Pleasant Warmth Meets Plain Dissociation
by Psychestim
Citation:   Psychestim. "Pleasant Warmth Meets Plain Dissociation: An Experience with Methoxpropamine (exp115014)". Dec 17, 2020.

T+ 0:00
32 mg sublingual Methoxpropamine (powder / crystals)
  T+ 0:35 28 mg sublingual Methoxpropamine (powder / crystals)
  T+ 2:30   smoked Cannabis  


Setting: At home, in my bed

Tolerance: Maybe a little, but not much (I use dissos 1-2 p. month on average). Last experience was a k-hole 17 days ago.

Prior disso experience: R,S-ketamine: 25x (at least) // 2-FDCK: 5x // DCK: 5x // Nitrous Oxide: 5x // DXM (low dose): 3x // 3-MeO-PCE: 2x // 3-MeO-PCP: 1x

No substances were consumed prior to this experience, except for a cup of coffee in the morning (11 hours before my initial MXPr dose).

Report: MXPr (total: 60mg)

T:00:00: 32mg [sublingual]: I placed the powder under my tongue. It tastes a bit salty and feels a little caustic. My tongue is numb and feels weird, so I swallow the powder (after ~20 minutes).

T:00:30: Pretty mild effects at this point. Very lucid and not as sedating as a comparable dose (maybe 50-60mg?) of racemic ketamine.

T:00:35: 28mg [sublingual]: The redose doesnt feel as caustic as the first dose, because my tongue is still numb and insensitive, but theres a ton of saliva.

T:00:60: I think the first dose is in full effect now and the second dose is creeping up behind it. My motor control seems to be better than when on ketamine, but Im definitely feeling wonky. My mind is relatively lucid, but theres certainly some headspace which makes me think about life and how grateful I am to be alive. A pretty euphoric compound!

T:01:15: MXPr is a very warm and gentle disso and it has a dreamy feel to it. I meditated with relaxing music for quite a long time and felt a strong sense of contentment. I think its one of the warmest dissos Ive tried so far and the experience is very pleasurable at this point.

T:01:30: This is the peak of the experience. I have really bizarre, distorted auditory hallucinations while stumbling to the toilet, reminiscing of the sound of a power supply line. I dont have any CEVs. The sense of peace and warmth make me feel really happy. Its sedation is weaker compared to DCK or R,S-ketamine, but stronger than the others Ive tried.
Its sedation is weaker compared to DCK or R,S-ketamine, but stronger than the others Ive tried.

T:02:00: Talked to my roommate about the experience and it worked fine (sort of), but my thoughts kept drifting off and I was very self-conscious and aware of what I was saying (I always am on medium dissociative doses). I mumbled a bit and had a minor loss for words, but not really noticeable according to my roommate. Everything sounds distorted and weird in my head, which is pretty unique compared to the other dissos I've tried. Theres a bit of confusion at the 02:00-02:15 mark while Im reading messages. Words just dont really make sense to me.

02:30: Effects are winding down a bit, especially the warmth (like many others pointed out before), but I dont really find it uncomfortable. Feels similar to coming down off 2-FDCK imo, which also leaves me with cold residual dissociation for an hour. Im watching a bunch of Youtube videos and can once again make sense of everything. Talking is really easy at this point and my appetite is coming back a little. I shared a spliff with my roommates and felt the euphoria come back a bit, but other than that I dont really feel the weed. Might be a good combination in higher doses.

03:30: Pretty much back to baseline, so Im going to bed.

The day after: Slept well. Feel pretty good, as usual. No hangover, no after-glow, no whatsoever, BUT my blood pressure was lower than normal, I believe. I regularily (approx. 3-4x p. week) do high intensity cardio sessions, but nearly fainted and puked after my usual workout today.

Conclusion: I actually really liked it. So far, I dont agree that its a boring disso, but I have to give it a few more shots to draw a definite conclusion. It certainly has a bit of headspace and the effects were definitely more enjoyable than other dissos. If I had to call one of the dissos boring then it would be Deschloroketamine. A weird headspace for the first 45 minutes and then 4 hours of plain, cold dissociation. The only times I could get sth out of it was when I combined it with 2C-B and when I binge-watched Midnight Gospel on it, but I have yet to try a heavy dose of DCK.

Anyways, back to the point. MXPrs duration is perfect for me. Not too short like with ket, but also not as long as DCK. Im looking forward to holing on this stuff, although I have no clue what a good dose would be (maybe 100-120mg?). I will also try other ROAs before holing to make sure I'll get the best out of it. Sublingual was a good ROA, but I doubt it would be much different from just taking it orally. One thing that was a bit disappointing though was the absence of an afterglow. Most dissos gave me some sort of after-effect, like Ks and especially DCKs insane anti-depressant effects or the 3 day manic weirdness followed by intranasal 3-MeO-PCE/-PCP use. Nothing of that sort with MXPr.

Exp Year: 2020ExpID: 115014
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 23 
Published: Dec 17, 2020Views: 345
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Methoxpropamine (896) : First Times (2), Alone (16)

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