An Assessment of Numerous Benzodiazepines
Alprazolam, Bromazolam, Clonazepam, Clonazolam, Diclazepam, Diazepam, Etizolam, Flualprazolam, Flubromazepam, Flubromazolam, Flunitrazolam, Lorazepam, Meclonazepam, Norflurazepam & Pyrazolam
Citation:   nervewing. "An Assessment of Numerous Benzodiazepines: An Experience with Alprazolam, Bromazolam, Clonazepam, Clonazolam, Diclazepam, Diazepam, Etizolam, Flualprazolam, Flubromazepam, Flubromazolam, Flunitrazolam, Lorazepam, Meclonazepam, Norflurazepam & Pyrazolam (exp115168)". Feb 3, 2021.

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People feel a lot of ways about benzodiazepines. I personally find great utility and benefit in them, though it is remiss to discuss them without acknowledging their recreational and addictive potential. Indeed they are useful, but also quite fun, and also quite destructive.

While some of these compounds do not technically fit the standard benzodiazepine structure, and could be referred to as thienodiazepines and the like. Their near identical mechanism of action however, will have me just lumping them as benzodiazepines and for shorthand I will be referring to them as such.

A note on my experiences- My mainstay for several years was etizolam, using it a few times a week fairly sustainably for a few years. During this time I also indulged in a variety of pharmaceutical benzodiazepines purchased on the street or from friends. I introduced flualprazolam into my rotation and found in it a utilitarian hypnotic. My curiosity was piqued and I sought out what range of experiences the rest of this family has to offer- With such an explosive variety of compounds currently on the market I had to wonder- what made each of these unique? The benzodiazepine experience is after all fairly standard and substances can at times be indistinguishable but I wanted to see for myself.

My primary directive in using benzodiazepines was usually a gentle end to a night of using other drugs, such as psychedelics, stimulants, or dissociatives, it would snuff out any residual stimulation and put me to sleep. They were also quite fun in their own right and I would spare myself some time alone with them in a purely recreational space. I would always take them at night, to enjoy a few hours before bed. I slipped into a period of dependence, but was fortunately able to quickly taper off without incurring the nightmarish depths of what benzo discontinuation can afflict. I got lucky, I stayed off for a month or so, then gave up and came back. So long as I am a polydrug user, benzos are just too useful. I track my use in an excel sheet to monitor my usage and budget days per week. It's a fine line to walk on a slippery slope.
In my current state, and under the course of many experiments, my average use is 2-3 times a week, varying compounds, varying doses. I have built up a mild tolerance. I find I can abstain for a time without experiencing kindling. It's still difficult for me to sleep unaided.

For my judgment of each compound, I look to a number of metrics to characterize them- duration, potency, and the different proportions to which they express the varying effects of benzodiazepines. To give context and a point of reference for how the benzodiazepine experience manifests for me, the qualities I analyze are:

Amnesic: The degree to which the substance inhibits memory. It is rare that I get a full blackout, but hazy memory is definitely a consistent effect that can often linger for several days. This is usually how I can tell with certainty that the drug is having an effect.

Hypnotic: The sedating potential of the substance, both during the experience and in the following days.

Muscle relaxant: How much the substance affects muscle tension, physical sense of relaxation, and ultimately loss of motor control at higher doses.

Functional: How functional the substance is, particularly linked to its sedative, amnesic, and muscle relaxant properties, which act in constellation to affect overall functionality. Such properties can manifest in strong ways that may inhibit movement, linear thought, induce confusion, and reduce the ability to communicate coherently.

Euphoric/creative: This is why I love benzodiazepines. Some have an inherent euphoria, but what shines for me is their enormous creative potential. The effect I most seek from benzodiazepines is they offer a childlike imaginative immersion into any task at hand. Whether it be videogames, house chores, or tasks at work, my imagination would color these menial experiences with a creative veneer. Think to Calvin and Hobbes, where Calvin projects the worlds of his imagination onto the mundanities of his daily life. Benzos make me feel like Calvin.

Anxiolytic: The degree to which the drug reduces baseline or acute anxiety, the general sense of "calm" and well-being.

Disinhibiting: The degree to which the drug will lower inhibitions- whether that be socially or through inducing risk-taking behaviors and impulsive decisions.

Interaction with other drugs: The ability of the drug to reduce or cancel out stimulant effects of other drugs, abort terrifying hallucinogenic experiences, and the ability to induce sleep in the presence of stimulants. Also worth consideration is a possible synergistic or positive relation it may have with other substances, particularly dependent on dose.

The dose and response will be in reference to what I consider discreet tiers of intensity that benzos can offer.

Therapeutic dose: Yields the subtlest anxiolysis, a fleeting mist of amnesia, maybe a fleck of euphoria. Absolutely functional and outwardly sober.

Recreational dose: A compounding of effects that would compromise functionality, with burgeoning euphoria. I am certain that I am under the influence of this drug. I can for the most part disguise my high from others.

Intoxicating dose: I can't maintain a coherent string of thought or conversation, I trail off and slur my words and have difficulty moving around, the amnesia strikes much of the experience from memory. I am visibly intoxicated to others. It should be noted that some compounds seem to simply pass from recreational dose to hypnotic dose and bypass the intoxicated experience.

Hypnotic dose: A dose which ultimately just smothers out all other effects and puts me to an uncontrollable sleep no matter what task I'm engaged in. While sleep does come more easily with any dose of benzodiazepines, I consider a hypnotic dose to be one that forces me to sleep against my will. Many a time I've woken up somewhere that isn't my bed. This is typically a signifier of a very high dose- I can't seem to reach this point with certain compounds, and with others I simply haven't tried yet.

So with those criteria in mind, here is a brief description of every benzodiazepine and benzodiazepine-like compound that I have ever consumed. Some were consumed just once when they crossed my path via friends or strangers. Others were consumed habitually. I factor this into my characterizations of each. My descriptions will be as detailed as I can make them.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The dosages I list are purely a reference for me- due to my tolerance they will be slightly higher than what would be effective for a benzo-naive person. I do this to show the range of doses that will achieve certain effects. This information is shared just to provide context for my experiences.

Substances listed in Alphabetical order.

Alprazolam (Xanax)

Alprazolam is a very standard and neutral benzodiazepine that delivers all of the expected effects, short acting, with a timid presence that definitely grows heavier with increasing doses. The short activity makes it primed for binging. It would drive euphoria and imagination, it was sufficiently hypnotic, the binging potential is the only danger of blackouts. There's a reason it's so widely prescribed, and there's a reason people consume exorbitant amounts of Alprazolam. It really is fun to spend a day just tossing them back and certainly getting heavily incapacitated but still being conscious to enjoy it. It wouldn't force me asleep, but made sleep fast and easy. It had a fleeting presence in my life, I would grab some whenever it crossed my path but that was rare, usually via a friend with prescription or street dealers (which has become incredibly dangerous in the age of Fentanyl). Oddly enough I still have never had an Alprazolam "bar", all the pills I've encountered have been other forms.

My typical oral dosage (with tolerance) would be:

Therapeutic: .5-1 mg.

Recreational: 1-3 mg

Intoxicated: 3+ mg

Hypnotic: n/a (never could get it to work)

Duration would be typically be 4-6 hours, with little effects the next day.


When researching novel benzodiazepines, Bromazolam showed a lot of promise in online discussion. Users reported strong recreational effects- euphoria, a nice sedation, and a sense of gentle hazy warmth. This is one of the most amnesic compounds I have consumed. Even short term memory was compromised which made holding a conversation difficult. It is sufficiently sedating, and it has a pleasant warmth to it that is absent from other benzodiazepines. It is good for spending a night relaxing on something soft. What I did not like however, was the intensity of the amnesic effects- especially in that they persisted for multiple days even after the other effects had receded. This would lead to me inadvertently and unexpectedly losing days which I would've liked to remember. I saw little mention of this in online discussion, but upon bringing it up, a handful of people reported a similar experience. This is a nice and useful and gentle benzo, sublimely relaxing, warm and sociable, but losing the next 2 days of my life with little other effects during that time is a dealbreaker for me.

My typical oral dosage (with tolerance) would be:

Therapeutic: not attempted

Recreational: 4-6 mg

Intoxicated: 6+ mg

Hypnotic: n/a (never reached this point)

Duration would be typically be 6-8 hours, with amnesic effects continuing into the next 1-2 days.

Clonazepam (Klonopin)

Clonnazepam is a fun benzodiazepine. It has a rushing euphoria, and an impeccable creative drive. It is long lasting- but most of all it lets me feel really really high without being fully compromised. It's an intense and bright and imaginative high, where I feel motivated and content, near blissful. A lower dose was perfect for social situations. A higher dose was a wonderful way to spend a night playing videogames or making a menial task more fun. This was my first exposure to longer lasting benzos, and was my first hard lesson in memory fog lasting well into the next day. It also was the first one I had consumed recreationally.

My typical oral dosage (with tolerance) would be:

Therapeutic: .5-1 mg

Recreational: 1-2.5 mg

Intoxicated: 2.5+ mg

Hypnotic: n/a (never reached this point)

Duration would be typically be 8-20 hours depending on dose


Clonazolam has a bit of a reputation. Any foray into an online research chemical community will yield people who believe this drug has some sort of infernal provenance, that it is a curse upon mankind. Plenty of these tales come firsthand from users, who share their experiences as a cautionary measure. Yet, it is one of the most common item seen in the stock of online vendors, it is clearly immensely popular and there is clearly very high demand for it. For the uninitiated, Clonazolam's reputation is owed to many things. It has an extraordinary potency, with active doses well in the sub-mg range. It tends to be very amnesic. It has a relatively long duration, similar to Clonazepam. The potency and amnesic tendencies can be a recipe for disaster. Clonazolam also has a reputation as a last stop for heavy benzodiazepine addicts, as the potency and duration ultimately offer the most financially sustainable way to maintain a severe habit. Personally however, I find Clonazolam to be fairly unpleasant. For me, it is extremely sedating. The times I have tried it I have inadvertently slept through my alarms and missed various obligations. Until it has left my body, I am in a groggy amnesiac fog where I feel like I could doze off if I blink too long (save for the first few hours, which can be pretty functional, if a bit hazy and unremarkable). I am rendered useless for a day or two and don't gain much from it. It was never particularly euphoric or imaginative for me, perhaps owing to its smothering sedation. It is definitely good if you want to skip a day of your life or two. I somehow never managed to fully black out on it, thankfully. I cannot imagine using this every single day, but I'm sure a tolerance smooths its edges out a bit. It seems like a drug that is meant to serve the needs of those who need to maintain a heavy habit and nobody else.

My typical oral dosage (with tolerance) would be:

Therapeutic: not attempted

Recreational: .5-1 mg

Intoxicated: 1+ mg

Hypnotic: n/a (never reached this point)

Duration would be typically be 10-20 hours depending on dose

Diazepam (Valium)

Diazepam is well known as a golden standard for benzodiazepines, one of the first to appear on the market way back in the 60's. I had been seeking it out for years, just to try it for reference, and just by sheer fortune, an abundance of it appeared before me. Diazepam is a very middle of the road benzodiazepine- I use the term neutral a lot to describe benzos and it really expresses that it delivers the advertised experience without anything extraneous to remark on. It neatly checks all the boxes- anxiolytic, euphoric, a tad sedating, amnesic in higher doses. Its a lucid and functional benzo, which is probably the property to which it owes its commercial success. Something I have noted about this compound is that it is hardly sedating at all- to the point that it is actually completely ineffective at silencing the tail end of stimulants and putting me to sleep. I have gone up to 30 mg and ended up laying in bed staring at the ceiling until dawn broke, I was certainly hazy but it ultimately lacked the power to snuff out the other drugs coursing through my system. It is a subtle benzo that works in the background. Something I noticed is that the onset is very rapid, which is probably useful in addressing acute episodes of anxiety. While it is common knowledge that Diazepam is long lasting, the effects seemed to leave me fairly rapidly, and I rarely would get amnesia lasting into the next day. Maybe I just metabolize it differently.

My typical oral dosage (with tolerance) would be:

Therapeutic: 5-20 mg

Recreational: 20-40 mg

Intoxicated: 40+ mg

Hypnotic: n/a (never reached this point)

Duration would be typically be 8-12 hours depending on dose


If one is seeking coherent information on Diclazepam here, they are in the wrong place. I really cannot wrap my head around this drug. Its activity is questionable and I personally have never felt remarkable effects from it, even when taking what is considered a "heavy" dose. This seems to be a point of contention- sifting through internet discussions on Diclazepam one will find two camps- those who claim that it is a subtle drug without any noticeable effects, that simply functions to keep a user with a dependence well and that there is no "high" or intoxication to speak of. The other side will claim that it is indeed very psychoactive and can be quite intoxicating, and that those who claim it is subtle have been using bunk batches of the compound. I am of the former camp, though I have also only worked with one batch. I have not had the opportunity to get it tested. When I brought this up for discussion, it quickly turned contentious with people on either side of the debate passionately defending their positions. For now, I can't say I can definitely comment on this drug. I have taken doses up to 8 mg and the only noticeable effects I had were excess salivation and loss of libido- which was still very interesting to note, those are not things I normally experience from benzodiazepines. When I ingest it, there is definitely something having an effect on my body, but it's hard to discern much else. Having only tried this one batch it's hard for me to say anything definitive on this contentious compound. Perhaps this information will become more clear in the future.

My typical oral dosage (with tolerance) would be:

Therapeutic: n/a

Recreational: n/a

Intoxicated: n/a

Hypnotic: n/a

Duration for me is maybe a couple hours. Hard to say when the effects are barely discernible.


Etizolam is by far my favorite benzodiazepine (technically a thienodiazepine but oh well). This is by a significant margin the one I have the most experience with, the one I use most regularly and probably the most enjoyable yet utilitarian of the whole lot. Etizolam is sublimely euphoric and imaginative. So many cozy nights were spent wiling away the hours playing videogames while fuzzed out on Etizolam. It always felt exciting and colorful, yet relaxing and gentle at the same time. It isn't too sedating unless I push doses higher, at which point it becomes intensely intoxicating and confusing, eventually passing into a disoriented sleep. Residual amnesia would often last into the next day. It is bubbly and sociable and allows for free-flowing conversation. It can be useful for so many different situations. While it used to be my standard trip killer/sleep aid, my use of Flualprazolam no longer allows it to serve this purpose. For now it is simply something that is a great pleasure on its own. This is the standard to which I compare every other benzodiazepine.

My typical oral dosage (with tolerance) would be:

Therapeutic: .5-1.5 mg

Recreational: 1.5-6 mg

Intoxicated: 6+ mg

Hypnotic: n/a (never reached this point)

Duration would typically be 6-12 hours depending on dose


Flualprazolam is my other most-used benzodiazepine, and another one with notable utility. The utility in this case is sedation. I have never encountered another benzodiazepine that offers such an instant and workable sedation without dragging on for days. There is no hypnotic that will knock me out like Flualprazolam, period. No matter what else is coursing through my system, this drug will slip its hand over my face, conquer all, and put my ass to sleep. A long, restful, and very deep sleep, dependent on dosage. Higher doses are the kind of sleep where I will effortlessly drift through my alarms. I have learned that it will sneak up on me no matter what I'm doing- I've woken up with my laptop still open or in places that aren't my bed on several occasions, when I take a dose of this I must accept that the night has come to an end. Lower doses can be recreational, in which it is a hazy drowsy kind of high without much push behind it. This is particularly enhanced when combined with a low dose of a basic stimulant like caffeine. Otherwise, this serves the purpose of putting me to sleep in any situation, especially after taking other drugs. It was unfortunately my overuse of this that led to me developing a slight dependence to benzodiazepines, and my use of it is probably the reason I have great difficulty sleeping unaided nowadays. It is a great power that must be used responsibly.

My typical oral dosage (with tolerance) would be:

Therapeutic: <.5 mg

Recreational: 1-1.5 mg

Intoxicated: ~1.5 mg

Hypnotic: 1.5+ mg

Duration would typically be 6-12 hours depending on dose


Flubromazepam is one of those rare benzos that can be reliably measured on a standard mg scale. Flubromazepam is also distinct for me in its absurd duration, a memory fog that can drag on for 3 days or more. Like many long lasting substances, there is a very long, slow comeup, it can be up to 3 hours before peak effects are felt. I have only taken it a few times, usually during depressive episodes, where I seek to just skip through time. It is not something to be taken lightly and its a blessing that it is fairly impotent- otherwise it would be an extremely dangerous substance to handle. The actual experience is blank and neutral, listlessly drifting through time. There isn't much to remark on, no imaginative rush, no heavy sedation, not even a full-on blackout, just a lingering haze.

My typical oral dosage (with tolerance) would be:

Therapeutic: not attempted

Recreational: 8-14 mg

Intoxicated: 14+ mg

Hypnotic: n/a (never reached this point)

Duration would typically be 24-72 hours depending on dose


Similar in name to Flubromazepam and somewhat similar in effect. Another long haul benzo. This however, has the distinction of being extremely potent and extremely hypnotic. This is not a substance to be trifled with. For reference I only took it once- I really cannot see any utility driving me to take this again. It is also quite long lasting, droning on for multiple days. Unlike Flubromazepam, those days were spent near-non-functional, the drowsiness overcame everything to leave me listless and useless. Similar to Clonazolam, but even longer lasting. I do not see much purpose in this drug, unless one has a heavy benzo tolerance and severe insomnia and needs something long, potent, and sedating.

My only trial was a dose of 400 μg. It was functional, within what would be considered the "recreational" range for other substances, save for the heavy sedation. It lasted for about 60 hours.


Another ultra-potent compound, another heavy sedative, another one I only tried once that I don't feel eager to revisit. Unlike other ultra-potents, this compound is extremely short lasting. There wasn't much of a 'high' to speak of, just a sudden sleepiness as though I had taken doxylamine or melatonin. There is no residual grogginess into the next day- in fact it was quite the opposite- it quickly and assertively induced sleep but it was a short and restless sleep that had me waking up early the next day not feeling groggy but not feeling well-rested either. The next day however, I felt stimulated, on edge, as though the short and acute experience had suddenly induced a rebound stimulation. My muscles were tense and twitchy, my teeth clenched, I was fidgeting and anxious all day. While I can see a short-acting and super-potent hypnotic as being useful, I am hesitant to revisit a compound that seems to have induced mild withdrawal effects the next day.

My only trial was with a 200 μg dose, which yielded almost no effects beyond a slight amnesia. About an hour and a half later an additional 250 μg was added, which induced a rapid and powerful drowsiness. There was no "high" to speak of between baseline and sleep. While I went to sleep it appears to have left my system before I woke up- I would place the total duration probably somewhere between 2-4 hours.

Lorazepam (Ativan)

I have limited experience with this compound, only trying it a few times when offered by friends. I wouldn't say I can fully characterize it, as the doses I took were either so low they were hardly noticeable, or so high that I was fully intoxicated. It is generally regarded as a short-acting and mild benzo, and it was certainly mild when I wasn't taking a handful of them. When I was fully intoxicated though, it was a confusing rush, dizzying and aloof. I had fun, I felt silly, I can't fully remember what happened but I remember bordering on delirious. I kept thinking people were in my living room that weren't actually there, that imginary friends were unexpectedly visiting. It seems it induced more short-term than long-term amnesic effects, as according to others, I apparently had difficulty maintaining continuity in tasks. I would love to experiment with this one more in a more controlled manner- it's not to be dismissed, it is certainly something interesting.

My typical oral dosage (with tolerance) would be:

Therapeutic: 1 mg

Recreational: n/a

Intoxicated: 6+ mg

Hypnotic: not attempted

Duration would typically be 4-6 hours.


Meclonazepam is lovely. I only say this because it is near-identical to clonazepam, just a bit less potent. I doubt I could distinguish between the two of them in a blind test. The same euphoric, creative rush, the same duration, the same degree of sedation and amnesia. Clonazepam is something I hold close to my heart, a friend of Clonazepam is a friend of mine and I've found it in Meclonazepam.

My typical oral dosage (with tolerance) would be:

Therapeutic: .5-1 mg

Recreational: 5-10 mg

Intoxicated: 10+ mg

Hypnotic: n/a (never reached this point)

Duration would be typically be 8-20 hours depending on dose


Norflurazepam is another compound that is cited as being perfect for a taper, in the vein of Diazepam and Diclazepam. This is owing to its low potency, allowing for doses to be precisely adjusted, and its purported long half life. For me, the experience did not drag on for days as I expected. Perhaps for those with dependence, this would be a subtle tail that would keep them well for long enough to maintain a stable taper. I found that most of the acute effects departed in a reasonable amount of time. In terms of the experience this drug offers, it is fairly standard for a benzodiazepine, similar to Diazepam. It is a bit more sedating and intoxicating at higher doses than Diazepam can be, and I would say it has greater recreational potential in that regard. A perfectly somewhat above-average compound. Not too hazy or amnesic, can put me to sleep and overwhelm other substances without interfering with my day to day life.

My typical oral dosage (with tolerance) would be:

Therapeutic: 5-10 mg

Recreational: 15-20 mg

Intoxicated: 30+ mg

Hypnotic: n/a (never reached this point)

Duration would be typically be 10-16 hours depending on dose


In the large suite of novel unmarketed benzodiazepines I have tried as of late, Pyrazolam has proven to be the most desirable and useful of the batch. It is a highly functional benzodiazepine that falls into a goldilocks "just right" zone in terms of sedation, able to snuff out other experiences and put me to sleep but absent of overwhelming hypnotic effects. It is perhaps one of the least amnesic benzos I have consumed- I doubt I could black out on this no matter how hard I try. While it is distinctly slightly hazy, even into the next day, it seem the amnesic effects simply cap off and do not increase past a midrange dose. At higher doses it is certainly fun and recreational, at lower doses it is quietly anxiolytic and would be perfect for needing to do things in public with less anxiety. It is not quite as recreational or intense as Etizolam but it fits neatly into my rotation and serves a specific utility that I find quite valuable.

My typical oral dosage (with tolerance) would be:

Therapeutic: 2-4 mg

Recreational: 4-6 mg

Intoxicated: 8+ mg

Hypnotic: n/a (never reached this point)

Duration would be typically be 8-12 hours depending on dose

I am certain I will encounter other Benzodiazepines in the future, and this will be updated (here and on my personal blog) as I try them. I have not encountered any "Z-drugs" yet, but due to similarity of action they too will be included in this post should I cross their path. There are still plenty of benzos that I would love to try, just to bolster my points of reference and develop a wider vocabulary in this class of drug.

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