that can be shared, immaterial, hints, all over again, to meet and surprise self.

13:15 - (+3) Subjectively "not impaired for world functioning". But in fact, objectively, set firmly in place as a stone, unmoving, hardly thinkable of getting up transporting body around elsewhere. Very very cold, trembling.

13:24 - ("other world") "Consensus reality" seeing now becoming kind of impaired.

Visions. Sky opening, deities, shining, pyramids, eye, knowledge, light, universal intercourse, moments of truths, seeing through, piercing veil, into the timeless, eternal ground underlying all, always present here. Can't touch it, can't point it out, can't solidify it, momentary lapse, momentary presence. Being-feeling it. Full on reminder. Gratefulness, a glimpse behind the scenes. Heaven on earth. Through us. Universal giggle. Experiencing divine. Sharing the space with all here.

13:45 - As if in a trance, paralyzed. Neutrality affinity everywhere.

Bit too much! But as a reminder totally works.

Prompts to see what’s important, what - is - worth - while, what matters, what really makes sense, what lasts, what survives, the world inside, the shared, love of all.

We can share and transform from within, make the outward-world be a reflection of our insides/insights.

16:45 - (gradual come down) Returned home. Interactions with other people absolutely possible, but preferably not initiating any unnecessary.

18:00 - No more visuals, but body and mind still far from baseline.

20:00 - Alone walk in dark forest, in silence, immense gratitude, heightened sensing, clarity, ineffability. Gratefulness, indebtedness, connection, sharing, devotion, fully and calmly alive.

Sleep came sometime after 21:00 easily. Feeling "energy" in the brain upon falling asleep - fairly intense but not uncomfortable, lot of going-ons, overall feels rather well and eventually clearing.

Following day full of gratitude, humbleness, meditation, DEEP appreciation for many lived and living who share and act out honest objective and subjective perspectives on knowledge acquiring.


Summary and potential application of 2C-TFM at level 0.112 mg/kg, orally:
Suitable for inward-oriented individual experience indoors or in safe outdoors environment, preferably calm and undisturbed.

Imaginable for a small group/therapy settings, with trusting friends or relatives, or for one-on-one sittings.

Can be one of the keys-catalysts, having an apparent potential for cleansing the doors of perception and for eliciting invaluable "mystical experiences", likely unrepeatable and not dose-dependent.


Discussion and comments:
Whether this compound could be used in ceremonial settings comparably to the currently more commonly used psychoactive substances and materials for spiritual or psychological maturation or healing purposes should be further investigated.

As to the subjective effects, no heavily dark corners surfacing have been encountered so far. Approached respectfully, with trust and without fear, this compound seems to be gentle, warming, compassion evoking, supportive, thoughts-changing, insightful. No physically worrisome reactions were noted whatsoever, neither signs of physical or mental addiction, withdrawal or disturbing after-effect symptoms. Wishing to not lean towards, grant and bestow too much the positive aspects while neglecting negative and unsettling ones, intentionally or unintentionally, this but is what has been observed and noticed by now. The effects experienced on any dosage level far exceeded any possible imagined eventuality.

As prophetic Aldous Huxley shares in his 1931 treatise "Wanted, a New Pleasure" delving in the area of psychic and social meaning of entertainment and pleasures, and seeking for new and for substitutes via novel drug inventions: "[…] If we could sniff or swallow something that would, for five or six hours each day, abolish our solitude as individuals, atone us with our fellows in a glowing exaltation of affection and make life in all its aspects seem not only worth living, but divinely beautiful and significant, and if this heavenly, world-transfiguring drug were of such a kind that we could wake up next morning with a clear head and an undamaged constitution—then, it seems to me, all our problems (and not merely the one small problem of discovering a novel pleasure) would be wholly solved and earth would become paradise", 2C-TFM miraculously emerges as one such auspicious potential "something" materialized - indeed along many other world-transfiguring, mind-manifesting, heart-opening, awareness-expanding, perception-cleansing, divine revealing love-igniters and aliveness-reminders invented, discovered, characterized and already more widely known since past decades and doing the tricks. Too precious an opportunity to be neglected.

Notably especially to chemistry-lensed drug geeks and aficionados, this is likely one of the most potent classical (bare, structurally unconstrained) phenethylamine psychedelic currently known, at active levels above 3 mg originally reported elsewhere (Fluorine in psychedelic phenethylamines, 2012, p. 3). The handful of single-subject experiments conducted so far suggests unpredictable, potentially sharp dose-response curve via oral administration, but this needs to be validated and compared within other people. 2C-TFM when orally administered at 0.029 mg/kg (1.7 mg) reached +1.5 with overall duration under 6 hours, 0.083 mg/kg (4.8 mg) produced +2 and lasted 7 hours. And as in detail discussed here, some six and a half milligrams (0.112 mg/kg) of such fluffy brightly white dust of apt composition and fitting constellation of "particles" has in felicitous circumstances and surroundings also the potential to catalyze profound changes in perceiving the world, oneself, nature of reality, and clear transcendental divine revelation. "How absolutely incredible."

Exp Year: 2020ExpID: 114956
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 25 
Published: Nov 24, 2020Views: 1,319
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2C-TFM (359) : Unknown Context (20), Mystical Experiences (9), Glowing Experiences (4), General (1)

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