Heavenly Hell
Morning Glory
by Twizzle
Citation:   Twizzle. "Heavenly Hell: An Experience with Morning Glory (exp115172)". Erowid.org. Jan 7, 2021. erowid.org/exp/115172

280 seeds inhaled Morning Glory


This was the first time I had ever tried any form hallucinogenic substance; I had never even smoked marijuana prior to the trip. I decided to use morning glory seeds as my door to the world of psychadelia because they were cheap and easy to get, and because several trip reports I had read beforehand called it a beautiful, natural trip. I had heard about the nausea, but I assumed it would be a minute side effect of the substance and be nothing to worry about.

I bought the seeds at walmart in 4 packs of 70, and waited untill the weekend to eat them. I did not make an extract, it seemed like too much work at the time. In hindsight, an extract may have reduced the nausea and made for an even more delightful trip. Anyways, I crunched up the seeds, swallowed them with some seltzer water, and put on Super Troopers.

The times listed are approximate, as most of my trip was internal and time seemed distorted.

T+15: Nausea begins to set in, light at first but becoming stronger and more painful by the minute.

T+45: Nausea diminishes almost completely.

T+100: Closed eye visuals begin. They started out as subtle, colorful lines and circles dancing across my eyelids, but began to become more and more distinct. My legs feel somewhat numb.

T+180: The closed eye visuals are distinct, shifting rainbow colored lines forming fractals that pulsate and repeatedly change form. The part of my mind based in reality begins to fog, the items in my room start shifting and becoming distorted. If I focus hard enough, the fractalized CEVs are visible with my eyes open.

T+240: I tried to stand up and walk around, but I was very wobbely. I seemed stretched larger than my actual size, while the hallways around me seemed smaller than normal. I got back into bed. While I lay there, my mind seems to bend. I close my eyes and get lost in the trip. My thoughts were racing, but they were all looped back to the idea that everything is everything else. Its hard to put the feelings I experienced into words. I saw my self as a different race, a different gender, and a different person along with myself simultaneously. I vaugely remember putting on Jay and Silent Bob Strike back, but I couldn't pay attention.

T+300: My trip began to go south. I felt sick to my stomach, and it felt like the trip would never end. I thought about taking one of my father's perscription cloneazepam, but decided not to. I did however begin to feel the need to puke. I wobbled out of the house and exploded with projectile vomit into the snow. I assume that the cause of the nausea at this point was a coating on the seeds from the distributer and not the emetic agent in the seeds. The natural emetic should have worn off by this point. I picked up a handful of snow, wiped my face, and stumbled into the kitchen. I drank a glass of milk and went to bed.

The next morning my mother woke me up at about 11; I had gone to sleep at 6. For the rest of the day I felt somewhat depressed, until the evening when I began to remember the trip in all it's glory. The trip was not what I had expected it to be; it was more powerful than I had presumed it would have been. These seeds, along with any other psychadelic I assume, are capable of great things if taken in the proper enviornment. I can easily see now how they can become dangerous if they are taken under the wrong circumstances.

Exp Year: 2021ExpID: 115172
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 16 
Published: Jan 7, 2021Views: 261
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Morning Glory (38) : First Times (2), Alone (16)

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