Comfortable Apathetic Discomfort
Voacanga Africana
Citation:   Toasted Cereal. "Comfortable Apathetic Discomfort: An Experience with Voacanga Africana (exp115285)". Jul 10, 2023.

6 g oral Voacanga africana (powder / crystals)
Voacanga Africana Report

Type: Root Bark Powder

Description: Light brown, very finely ground. (I got both powder and seeds from the same source and they seem to match visually when I looked up root bark powder and seeds of the plant.)

Food eaten:
- Bowl of corn flakes before (-0:30)
- Sandwich x2 (+3:00) [Medium size, roast beef, muenster cheese, mayonnaise, and spicy brown mustard.]
- Salad (+8:15)

Amount Ingested: 6g of powder in 12 size 0 capsules with a glass of water

Starting time: 9:00


+0:00 - Finished swallowing all of the capsules

+1:00 - Starting to feel some discomfort in my stomach

+1:30 - Headache starts to come on

+2:30 - All previously mentioned effects are becoming stronger

+3:30 - Seems like the effects have peaked.

+6:00 - Feeling pretty thirsty (this continued for the rest of the trip, if I drank or not.)

+9:30 - Effects are starting to wane. I'm feeling incredibly comfortable with all of this. Went to bed, slept for over 15 hours. Had incredibly strange dreams, I was in "control" but I wasn't lucid.
Went to bed, slept for over 15 hours. Had incredibly strange dreams, I was in "control" but I wasn't lucid.
The dreams had a very nature-centric vibe to them which is very different from my usual dreams.

+27:05 - Seems to be a positive mood lift effect the day after.

Conclusion: This plant definitely has potential. I assume all of the bark caused the upset stomach. Curiously enough I would still classify this as a good experience. I didn't notice until the experience was almost over that I was very comfortable. The headache didn't bother me, I still felt it but I didn't care. Same with the upset stomach. This was the biggest reason that I would still classify the trip as a good experience.

Exp Year: 2021ExpID: 115285
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jul 10, 2023Views: 314
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Voacanga africana (49), Dreams (85) : General (1), Health Problems (27), Glowing Experiences (4), Alone (16)

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