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Higher Dose Caused Euphoria
Alcohol & 4-Fluoromethamphetamine
by Henk
Citation:   Henk. "Higher Dose Caused Euphoria: An Experience with Alcohol & 4-Fluoromethamphetamine (exp115070)". Jan 7, 2021.

20 mg insufflated Amphetamines  
    repeated oral Alcohol - Beer/Wine  
  115 mg oral 4-Fluoromethamphetamine (capsule)



Avid user of mind-alterating substances. The last two weeks I might have overdone it, even though no experience was in any way bad. Exactly one week ago I took 3x120 microgram blotters of 1P-LSD and I hardly tripped, so tolerance was already sky high. Previous weekend I drank more than 48 beers (0.3l 5% ABV) and did not get a hangover, again tolerance. Monday and Tuesday were also heavily doused in alcohol. On Tuesday evening four friends of me had planned to get together and have a good time. I actually took Wednesday off for this occasion. I ended up taking 2.5mg DOM, 25mg AMT, 125 micrograms of 1P-LSD but still did not get any visuals. Colors were a bit more vivid, I did get a lot of energy. Speed was used, not more than 50 milligrams though. Starting Tuesday evening up until Thursday 2 am (when I went home some 30 hours later, I did not drive!) I had been drinking beer continuously. Probably around 12 to 15 liters of beer. Got home, fell asleep. Work on Thursday was slightly rough, still no hangover or headache, just a feeling of being a bit tired.

Set and setting

Currently it's 26 December, "second" Christmas day. Did not take any drugs after waking up on Thursday, up until 25 December at around ~22.00. Since then drank 6 beers (0.33l 5% ABV) and 20 mg of speed insufflated. Had previously tried 4-FMA in about 2x 75mg dosage with some time in between. It did not really do anything. Decided to try it today again. I was alone the entire day, which is a first for me on Christmas day. Corona and grandparent dying are to blame. Not feeling bad, just worn out from the week(s) before. I woke up at 15:30, nearly fell asleep at 19:30 but decided to grab 2 six packs from the nearly empty supermarkt. No wonder, it's Christmas day... Played a game with a friend from ~22:00 until ~01:00. At this point I just wonder if taking a higher dosage of 4-FMA might do anything. Not sure how all the psychedelics I took the past few weeks/months might affect my tolerance. Currently, I'm guessing even if I took a milligram of LSD it would probably be a relatively weak trip. I'm interested to see if 4-FMA at a higher dosage all at once might be more joyous. No other serotonin releasing agents taken the past month at least. I don't use any medicine or supplements.

01:47 (+00:00) Take 115mg of 4-FMA in capsule

02:06 (+00:17) Might feel some slight sensation of lightness in my toes. Watching a YouTube video about the future of money and cryptocurrency at this point, it's boring me so I find something else. Put on some music.

02:09 (+00:22) Grabbing another beer (7th).

02:13 (+00:26) Slight chills.

02:19 (+00:32) Not sure if it's doing anything.

02:26 (+00:39) Maybe... (+/-)

02:46 (+00:59) Somewhat euphoric. But also a long-time friend messaged me. I think it's mostly the 4-FMA though.

03:01 (+01:14) Okay, definitely very euphoric. Not as extreme MDMA, but I'm completely immersed with chatting with my old friend. Naturally I'm not that talkative.

03:21 (+01:34) I notice mild bruxism. Definitely serotonergic activity. Another beer it is.

04:00 (+02:13) Still a little euphoric, energy decreasing a bit. Slight bruxism still.

04:29 (+02:42) Still feeling joyous.

04:44 (+02:57) I might feel a small headache coming up.

05:02 (+03:15) Just went to the toilet and I honestly must say I probably sat on the seat for two minutes just urinating. I realize a slightly light-headed feeling appears to be in the works. Also my mouth is very dry. I think back to the last time I took 4-FMA and realize I woke up dehydrated in a very much "amphetamine-like" way. I suspect the 4-FMA might to be blame for this. As I get back to the couch I drink two glasses of water and grab another beer. General state is somewhat upbeat but also my face feels tired, if that makes sense. This definitely is not a long-lived substance for me. Honestly I get the feeling it's not that special.

06:17 (+04:30) Still awake, probably at least in part due to the 4-FMA. I did do 20mg of speed 2-3 hours before though. But that usually does not keep me up this long.

06:26 (+04:39) Stomach feels uneasy.

08:02 (+06:15) Head feeling heavier, tired. I take another huge piss again, there might have been some that I did not write down in between. I feel like I should sleep soon.

08:42 (+06:55) Still awake, I should go sleep soooooon.

10:34 (+08:47) Nearly dozing off. Really need sleep now.

I went to bed shortly after and fell asleep swiftly. At this point I've consumed 12 x 0.3l 5% ABV beers since 22:00.

I woke up the next day at around 16:00, feeling very tired, but I had places to go so I got out of bed. Sleep was uninterrupted, except for perhaps toilet - I can't remember. I feel very dehydrated again like the last time I took 4-FMA, no headache though, but it's not far around the corner I suspect. I do not usually get this kind of a dehydrated feeling after just alcohol.


A larger dose of 4-FMA definitely produced a markedly different result than the previous time I took roughly the same dose, but split up into two. I'm not sure if all the serotonergic psychedelics I've been taking the past few weeks resulted in any tolerance.
I'm not sure if all the serotonergic psychedelics I've been taking the past few weeks resulted in any tolerance.
If it had, I suspect the tolerance to be only mild. I say this because the previous time I took 4-FMA my tolerance in this regard was lower and it didn't really do anything. This dose made me feel mild to high euphoria, albeit not that long-lived. Also, this time I could definitely not sleep easily, while the previous time I took it I could.

I've never taken 4-FA, so I cannot compare the two. Compared to MDMA this definitely is in the same ballpark, but definitely not as magical or extreme in euphoria for me at this dosage. Honestly, it's not common for me feel a slight headache might be coming on when taking stimulants, entactogens or psychedelics. This, combined with the severe dehydration I experienced, makes me feel this substance is not for me. It feels slightly toxic for me.

I also experienced a somewhat severely increased tremor the two days following my 4-FMA dose. When eating soup the day after I had to put my elbow on the table in order to be stabilize the spoon and be able to eat the soup in a somewhat normal fashion. I always have a bit of a tremor, but nothing as severe as this. I did not experience this severe of a tremor before taking the 4-FMA, even after all the psychedelics. Dopamine deficiency is a common cause of tremors, so I was not really worried about it. Also, I did not really sleep a lot. The tremor was mostly gone or at least back to normal on day #3.

Exp Year: 2020ExpID: 115070
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 30 
Published: Jan 7, 2021Views: 1,621
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4-Fluoromethamphetamine (580) : Alone (16), Multi-Day Experience (13), Combinations (3)

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