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From Fascinating to Somewhat Eerie
DXM & Doxylamine
Citation:   KommandantBucky. "From Fascinating to Somewhat Eerie: An Experience with DXM & Doxylamine (exp115157)". Jul 3, 2023.

360 mg oral DXM (liquid)
  150 mg oral Pharms - Doxylamine (liquid)
Hey everyone, I'm going to attempt to recount a time I took some Robitussin Honey without checking the label and ingesting Doxylamine. Some background information, I was an eighteen-year-old on probation that worked at a grocery store and wanted to get high. Substance wise my previous experiences are alcohol, some weed (before probation), DPH and DXM

I've been pretty bored with life and I wanted to get high but due to being on probation I could not smoke weed due to how long it stays in people's systems and random piss tests. I did some research and found out one can get high on some OTCs such as DPH and DXM. Being the dumb teenager I was I wanted to try them. I ended up doing a decent bit of DPH and DXM overall. Since I worked at a grocery store, I would buy some pharmaceuticals after my shift. It made it easier since I was 18 since in my area one would be carded for those substances. So every so often, I would buy some generic DPH and Robitussin or Delsym. This trip was my second time doing DXM so I had an idea of what to expect but I was careless and did not fully read the label for some reason.

So after a random shift, I wandered over to the medicine and grabbed some Robitussin, but this time I grabbed the Honey variant since it would probably taste better than the standard syrup. I made a passing glance at the label and carelessly assumed it was just DXM and not the nighttime cough and cold medicine with an antihistamine in it. I don't know why I didn't look harder I guess I was just itching for the high. So I bought the syrup and drove home. The time was around 10 pm when I got home so my parents were already sleeping so I took the whole bottle shortly after arriving home. It was really easy to get down, almost as easy as Delsym.

10:10 PM: I turned my Xbox on and sat down to watch some YouTube and wait for the come up. I was pretty excited since this was my second time doing DXM.

10:50-11 PM: I started to feel the body high but it felt different, I did not care much but I could notice a bit. A few minutes later I stared at my wall and noticed rainbow waves forming and shaking. The rainbow waves moved into the middle of the room and became 3d and started to clump together. The shaking rainbow clump started to turn into something, it turned into a transparent tugboat and flew upwards while slowly spinning.
The rainbow waves moved into the middle of the room and became 3d and started to clump together. The shaking rainbow clump started to turn into something, it turned into a transparent tugboat and flew upwards while slowly spinning.
I was awestruck at this and was excited then the clump turned into a rainbow transparent cockroach and started to flail about and just like the tugboat, flying upwards and flying upwards.

I kept staring at the clump hoping for it to create other random stuff but I noticed someone looking at me behind the bar we had and looked over and a black figure ducked behind the bar. Startled I yelled, "What the fuck!?" and cautiously approached the bar and looked behind it to find no one was there. Confused, I looked around and eventually sat back down but I had my guard up. The trip went from fascinating to somewhat eerie. My gaze was fixated on the floor zoning out, I think this was the DXM part of the trip. Soon I snapped out of it and looked around and the coast was clear. I thought it would have been safe to go pee.

My living room had a door that goes into a laundry room that has a bathroom and goes past a staircase. I wandered over to the dark laundry room and into the bathroom and peed. After coming back out I noticed yet again a shadow figure or something. It was a four-legged creature with a human head looking at me from the staircase going up. I fucking dipped and booked it for the sofa. This time I was really disturbed and knew there was more than just DXM in the bottle. So I checked the package and saw that it had Doxylamine in it. At the time I had no idea what it was other than it saying it was an antihistamine like DPH. I can compare this to DPH in that there are humanoid hallucinations but when I take DPH I see people I know and if there are shadow figures they are more ghost-like if that makes sense but Doxylamine the shadow figures look like an average-sized person dressed in a black body glove with a black Slenderman mask on. But, I digress.

After checking I was petrified and just sat there. After a little bit, I thought about it for a while and decided I should just focus on Youtube and not get distracted by what was going on. Easier said than done. I could not help but look around. On a more positive note, I still could focus on the rainbow clusters and see what they would create. As like the other times, they would create bugs and no more tugboats. I then got a stroke of genius and sat under a blanket and used my phone and isolated myself from the outside. I listened to some trippy songs like "Dextromethorphan and Tequila" and tried to focus on the DXM. After this point, nothing interesting happened.

Exp Year: 2019ExpID: 115157
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 18
Published: Jul 3, 2023Views: 411
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DXM (22), Pharms - Doxylamine (343) : General (1), Difficult Experiences (5), Glowing Experiences (4), What Was in That? (26), Entities / Beings (37), Alone (16)

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