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Madness in Wonderland
Citation:   RussianPsychonaut. "Madness in Wonderland: An Experience with AL-LAD (exp115072)". Jan 19, 2021.

150 ug oral AL-LAD (blotter / tab)
  1 tablet oral Benzodiazepines  
Got a wonderful experience with AL-LAD some months ago. Decided that it's perfect in combination with LSD and even on its own in higher dosages (approx 250 μg).

Not so long ago a friend of mine suggested that it's time to trip together and invited me. He didn't knew anything about AL-LAD so I offered to trip on this one instead on normal Acid. So we both took 1 Tab of 150 μg. We started with watching a movie and decided to go out in the city or nature when the peak stars.

After 45 minutes the come up started. I am used to rough come ups, but my friend started feeling really uncomfortable. I could feel that and tried to comfort him; put on some music and talked about positive things. That's when things started to get uncomfortable. I was in his flat maybe 2 times so wasn't really familiar with the setting. I think my biggest mistake before tripping was the all nighter I pulled the day before and the lack of food.
I think my biggest mistake before tripping was the all nighter I pulled the day before and the lack of food.
So my mind was already quite fucked up + all the caffeine I took added a bit paranoia. The whole room started to smell intensively of cannabis (he smokes a lot of weed), I don't really like this smell, because smoking it gives me panic attacks. I decided to open a window, looked out - and the whole city looked like another world to me. Everything was looking trippy. And not in a comfortable funny way like I enjoy it. I couldn't recognize anything. So the plan to go out or simply go home and continue my trip alone just crashed. Started to think that maybe the blotters where a lot higher dosed than what the description said. I started to see the ceiling and furniture watching me wherever I tried to change my position. Anxiety started slowly to overcome me.

Finally my friend got himself together and started to enjoy the bodily sensations, the visuals and optics he got. That's when I finally calmed down. The connection to other people was there, even when not so distinct as on LSD. The trip started to get exciting again until my friend had the idea to order some food. I looked at my mobile phone; I knew it was my mobile phone and also knew that I use that thing to communicate with people, listen to music or use the internet. But now this thing seemed so strange like from an alien world. I told him that I forgot how to use this strange alien device that I used in my past life. We both had a laugh at it and he seemed to get his phone working and opened an app to order food. We both got really irritated and stressed out by the variety of different foods. I didn't really knew what tastes like what, forgot what I like or not. After what felt like an eternity he ordered us some burgers. In the next moment we were both like "Oh shit, a human will soon ring at the door and someone of us will have to open the door! Who will do that?"

My friend decided to take the burden on himself. So he managed to get the order without raising too much suspicion and we tried to "eat". I forgot how to eat. Started tearing the burger to pieces and just put them in my mouth. Eating felt really strange. It was like eating some sort of gummy but with the taste of meat. It was the most delicious thing I ever have eaten while tripping but decided to never do that again when I started feeling how the food digested in my body. I laid down on his sofa to chill a bit after this stressful situation and entities started coming out of the walls trying to communicate with me to the psytrance music that was playing in the background. Suddenly then when I accepted my fate as a communicator - the trip stopped. Everything started to get back to me. AL-LAD has no comedown - it just stops.

I started noticing the sleep I needed now and went home - big mistake, my trip was far from the end. Everything was fine until I got into my bus. Then the bad trip started. I heard people talking about me; that they knew I was a wanted criminal because of my tattooed hands. Just tried to stay unsuspiciously in the corner trying to hide my hands and looking on the ground so people don't see my giant pupils; Haha. I finally made it home, laid down on my bed and then when everything got really fucked up. I started to see sirens from police cars in my room - they were searching for me, so I put on a light and they went away. Got a good laugh about myself and my fantasy when I noticed strange insects crawling out out my walls an ceilings. I always try to go through every stressful trip and learn something from it. But this was too much. I think the sleep deprivation gave me the rest. Took a benzo and could finally sleep after that.

All in all I enjoyed this trip. It was really special in its own way, like every trip is different. But I prefer to trip alone on higher dosages because of the freedom. Tripping alone I can do whatever I want without worrying for others. However trips with 50 - 100 μg are really enjoyable with company.

I think the hallucinations were partially the fault of the lack of sleep.

Exp Year: 2020ExpID: 115072
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 26
Published: Jan 19, 2021Views: 822
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AL-LAD (603) : General (1), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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