Tactile Sensation and Auditory Hallucinations
Cannabis ('delta-8-THC edible'), Lavender & Chamomile
by Frob
Citation:   Frob. "Tactile Sensation and Auditory Hallucinations: An Experience with Cannabis ('delta-8-THC edible'), Lavender & Chamomile (exp115271)". Erowid.org. Mar 19, 2021. erowid.org/exp/115271

1 oral Cannabis (edible / food)
    oral Lavandula spp. (tea)
    oral Chamomile (tea)
Hallucinations From Delta-8 and Herbal Tea

I'm writing this report because the effects of delta-8 are supposed to be more mild than regular weed, but I had an extremely strong experience taking a (legal) edible with some herbal tea.

For background, I've taken these same 20 mg delta-8 edibles a few times before. Usually they cause a complete loss of productivity, relaxation, and occasional body sensations like waves of energy pulsing within me and a subtle pain in my throat. I've always taken them during the day.

However, this time I took one right before going to bed, and drank tea from a nighttime herbal tea mix made of lavender and chamomile. I don't know whether it was an interaction with the tea or the change in setting, but what follows is much more than I bargained for. My intention was to sleep more easily and have more interesting dreams, but instead I was carried on an experience that lasted about 2 or 3 hours before I fell asleep.

I laid down in bed and put on my mouth guard and sleeping mask as I always do. Within about 30 minutes the effects started to become noticeable. I felt a pressure starting at the top of my head and moving down, then becoming like a pick being pressed inside of my ear. It was deeply uncomfortable, but I could move around and the body sensations would evaporate until I lay still again. The body sensations evolved into a full body tactile hallucination. I felt like millions of dull and cold pins were pressed all over every inch of my body.
I felt like millions of dull and cold pins were pressed all over every inch of my body.

Then, the drums started. It sounded like someone playing a drum set loudly in the distance, and going to the window I could still hear it, even though this made no sense. I eventually found that I could change the rhythm and style of the drumming by focusing on it, confirming it wasn’t entirely real. When I head the sound of the train horn, I realized I was actually hearing a train but in this state my brain was converting the sounds of the train into rhythmic drumming. The origin of the sound was real, but it sounded like music to me instead of a train.

I laid back down, and turned my attention to my vision. I often enjoy looking at the various splotches of color in my vision that can be seen in complete darkness even while sober, so I was skilled at discerning them without straining my eyes. However, instead of the usual vague colors, I was greeted with an intensely colorful fractal spinning and changing before my eyes. I had incredible closed eye visuals - not something I thought was possible from cannabis.

The closed eye visual were made of red, green and blue and other combinations in a radially symmetric pattern with fine detail over the entire field. The visuals were connected, via synesthesia, to full body tactile sensation and auditory hallucinations. I could feel the fractal as points pressed over my entire body or focused on some parts of my face, and hear it as grinding static and electric sounds.

At this point I developed severe cotton mouth. I drank two quart jars of water over the whole trip but was still uncomfortably parched the whole time. I also had some difficulty walking when I got up to use the bathroom, and felt somewhat clumsy.

I also gained a much clearer introspective sense, I could feel the feeling sense of myself in complex and varied ways, instead of my usual ego-centric orientation where I cannot see who I am from the outside. The fractal visuals were sometimes replaced with impressions of various creatures and monsters and places. The impressions were mostly mental (a feeling, in the same sense as a place-feeling) but had some visual tangibility and they would also effect the tactile sensations to match their feeling.

After about two hours of a rollercoaster of visual, auditory, tactile, and feeling-sense hallucinations, plus intense dry mouth and occasion mild nausea, I started to feel saliva moving in my mouth again and the sensations start to weaken. I soon fell asleep, and slept normally.

It was an interesting experience, but not at all relaxing. I lost a few hours of sleep which was annoying as I woke up much later than I meant to the next day. I need to repeat the experiment during the daytime to see if the tea really had that strong of an interaction, or if the change in setting caused the experience to be so intense.

Exp Year: 2021ExpID: 115271
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 25
Published: Mar 19, 2021Views: 6,383
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