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A Deadly Situation
LSD, Cannabis & Tobacco
Citation:   Dead Head Jay. "A Deadly Situation: An Experience with LSD, Cannabis & Tobacco (exp115026)". Jun 12, 2023.

1 hit oral 1B-LSD (blotter / tab)
  Repeated hits smoked Cannabis (flowers)
  Repeated hits smoked Tobacco (leaves)

I had gone to my plug's house about a week prior, buying myself my own single piece of blotter. I had a really good feeling about this because I bought it with money I made, and it had the same blotter art as my first ever piece of LSD. It was a Grateful Dead logo with Bernie glasses and hair. I had been waiting for the perfect time to do it. A day without any responsibilities so I could trip freely without any roadblocks. That day finally came when my cousin and I took my car to drop my mom off at a nursing program she was attending. At approximately 7:00, I dropped the LSD on my tongue and let it swirl around in my mouth. I don't know if there's any science behind just swallowing it or milking the paper, it's just what I do.

Looking back on the experience, I don't know how long my cousin was driving me around for, but it felt like a long time, and the acid still hadn't been kicking in. So I was thinking that my dealer had finally done me dirty. So my cousin suggested that we swing by his plug's house and pick up some weed. I obliged and hoped that maybe it would help jumpstart the Acid.

So we swung around to his guy's house and he goes in and buys 2 grams of some very, very potent marijuana. We drive off into an abandoned mall's parking lot, and he starts gutting some cigars and rolling up blunts. He sparks up the first one and we split it. I remember feeling the potency of the marijuana and some of the Acid rearing its head when I took the second or third toke off of the blunt. Meanwhile, in the distance, walking through the parking lot, was a guy around our age. My cousin, being the good natured but kind of dumb fellow he is, rolled down the passenger window I was seated at and called out to him.

The man cleared the distance from where he was walking to the side of my car in about a minute, pulled a backpack off of his back and unzipped it for us to see. There was a pistol inside. He said "I ain't about that fuck shit, bruh. You feel?" I immediately started tripping hard. My cousin deescalated the situation and explained he only wanted to offer the stranger some of our marijuana. He then offers the stranger a ride to work (where he was walking) and the man with a gun in a backpack is now sitting directly behind me as we drive off into the city.

My heart and mind start to race, thinking that the person behind me was gonna kill us both and take our weed and the car. That this shouldn't be happening. Why wasn't my cousin taking care of me?
My heart and mind start to race, thinking that the person behind me was gonna kill us both and take our weed and the car. That this shouldn't be happening. Why wasn't my cousin taking care of me?
I'd taken LSD, this is not the kind of mental situation to be in. Thousands of thoughts and predictions and outcomes raced through my head as I started to feel the body high set in. I'm able to calm myself down enough to plug my phone into the FM Transmitter, and turn on Terrapin Station. I love the Grateful Dead, and I'm sure that they can play me into relaxation. But they don't. It only makes it worse. The instruments start to slow down and speed up and the pitch starts to change strangely, only adding fuel to the fire of my mind that thinks "Something is definitely wrong".

We finally drop the fellow off at work and he bids us a goodbye and even says that he hopes I'm okay. As nice as this gesture is, it doesn't calm me down. The LSD is now hitting me in full force, and the majority of my vision is occupied by hallucinations. Everything I'm seeing out of the front window is hyper detailed and spinning around like some kind of infinitely detailed hell-scape. I'm begging my cousin to pull over, but he can't because we're in the middle of a city. Time starts to seem strange to me too, now. Seconds started feeling like hours, I felt like I had gone off the deep end, how was 250 μgs doing this to me?

I keep begging for him to pull over, and finally he does. I just latch onto him and hug him as tight as I can. I love him. He'd been my best friend since I was 11, and he was the only tether to reality that I had. I tried to explain to him what I was feeling and experiencing, but he only took it as something philosophical I was trying to share with him.

Now due to my current state of mental health, I explained to him that I wanted to be taken to my other close friend's house so I can try and calm the fuck down in his shed. This close friend and I had tripped on Acid a handful of times together, so I call him on the phone and tell him I'm having a very bad trip. He says it's okay, and that I can come to the shed and chill out until he gets out of class. So I do. We drive out to his place and my cousin helps me out of the car and into the backyard, into my friend's shed. I've lost a lot of coordination and all I can manage to do is sit on the couch therein and relate to my cousin how to turn on the projector.

Since my cousin doesn't really know or get along well with my group of friends from college, he decides he's gonna leave and come back when I'm done with the trip. By this time, the entire shed itself is swirling with primary colors, it's specifically designed for tripping or getting high in. He leaves, and I lay on the couch, barely navigating to Hulu and turning on Regular Show. I sit there, for what was probably thirty minutes to an hour. Freely focusing my mind on the show at hand. All of my favorite characters look crazy being projected onto a sheet, and their colors are all neon and alien to me now. It was around this point that I reclaimed the trip, feeling much more sane and healthy than I did before.

My friend gets back from class, and another mutual friend of ours joins us only minutes later. I'm venting and relating this entire experience to them and they're both very understanding and comforting. I hug them both, and we all three decide to go hiking for the remaining daylight we have at a park that we frequent quite a lot. We walk around, talk, and just hang out. Nothing of note happens during this time, so I'll skip to when we all got back to his house.

After our trip to the park, my two friends were gonna invite some more of our boys over and get some weed for a smoke session. So we all sit around and have a smoke session. We're shooting the shit and laughing and all having a good time. I think to myself that these are my real friends. The Healthy ones. That maybe I shouldn't hang around my cousin as much anymore. He just then calls me on the phone, and tells me he's here. So I go meet up with him in my car and he just starts driving. I apologize to him for freaking out earlier, and he forgives me. The rest of the ride, however, is in silence.

We reach our destination, which turns out to be his girlfriend's house, and he says he's gonna go get something to eat. I ask him if he's just gonna get a plate and dip or something, and he replies that he's staying here and that I'm going to have to drive myself home. So I sit there in silence, processing everything that is going on. Everything I was thinking to be true moments earlier has now been confirmed. So I text my close friend and tell him what's going on, get in the driver's seat, and take the backroads to my friend's house.

The night then fades into the remainder of the smoke session and my cousin calling me back to pick him up, to which I replied "No". I spend the night with my friends, and we spend all of the next day together.

[Erowid Note: Driving while intoxicated, tripping, or extremely sleep deprived is dangerous and irresponsible because it endangers other people. Don't do it!]

Exp Year: 2019ExpID: 115026
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 20
Published: Jun 12, 2023Views: 630
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