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Through the Roof
Tapentadol, Coffee & Caffeine
Citation:   Luis A. "Through the Roof: An Experience with Tapentadol, Coffee & Caffeine (exp115020)". Jun 15, 2023.

T+ 0:00
100 mg oral Tapentadol (ground / crushed)
  T+ 0:15 100 mg oral Tapentadol (ground / crushed)
  T+ 0:30 100 mg oral Tapentadol (ground / crushed)
  T+ 0:35 1 cup oral Coffee  
  T+ 0:35 1 glass oral Caffeine  
This was in April 2020. I was going through a small withdrawal from tramadol (I took it between May 2019 and February 2020, almost daily and in doses >400 mg.) and some symptoms of depression.

I have only had experiences with codeine, tramadol, buprenorphine (patches), and tapentadol. Tapentadol had only taken it once before but only in small doses and I liked its effects plus it hits much faster than tramadol and I saw a good deal from one of my vendors so I said why not.

The day before I was very excited and very happy, since I knew that my package with the tapentadol would arrive. After lunch (lightly) I went for my package. It was a very hot day in my city. Luckily, the postal service is a couple of meters from my house, so in 10 minutes I had the tapentadol in my hands.

It's 5 PM and I will take my first dose and will redose, according to how I feel.

T + 0: 00: I take my first dose: one 100 mg pill. I used the "microwave / freezer" method (I ground the pill and "cooked" it for 3-5 minutes and put it in the freezer for another 5 minutes). I threw the powder into a glass with unsweetened soda and drank it. The pills I used (Palexis Retard) are tremendously hard, so I needed a hammer to grind them down (I'm not lying at all).

T + 0: 15: I think 100 mg are somewhat a little dose for my tolerance, so I take another pill of 100 mg. This time I just break it with my teeth and chew it. They don't have that horrible taste of tramadol, but you have to have some experience chewing pills, since the tablets can easily get stuck on your teeth. I told myself; maybe due to my tolerance and experiences with tramadol I wouldn't feel 100 mg much.

T + 0: 30: Wow. I'm already feeling "something". A sense of calm is coming to me and I don't feel any anxiety or worry. I don't care about anything at the time. It feels really good, but I'm still expecting a bit of euphoria so I'm going to find the blister and take out another 100 mg pill. I put it in my mouth and start chewing it.

At this point, I give a little "boost" to the effects of tapentadol, drinking some coffee (1 cup) and a glass of Coke. I estimate about 70 mg. of caffeine. I find caffeine very euphoric when I consume it in small doses daily (no more than 200-300mg). For this reason, this coffee tasted delicious and its aroma is spectacular (I am definitely already feeling a bit of the euphoria of tapentadol).

T + 0: 40: I am beginning to feel a little tickling in my legs, a feeling of numbness and a little nausea that may have been a product of the coffee and Coca-Cola mix or the tapentadol (hard to tell). But, right now I don't care about anything, I'm feeling too good to worry about a little nausea. Definitely at this time I would say that I already feel that euphoria that opioids cause and tremendous happiness with full well-being.

T + 0: 45: Hell. My vision is starting to get a bit cloudy but I still feel fine. I also notice some stuttering when speaking, although this almost always happens to me with opioids (especially when I have taken a little too much).

T + 0: 55: My limbs feel a bit heavy, I have never really experienced this before with tramadol or any other opioid. I am completely without any worries, my vision is quite blurry (it's difficult for me to check the cell phone notifications) and my euphoria is still growing.

Unfortunately the stuttering is still present and when talking to my father (who comes to visit me almost every day), he notices that I am on "something". I feel a drunken sensation but with euphoria. Alcohol almost never give me euphoria, just nausea. It's weird to put it into words but this drug is definitely more euphoric than tramadol, but more sedative as well. I don't feel like going out for a marathon or doing chores like tramadol.

T + 1: 10: My body still feels somewhat heavy and the feeling of being drunk continues. In addition, now I am having a hard time writing this report, the words and letters are getting confused and since I am writing it on paper (a la old school) I have a hard time maneuvering the pencil. Also, sometimes I go blank and ideas come out of my head. Perhaps this is the only side effect that I catch off guard and somewhat annoying.

I continue to talk to my father, who lives a couple of houses from mine and tried not to talk to him much, despite wanting to do so, since I am stuttering a bit much and he knows me very well, he knows that when stuttering is a sign that I am taking some narcotic. He has known about my abuse of tramadol in the past and he is not a pro-drug person, so I will try to hide my stuttering as much as possible.

T + 1: 15: I'm feeling bumps of euphoria (they come and go). It's not a "flat" high like the TramadolTapentadol>ODSMT. This is more variable, but its peaks are tremendous. My mood is through the roof and I feel like everything is wonderful. I would like to hug everyone. I start laughing out of nowhere.
My mood is through the roof and I feel like everything is wonderful. I would like to hug everyone. I start laughing out of nowhere.
So far, I really like this drug.

Finally, the nausea from the beginning completely disappears and I still have a hard time speaking and writing a bit but with the euphoria I feel, all this does not matter to me.

T + 1:40: My legs and extremities start to itch quite a bit, I only felt this with codeine and at the beginning of my consumption of tramadol (first to second month).

I am beginning to feel certain involuntary movements of my legs, perhaps the dose for my tolerance was too high. But it doesn't seem serious to me since I have never had a seizure, not even when I have taken heroic doses of tramadol (>1000 mg.).

T + 1: 50: My drunken feeling gives way to a feeling of being high on drugs. It's feel more clean without sluttering. I think tapentadol is reaching its peak. The euphoria is much more stable and it feels great.

I start to feel very sedated, but euphoric, I started nodding as I had very few times before (only about three times with tramadol and in high doses). Unfortunately, the nausea also comes back a bit. I don't think I'm throwing up like on tramadol but now I think it's a 100% tapentadol's side effect.

T + 2: 10: I feel itchy all over my body (belly, legs, arms). I've always liked this effect, because it feels so good when I scratch it. I think I'm at the peak of tapentadol effects. A huge, euphoric and nodding well-being. My stutter is gone and I can speak more correctly, writing is still difficult but it is because I am nodding mostly.

T + 3: 00: Definitely, I would say that the effect of tapentadol is quite fast and at 1.30-2.30 hours I feel the peak of the euphoric drug effects. Now I feel these effects are waning, but I still feel somewhat sedated and despite the caffeine I drank at the beginning of this report.

There is no stutter at all and the nodding still exists, but the euphoria is slightly wearing off.

T + 5: 00: Ok. Now I would say that the euphoria is definitely gone and the effects of the tapentadol are almost gone. Although my mood is incredible and I feel much better than yesterday for example. It was a great experience. I think I will do it again later but maybe this time with a lower dose (200 mg?).

I'm going to talk a bit with my friends. In general, the days before these experiences I was a bit depressed (I missed being on tramadol a lot) but the tapentadol raised my mood a lot (not missing tramadol at all by the way) and, now that I am not so sedated, it's making me want to talk to everyone and do many things.

Strangely, now I am feeling a bit of the stimulation like the tramadol one. Although it may all be the result of my depression completely disappearing thanks to tapentadol.

Exp Year: 2020ExpID: 115020
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 30
Published: Jun 15, 2023Views: 1,204
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