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Euphoria and Nausea
Kratom & Kava
by followthruthefloor
Citation:   followthruthefloor. "Euphoria and Nausea: An Experience with Kratom & Kava (exp115287)". Mar 22, 2021.

4 Tbsp oral Kava (liquid)
  1 Tbsp oral Kratom (ground / crushed)
  1 cig. smoked Tobacco - Cigarettes  


In my search for natural relaxants, I stumbled upon Kava Kava. After doing some research, I opted to buy the “starter pack” provided by one of the online vendors. I had done a small amount before but I wanted to really test the waters and see what this stuff could do. I had read some positive reports on Kava and Kratom combos, so I gave that a shot.

I prepared the kava in the traditional method suggested by the packaging, putting 4 tablespoons in the mesh bag provided and straining water through it, letting it sit for 5 minutes, and them kneading and wringing it out for another 5. I dumped the resulting creamy brown liquid into my mug containing the tablespoon of Kratom, and mixed it together, adding flavored creamer to distract from the taste (flavored creamer is the secret to making Kratom in particular a nice experience rather than an unpleasant one, making it a tea that is alright to sip on). I drank this over about a half-hour period.

The most immediate effect of the kava is the numbness that results in the mouth and throat. This can be very unpleasant if you are not aware of what you are getting into, and it becomes a very bizarre part of the flavor profile of kava. The whole experience is characterized by the interesting earthy flavor combined with the numbness, and the overall feeling could almost be characterized as the “physical” way this taste comes across (strange I know, but it makes some amount of sense). After about 30 minutes I was overwhelmed with a strange feeling, almost like the rising euphoria at the beginning of a mushroom trip. My friend S came over to record and help me move some stuff from a studio space. We left and I commented to him that I had drank both at the same time and felt very strange.

By the time we arrived at the studio I felt almost delirious with euphoria coupled with the physical sensation of the excessive amount of Kratom and kava in my system. While we moved recording gear back and forth this feeling grew more and more intense. The nausea and euphoria were coupled in a very strange way, in that they seemed inseparable from one another. I didn’t even mind the nausea that much, but I knew that if I focused on it or stopped moving it might become overwhelming. Sure enough, we finished the moving and went outside to smoke a cigarette. Almost immediately after sitting down, a wave of nausea overcame me and I knew I was going to throw up. Without saying a word I went inside, made a beeline to the bathroom, and vomited a small amount into the toilet. I felt better at once, and went back outside. S was unaware that anything had happened, likely assuming I had just taken a piss, and I was content to keep it this way. I have an odd sensitivity and embarrassment when it comes to vomiting from substance consumption.

The feeling persisted for the rest of the evening, sans the intense nausea. There were a few waves where I felt a little strange, but nothing uncontrollable. When S left I lay on the couch and just stared, contemplating the strange relaxed euphoria that had consumed my body. I eventually fell asleep.

Overall, this was an educational experience that I would not necessarily care to repeat.
Overall, this was an educational experience that I would not necessarily care to repeat.
I have combined Kratom and Kava since then, but cutting the dosage in half for both, resulting in a much more manageable and subtle experience. I am not sure what possessed me to mix both together in the highest doses I had consumed of either (in retrospect I am surprised it didn’t fuck me up even more than it did), but I will not do it again.

Kava is a very strange feeling that I am still getting used to and figuring out if I even enjoy, but Kratom is lovely stuff. They can be taken together, but in manageable doses.

Exp Year: 2021ExpID: 115287
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 25 
Published: Mar 22, 2021Views: 185
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Kava (30), Kratom (203) : Alone (16), Combinations (3)

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