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Warnings From My Body
DOiP & Cannabis
Citation:   nervewing. "Warnings From My Body: An Experience with DOiP & Cannabis (exp115203)". Erowid.org. Feb 24, 2021. erowid.org/exp/115203

T+ 0:00
5 mg oral DOIP (liquid)
  T+ 1:56   vaporized Cannabis  
  T+ 0:00 8 mg oral Loperamide  
  T+ 6:20 1 cig. smoked Cannabis  
Preface: DOiP (also known as DOiPr) is another fairly logical direction to go when developing psychedelic phenethylamines. It is the amphetamine analogue of 2C-iP- the compound that probably gave me the worst body load of any psychedelic Iíve ever taken. Thus I was not particularly eager to delve into DOiP, but I was still a bit curious. I only had 5 mg at my disposal, which I would ultimately consider a low dose of this compound. 2C-iP is notably less potent than other 2C-x compounds and I expected this property would carry over to DOiP. For those with less sensitive bodies than mine, it would appear a dose in the range of 10-15 mg proves more fruitful, though I personally am not inclined to take it any further than I did. The effects I experienced were just above threshold, with a disproportionately intense bodyload. This report will be shorter than usual, but the few effects I got are as follows:

T0:00- Dose taken. In my past experiences, DOx compounds are unbearably cringingly bitter so I brace for the sting. It turns out that the solution is fairly dilute and the taste is agreeable, especially when I chase it with cranberry juice. A shudder still runs up my spine.

T0:54- Onset of a suddenly intense nausea. No other effects are noticeable.

T1:45- A slow and steady come up, stimulant effects become more marked. I am shaking and my thoughts are racing.

T1:56- I feel a bit light and uncomfortable, I vape some weed to take the edge off, it has little to no effect.

T2:39- Stimulation becomes more marked, I am clenching my teeth a lot. Not much else to note.

T2:50- I am feeling hyped up and energized, maybe it is because I am listening to the Beastie Boys very loudly. The drug occupies an odd headspace- as though it is just in the threshold between a stimulant and a true psychedelic. There are hints of the freely-associating, efficiently flowing psychedelic headspace, but they are certainly not at the forefront. It is present primarily as a physical stimulation- shaking, increased heart rate, slight hyperthermia, and a definite alertness. The body load is becoming deeply uncomfortable. I have to lie on my stomach to suppress nausea. GI disturbances are marked despite having taken 8 mg of loperamide shortly after dosing.

T3:00- Shaking a lot more, shaking whatever surface I am on. The psychedelic headspace peeks out from its hiding place a little more now and comes to overshadow the base stimulation by just a bit. Iím lying in bed obsessively reading news articles about coronavirus and its implications. Despite the stimulation, there is no desire to get up and move around or do any activity, the nausea has me bound in place.

T3:40- Still pretty nondescript, the bodyload is now accentuated by an uncomfortable urinary retention. The headspace is pleasant, a bit of a euphoric rush, ultimately subtle and based on the foundation of electricity running through my muscles. No visuals or sensory effects to speak of so far.

T4:13- Bodyload still rages hard, not much else to say beyond that. It took several hours for the mental effects to come on and it seems they are already receding, leaving me alone with all of this physical discomfort. Quite disappointing.

T5:36- still mostly just feel sick.

T6:20- I smoke a whole joint in the backyard. Itís a mildly cold day. This seems to have a nice effect of both suppressing the nasty physical sensations while boosting the cognitive aspect of the experience. The stimulation and euphoria rush back in like an opened dam. I find myself dancing around the house, hyped up and wishing I had something to do with all of this newfound physical and cognitive energy.

T6:30- On impulse, I decide to watch Ingmar Bergmanís ďThe Seventh SealĒ, a well renowned movie I had been meaning to watch for some time. It was thought provoking and had some stunning imagery at times. The drug had me fixated on the screen, mulling over every detail in the cinematography and writing. As time passes the nausea creeps back in and I find myself lying on my stomach to help suppress it.

T8:15- The movie has ended and I notice that I feel almost entirely back to baseline, save for some tremors and nausea and urinary retention. My partner comes home from work and interaction is normal and not noteworthy.

T9:00- The nausea is all that persists but it too has mostly subsided by now.

T9:30- Entirely back to baseline.

Conclusion: Perhaps for someone else this would be an interesting drug, but listening to my body has made it clear that I should not push this any further. This drug primarily manifested as bodyload, just an intense twisting piercing nausea, urinary retention, bruxism, tremors, and general discomfort and malaise. The headspace was just on threshold- there definitely was something psychedelic there, but it was furtive and elusive, it seemed just over the border from being a regular stimulant. There were absolutely no visual or sensory effects to note and just the slightest hints of an energetic, electric euphoria. There wasnít much desire to socialize and the bodyload all but decimated any motivation to complete tasks. Perhaps more interesting cognitive effects would manifest at higher doses, but I know I would pay the price if I were to push the dose of this higher. It notably had a long comeup, similar to other DOx compounds, but a remarkably short peak and offset. Cannabis provided some relief and improvement to the overall experience, which was ultimately lackluster.

I spent most of this trip lying down trying not to throw up. Iím glad to have added this to my bank of experiences but I think I will not be exploring this compound any further.

Exp Year: 2021ExpID: 115203
Gender: Not Specified 
Age at time of experience: 25
Published: Feb 24, 2021Views: 1,690
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