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Comfortably Numb
Citation:   Pfaffffed. "Comfortably Numb: An Experience with DOPR (exp115040)". Jan 5, 2021.

T+ 0:00
2.5 mg oral DOPR
  T+ 3:43   repeated inhaled Nitrous Oxide
  T+ 15:53 125 ug oral Clonazolam
DOPr - First time - 2.5mg orally - Comfortably Numb

WARNING: Excessively long trip report follows. I included it all instead of trimming it down, because thereís just not a lot of info on this one. Who knows whatís important?

I woke up this morning at 6:20am in a good mood. I had exercised and gone hiking the day before, and my body was tired but not sore. My friend had been talking about taking DOC, so I decided to join with DOPr. It was a wet winter Saturday during a pandemic, so I had no place to be. I had finished out a productive week, and there wasnít much on my to-do list. The only thing I wanted to accomplish was some banking stuff and some gaming, but those could wait. Life was good, home was quiet and safeĖwhen could there be a better time to explore this compound for the first time?

I have taken dozens of RC and classical psychedelics over a couple decades, although Iíve rarely pushed the dosages to the heavy level. I got a lot of value out of psychedelics in terms of insight, perspective, healing, and peace over the years. Recently, Iíve been less interested in using them to work through conflict, life issues, and past trauma, instead using them for either recreation or to gain insight into their unique qualities so that there might be some more data points for SAR research into developing new psychiatric treatments. The idea of taking a long-lasting, deep, and committing DOx hasnít been particularly appealing to me for a while, but I worked to create the circumstances in my life so that it might work out for me. I knocked DOM and DOF (sort of) off the list earlier this year, and today seemed like the day to finally get into DOPr.

I expected no tolerance, having had a modest 5-MeO-MiPT experience two or three weeks prior. In terms of other drugs, two nights before, I had had 380mg of phenibut FAA sublingually. I found that when it really started kicking in, the sleepiness that it had been fostered was replaced with induced insomnia and a real sharpening of my thought. I ended up drinking quite a bit of alcohol to be able to sleep. I sometimes get the same paradoxical stimulation from GHB and reliably get it from kava kava. Two days after drinking alcohol, my guts are still slightly inflamed from the alcohol.

Yesterday, I only had coffee and 2.5mg of delta-8 THC at 8pm. Those effects have long since worn off, and they were subtle by the time I fell asleep. I feel like I should be in pretty good shape to test this out properly.


7:07 I take orally it in a quarter cup of cherry juice. I also take about 3.5g of magnesium malate to stave off side effects. I have not eaten in at least eight hours, so it should be absorbed quickly. Iím going to eat breakfast around 7:30. Even though Iím a heavy caffeine user, Iím opting to skip all forms of caffeine today.

7:10 Astonishingly for some reason, I get an alert. I expected that to happen after about an hour. This prompts a moment of anxiety, where I worry that long ago when I did the math to dissolve it in water for volumetric dosing.

7:27 Still havenít had breakfast - going to do that now. My hands are cold (itís winter, yeah, but itís warm inside.) While I know that my blood sugar is low, I am still feeling that very faint fogginess that I associate with phenethylamine alerts. While likely placebo, itís still funny that I canít remember common (to me) phrases like volumetric dosing.

7:50 Getting harder to accomplish things. Iím not as far along as I would be with DOC, but itís further along than I thought it would be. I could only eat about half of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for breakfast with some milk, and I didnít have any caffeine. For a brief second, I thought that I crossed the threshold into onset, but it flitted back away. My friend (on DOC) could only eat some cereal for breakfast due to an unsettled stomach from the drug. They are also coming up a bit faster than they expected, probably due to the overnight fasting and taking their dose in a single shot. In the past, itís been sipped over time in orange juice. They attribute this difference as a likely factor in the difficulties they went through later.

8:20 Developing some mild jaw tension.

8:52 The intensity continues to slowly grow. I spent an hour in the bathroom taking a languorous shower. Despite taking some magnesium at the start of the trip, I noticed some faint neck, shoulder, and jaw tension. I also have some diarrhea, but Iím pretty sure that had nothing to do with DOPr and everything to do with prior gut inflammation. I never get the runs from psychedelics. All in all, itís been incredibly gentle on my body so far. Thereís not restlessness or stimulation yet. The effects are all very subtle, a +/- venturing on a +. What I do feel is partly some subtle somatic stuff to let me know that Iím altered, a fuzzy buzziness under the skin of my face, scalp, and neck. Thereís some of that inward push that impersonates fatigue, making me want to close my eyes as if I were finally ready to go to sleep. All in all, I like it so far and I think it holds promise. The brief and very subtly anxious part of the comeup was incredibly brief, ending after I ate some food.

After that, itís been back to committed clear sailing. I wonder if a threshold dose of this might not have some utility, although Iím not exactly sure what for in this moment. Threshold doses of DOC were miserable for me (Iím in the minority here,) but this doesnít feel as debilitating. Thereís a lightness and mental clarity to this that is hard to describe, as though one aspect of my cognition is unusually fresh and clear while the rest is clouded by nondescript psychedelia. This aspect of the DOPr is one of the most interesting to me. I wish I had prior experience with 2C-P to compare it to. The only things that seem similar to me are the ethylpropyltryptamines. Weirdly, Iím also curious to explore the diethyltryptamines now based on how Iíve heard them described.

9:05 My friend has a bad wave of nausea. They donít usually get nausea from psychedelics, so I was surprised to see them rush to sit fetal next to the toilet on the cold tile of the bathroom floor. I bring them some crystalized ginger at their request, and sit with them for what feels like 10-20 minutes. I notice something atypical for me either sober or on psychedelics: I donít feel any empathy for them. Sure, I want to act compassionately and do what I can to support them, but I do this out of duty and moral obligation rather than visceral emotion. Emotionally, I feel like I would really rather be doing something else, and my rational mind tries to get me to a justification that will excuse this inexcusable behavior. I note these impulses with curiousity and interest, and then do not act upon them. While I sit on the cold, dark floor, I notice a hint of OEV activityĖthe lines and edges of surfaces seem to pop as if they were bolded.

10:30 I think this is likely the peak approaching. Iím getting distinct geometric CEVs, nets of hexagonal cells like honecomb and three dimensional planes made of cones that look like a microscopic view of a cat tongue. I only notice a few of these before they either stop or I entirely screen them out for the rest of the trip. At this stage, the unique clarity disappears and it becomes more straightforwardly psycholytic. By psycholytic, I mean that working concepts that I use in every day cognition start to disassemble themselves into their component parts, becoming unrecognizeable. What is ďloveĒ or ďhotĒ or ďpainĒ anyway? That kind of thing. It reminds me a LOT of 2C-E, but less abrasive and raw, less aggressively neutral. Itís softer. Again, is this what 2C-P is like? Thatís what it reminds me of. Mind you, I say this without any expectation of this resembling 2C-P just because itís got the same number of methyls strung together in the same spot. DOeT doesnít sound at all like 2C-E and DOM is nothing like 2C-D (I think itís more like 4-HO-DiPT,) but this does sound like how others have described 2C-P.

Sex wasnít great. That clear, cerebral feeling left me feeling removed somehow. I can see how people might describe this as dissociative feeling. It wouldnít be the word that comes to mind for me, but thereís a certain quality of disengagement with experience while thereís a greater engagement with the imagined platonic ideal of the experience. That theme recurs throughout the day for me. While there are definitely some sensations in the body that alert me to the fact that Iíve taken a psychedelic, itís not as pronounced as most other psychedelics. Strangely, while neither sex nor emotional intimacy nor even general tactile sensation were enhanced (and may have been diminished,) my attention to the experience of kissing was dramatically enhanced. Go figure.

Iím finding that I want to be active, not lounge. Itís got a higher order mental activity thing thatís getting prioritized over other functions. If I try to zone out, my mind actively identified experiences in the background that it finds mildly annoying and draws my attention to them in an effort to get my up and engaged. This isnít the restlessness of a DOC comeup or the anxiousness of 5-MeO-MET or the somatic sensation of anxiety of 4-AcO-EPT; itís just my mind prodding me to stay actively engaged in life, interested. Itís almost antidepressant in this way. [Post-peak, this disappears.]

On psychedelic comeups, I often get a visceral experience of emotional pain that I associate with serotonin binding. I think this is an idiosyncratic response, probably connected to why serotonin releasers make me melancholy instead of euphoric. During the comeup today, I didnít experience serotonergic pain. Instead, I had a vivid ďmemoryĒ of the times where I have experienced it before. This falls into line with much of the rest of the experience, where instead of having the experience, I instead have it by proxy, disconnected as a memory, platonic ideal, or hypnogogic blip/episode.

I think I may only just be coming up now. Also, I may be developing a libido again already?

10:50 I have a second orgasm, after which I lose embodied interest in erotic pursuits completely for the rest of the experience. I decide to have some nitrous, hoping to ease into the peak. I donít intend to go hard and deep, but just lubricate things a bit. I also seem to be developing a bit of an appetite already (or at least an awareness that I should and would like to eat.) Very strange on any psychedelic on which Iím approaching peak.

This material feels more similar to DOC and DOM than it feels different. Fascinating how these psychedelic amphetamines are so close in headspace.

11:20 Iím getting some subtle OEVs after the nitrous. Now I think Iím peaking.

[Addendum: I ended up sucking down an unusual amount of nitrous over a decent length of time. That said, I think that I kept my overall serum NO2 levels much lower than usual, as I never blacked out or had my typical profound reassembling of reality post-disintegration experiences that I associate with it. That said, I emerged into the only uncomfortable part of the trip. I canít tell if this was because the nitrous dramatically increased the intensity to a point that wasnít comfortable for me or if that was just the peak. Iím inclined to think that it was the former, as I was comfortable before nitrous and was similarly comfortable eventually post-peak. I think it just proved to be a poor mix of states for me in the short term, or that the initial positive nitrous experience produced diminishing returns as I kept returning to it.

That said, I did have quite a bit of actual memorable insight from the combination of nitrous and DOPr. The first insight is hard to convey, but was basically that people assign signatures to things. The signatures have a reality, but that reality doesnít necessarily have much to do with the source material. There is some connection between an individual cow and a personís individual "Platonic ideal of a cow, but the connection is pretty loose. The relationship between the thing and the idea of the thing is pretty loose. This is pretty normal stuff, but the difficult to convey stuff had to do with the metaphysics around things like the ďsignatureĒ of a medicinal plant, the relationship between a flower and a flower essence, or a person and peopleís projection of that person. The second insight was unasked for and unpleasant, but dealt with the monstrous people in my ancestry, and the ways I have inherited their monstrousity, the ways in which those traits manifested differently in me and the ways in which those ancestors poisoned the lives of so many people through those toxic traits. And yet like all people they were not monolithic, and were capable of things like tenderness and love. I reflected on the lives I may have harmed through my behavior and the ways in which I may have been of benefit. Using the experienceís inherent detachment with the dissociative quality of nitrous oxide gave me the distance to see some of the ways that I have been abominable with a degree of intimacy and focus that I would have not otherwise been able to endure without flinching away. It wasnít fun, but it wasnít a bad thing for me to see eiter. So yes, this material does have the potential for depth and insight if you work at it, but it didnít really seem to lend itself to it nor offer it up spontaneously much either, and I gave it plenty of space to do so. I didnít use it to actively pry into my psyche, though. It had the clarity to enable that, but it didnít have the push to. I think I would have to come to this with clear intent, a plan, and maybe a storng prior relationship with it to use it in that way. I wonder if 2C-P is the same way, because I didnít find 2C-E to be useful in this way despite itís clear depth.]

12:24 I had to accept that I was legitimately hungry, so I ate the other half of my sandwich along with some ice cold orange slices and a cup of milk. Still swimming and discombobulated either from the peak or the nitrous aftermath, I go for a walk with my friend. Listening to music and hanging out indoors was too much, and the rain had let up. I wanted to enjoy some sunshine and watch some low clouds race across the blue sky. My friend was enjoying rich color saturation, but I was getting nothing but some increased visual definition, the popping of the border definite of things like tree limbs against the sky. If my friend hadnít wanted to return, I probably would have walked and walked and walked, as it was refreshing and helped keep my head balanced and clearer.

Now that Iíve returned indoors, Iím completely immersed in the music while laying on the couch. Iím not talking about rich, melodic music eitherĖIím just listening to chip tunes and video game soundtracks. The music isnít enhancedĖIím just sinking into comfort and contentment. This isnít an opioid contentment. Itís more like the contentment of sleep. I honestly canít remember much from this period, and would probably have stayed in that space for a long time if the music hadnít ended abruptly. From this point on, the plateau of the trip was marked by this feeling of comfort. My only discomfort was that of a mild chilliness, which I thought was legitimate, but was probably just a quirk of my awareness and a bit of shivery bodyload. No longer was I feeling the pressure to do different thingsĖI was absolutely content to just lay down and let life pass by. This is a solid ++. Iím quite strongly altered, but unlike a lot of psychedelics, I think I could pull it together to function passably for a short period during an emergency if I needed to. I can sort of turn it on, fake it in a way a lot of people can while tripping that I usually canít. Or at least I have the confidence to try with this.

My friend seems to be having some trouble with gas discomfort. Theyíre insisting that other than the nausea earlier and the gas now (theyíve been having gas issues generally lately) that theyíre having a great time. I had some gas pressure earlier on my walk, but I was able to pass it when I got home and laid down. Seeing their headspace from my perspective is interesting. DOC is another one that has a lot of overlap with its 2C-sibling, but the halogens seem to do that more than the alkyls. While DOC isnít exactly shallow, the space seems shallow and hedonistic by comparison. I donít mean that disparaginglyĖitís a nice space, and it certainly looks a lot more fun to me from where Iím at than this one. This is deeper, but it doesnít have the same intense appreciation of experience. Thereís no color saturation, not really a lot going on visually at this dosage. This might be the equivalent of my 1.5mg DOC experience, where all I saw was the greyscale architecture of the drug, all of the intensity with none of the unique flair. I recognize that this would be challegning at double the dose, but also amazing, akin to mushrooms but looooong.

You know how I said that DOC, DOM, and DOPr were more similar than they were different on the comeup? I donít stand by that now. I think the amphetamine clarity quality was pronounced earlier (and basically defined DOM throughout). Thatís nowhere to be seen now. Once I reached peak and plateau, the character of this material came out
Once I reached peak and plateau, the character of this material came out
and the difference became pronounced. This is much closer to 2C-E (which I havenít had in years, so take that with a grain of salt) than DOM or DOC, and even thatís not a great example. This is more approachable, less confronting for better or for worse. I am a little flummoxed by how difficult it is to really paint the contours of this space, and I have had plenty of time to get a feel for it already. Fascinating stuff that way. Itís unique.

Itís also weird that thereís no real music enhancement. I like it and itís nice, but itís often in the background, easy to ignore. Iím also amazed by how gentle this is on the body. I feel relaxed, not taxed at all. As much as I like MAL and mescaline, they can be exhausting by the time the tail end of the plateau comes around. Also strange, the peak was quite short, maybe 1.5-2hrs. I didnít keep good track of it (because I was peaking and the boundary wasnít known yet or easy to define on the first go around.) Also because it may possibly have been unsettled by nitrous, which is distinctly possibly, but would be a first.

Iím also noticing that Iím feeling pretty garrulous. Iím not usually a chatty Cathy on psychedelics, but I am watching myself drone on about various topics in a way that seems pushed not my stimulation but instead simply by the desire to share and communicate.

3:30 I found myself retreating from my closed eye ďvisionsĒ as if they were nightmarish even when they were pleasing. I would close my eyes and see sexually idealized nude torsos (which were only intellectually identified as erotic rather than viscerally felt as such,) only to be jolted out of them, snapping my eyes open. Itís almost like hypnic jerks. The visuals arenít like usual CEVs somehowĖtheyíre more representative of things and more like fully fleshed images rather than actual ďseenĒ imagery behind my closed eyelids. Theyíre more the idea of images, as if in a dream, yet without feeling dream-like. That said, there is a dreamy dissociated comfort that I associate with the ethylpropyltryptamines, the kind that feels immoral/delusional in that itís detached it is. As with when my friend was suffering on the bathroom floor earlier, they are now curled up on the bed, miserable with gas discomfort. While I still choose to curl up against them to provide them with comfort, I canít help but feel a mild annoyance that I canít just continue basking in being as I had been. This is unusual for me in any state, and faintly alarming. Itís not what I want from a psychedelic. [Funny, this isnít at all what I expected from this material based on all of the recent reports Iíd readĖonly later when I was sending a link to its entry in PIHKAL to remark to a friend on its dosage and duration did I look through the Shulginsí experience reports. I was shocked to see how comparable they were with my evaluation.]

My friend is still having gas discomfort. Hinga shtak, peppermint, ginger, and magnesium havenít helped. They donít want to try alcohol, understandably. I recommend yoga poses for gas, which allow them to pass a little bit. They reflect on how grateful they are that they incorporated yoga into their life, and all of the myriad ways that it has helped them.

4:30 - Still feeling chilly off and on, but fine when I have a light blanket. Itís not unpleasant, but Iím glad that I can make sure that Iím warm. Astonishingly, I just ate three pieces of deep dish pizza without difficulty. What kind of amphetamine psychedelic is this? I have had NO nausea at this dosage either.

I really do think that this would be worthwhile at a higher dosage. I now know that this is the light end, but the strong end is daunting and a hell of a commitment. I canít imagine tripping that hard for that long, but at least this one doesnít feel physically taxing. Once again, this experience is marked by comfort. The CEVs continue to be more hypnogogic than anything else.

My friend is now having trouble with neck tension. Despite having maintained that they were fine throughout, they decide that theyíve had enough. While the headspace had been fine, dealing with all the side effects was getting tiresome and they were feeling foggy. They asked me for a benzo to abort, which they have always refused in the past. They took 1mg of etizolam with their dinner, and started feeling much better twenty minutes later. Within an hour, it seemed like it functionally killed their tripĖa surprising result in a etiz/DOx matchup. I thought it would just take the edge off, but they basically were able to go about the rest of their day afterwards.

Iím a little bummed for my friend, as they mentioned earlier in the day how much they valued DOC and what a valuable material it had come to become for them. This was their third experience. The first at 2mg was great, allowing them to be fully engaged in their day and all of their activities without getting dragged into rumination over the coming week. 2.5mg was fun, but the visuals couldnít be screened out, which got in the way of their enjoyment of activities. This level was once again perfect, but the side effects were a deal breaker.

5:00 - Funny! Now that the drug is in decline, the muscle soreness and fatigue that I started the day with is starting to reappear. Normally, psychedelics make me hyper-aware of my physical ailments. This material supplanted feedback from my body about its discomfort with feelings of comfort. I wouldnít compare it to a dissociative or an opioid, but I could see how someone might.

6:45 - Decline isnít as slow as I thought. The plateau has been very light. Iíve just been at a + for hours now it seems like, yawning a bunch. If the majority of the duration at this dosage is this, then Iím less intimidated by a higher dose. The plateau might actually be manageable, especially if I stagger the starting dose over the course of an hour or so to smoothe out the confusion of the peak.

Iíve got neck and muscle tension, but itís not bad. Iím just surprised, given the magnesium I had. I take another gram.

Iím also starving despite the pizza, so I eat some weird leftover jello casserole from Thanksgiving.

7:00 This plateau is nebulous nowhere country with no content. A decided +. It seems that DOPr is no exception to my fast metabolism for DOx.

9:15 Iím playing cards with friends, still yawning and tired. I want to try to sleep, but I donít think thatís likely. [In retrospect, it might have been.] I have a weird, strung out feeling in my head, like thereís one channel in the audio file thatís gritty and distorted while the rest are clear. Itís not bothersome, but I wonder if this portends a headache or hangover later. I take some fish oil for it. I feel sober enough to chance chat with friends, playing an online strategy game. I wouldnít normally dare thisĖtoo self-conscious when tripping. Itís just that thereís barely any headspace anymore. I havenít had any alcohol because: (a) thereís probably no point and (b) why feel like shit tomorrow and (c) saving up for a benzo for sleep if I need it.

11:00 The game went fine. Made a few mistakes to alert me to the fact that Iím still tripping, but nothing out of character with my normal behavior that anyone else would notice. Iím tired and ready for bedĖjust debating whether or not I want to take a benzo or try to sleep au naturel. I sure feel like I can, but I keep getting chills, reminding me that DOPr is still kicking around in there somewhere. I decide on a compromise: I take 125ug of clonazolam and head directly to bed to see if I can sleep before it kicks in.

6:20am I fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow, so the benzo was completely unnecessary. I might have been able to sleep much earlier. I woke bright and early without an alarm, but after checking my phone, I resolve to go back to bed.

6:45am Wake up again. Subtle grotty feeling in my head, same as last night. Feels a little like a hangover, a little like a headache. Caffeine withdrawal? Residual neck tension? Excessive nitrous use? I still feel very subtly altered, but it could just be the benzo residue. Who knows?

Coffee made my headache go away mostly, but I only got a few sips before I was whisked outside to go grocery shopping. It recurred later thanks to wearing a mask. I felt vaguely hungover, possibly because of the few sips of black coffee I had on an empty stomach, then skipping breakfast until late.

12pm I try to nap, but was thwarted by very faint hypnagogic imagery. I guess thereís just a hint left in my system. My grotty head feeling has decided to manifest as a headache. A kratom threshold dose helped my mild discomfort a bit, as did a booster a couple hours later. Coffee didnít. I finally took some naproxen sodium, which did the trick, leaving me in a happy and productive state for the rest of the day.

I was surprised at the lack of stimulation from DOPr. It was faintly apparent during the comeup, where the subjective sense of the space was extremely similar to that of DOC and DOM, with only a faint hint of its true character. I also noticed an intellectual push to be involved in activities rather than simply laying about, but there were no somatic or emotional stimmy sensations. During the peak and plateau, there was no stimulation to speak of, frankly less than almost any other psychedelic.
During the peak and plateau, there was no stimulation to speak of, frankly less than almost any other psychedelic.
I didnít find DOM or DOC to be all that stimulating, but this experience was marked by comfort. I spent a lot of it wrapped in a blanket to stave off the chill while cuddling with a cat in a sunbeam, watching the clouds pass in the sky.

I do think this would be interesting to try at a higher dose. Iím not sure if this drug is my cup of tea now that I see it as having a bot of a detached, hynagogic, emotionally distant and artificially comfortable character to it. That said, I would appreciate that artificial comfort, dream distance, and transparent ease in the body if I were to take something this long. I have no interest in things like DOB, because Iím sure I would be left a total wreck afterwards. Now that I know that a good chunk of the duration is just empty nothing at 2.5mg, I am less anxious about the intensity of the extended plateauĖit might actually be pretty manageable and rewarding. I could see this being really full, rich, deep, and special (and probably loads more visual) at a higher dosage (somewhere between 3-5mg.) I just donít know if I want to listen to what it wants to tell me. Iím not big on dissociatives because I donít want to have to try to piece reality back together after being told a bunch of believeable sweet little lies. Things like EPT might be nice in moderation, but DOPr is not exactlyÖmoderate.

Itís nice stuff, but Iím witholding judgment on it. I hope it opens itself up at a higher dose, but Iím not in a hurry to find out. I think that I had enough of a taste to get a good feel for it, especially now that I see that there are plenty of other flesh sacks that responded the same way when introduced to DOPr.

Exp Year: 2020ExpID: 115040
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jan 5, 2021Views: 1,930
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