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A Trip to the Art Museum in San Francisco
by Wise Company
Citation:   Wise Company. "A Trip to the Art Museum in San Francisco: An Experience with 1P-LSD (exp115322)". Apr 18, 2021.

T+ 0:00
200 ug   1P-LSD
  T+ 8:00   repeated oral Alcohol - Beer/Wine


[Erowid Note: The term "acid" has been used as a common name for d-LSD since the 1960s. Although confusion associated with newer psychoactive substances has lead some people to use the term "acid" to refer to anything LSD-like or anything psychedelic on blotter or sold in drops, we believe this represents an error and not a useful evolution in language.]

So this happened in 2018, one of the more intense acid trips Iíve experienced. Itís definitely not a heroic dose or anything like that, but I am quite experienced in psychedelics and know that a.) I am pretty sensitive to the effects, and b.) set and setting can make a huge difference to the intensity of the experience.

I was given 2 tabs of 150 mcg 1p-LSD by my boss during a visit to the US. He bought it from an RC vendor based in Europe. I took a sleeper train from Chicago to San Francisco Ė beautiful train ride Ė and tried the acid in that train. I just cut around a quarter tab and got some awesome CEV and great appreciation for the beauty outside and the music I was listening to.

I was super excited since it was my first time to San Francisco ďthe Hippie cityĒ and was stoked I would be able to take acid there! I booked into an AirBnb in the Mission Area, on recommendation from some quite liberal family members. Apparently this is supposed to be a super trendy, up-and-coming, arty area.

I checked into the AirBnb late in the evening on night 1. There were 3 bedrooms, but nobody else staying there when I checked in. I read up a lot about 1p-LSD and am convinced the 1p just cleaves in vivo and by the time the compound hits your serotonin receptors it's pure old ĎAcid.

The next day, I planned to take the acid and go to a modern art museum. Turns out this was a stupid and completely naÔve idea.

t = 0 mins [11 am]. So the morning of, around 30 mins after a light breakfast of only 2 bananas, I cut the second tab in half and dropped the 1.5 tabs in my mouth and started chewing. I swallowed the full one but I suddenly got some anxiety and spat out a piece of the half one. SO I took around 200 mcg in total.

So far so good. Feeling excited to explore the ďrealĒ San Fran. A bit nervous to be doing this alone, but also chilled. I just figured, fuck it, I have done so many mushrooms and acid, I know whatís up and how to handle myself. And I can always call a mate if I need to chat.

I figured I have around 90 mins until Iím tripping so Iíll take a shower, get dressed, hope in the Uber and get to the art museum.

t = 20 mins I am in the shower. Feeling nervous now and excited and quite giddy. Loving this shower and feeling super grateful for my life and being able to have these experiences and travel so much.

t = 25 mis I got out the shower and looked in the mirror. I realize I am already starting to trip. I am definitely not sober. Okay, lets speed this up. Spend the next few minutes getting my clothes on as quickly as possible and packing my bag for the day, I donít want to be tripping in the Uber.
I donít want to be tripping in the Uber.

While I am packing my bag, I realize Iíve been viewing myself from a 3rd person perspective for a couple minutes. I start laughing to myself. what the fuck was that? I look around the room and shit is moving already. Like, not just a little bit though. The walls are flowing.

t = 40 mins I start stressing. I am tripping way harder than I thought I would, way faster than I thought. Every minute I can feel itís getting stronger. I am trying to use my phone to call an Uber to take me to the museum, but itís getting difficult to use the phone. Have a moment of anxiety and realize riding in the Uber with my sunglasses in this state isnít going to cut it, I am too worried about how much I took since its still so early and I am tripping so hard already. Donít want to have to make small talk with a random in the car for 40 minutes.

So I decide to take a walk around the block, just check out some of the wall art murals and take it from there.

t=50 mins Iím outside now, walking down the street. Finding everything I see absolutely hilarious. Next thing I get to a stop street, and a car stops. I look at the front of the car, and the whole thing turns into one of those smiling cat faces exactly like the Cheshire cat from Alice in Wonderland.. At this point I am laughing at how ridiculous that is but also pretty nervous because I start feeling the gravity of what I just did taking all that acid.

t = 55 mins. Now every car that drives past is a different Cheshire cat grinning at me. Huge grinning cat faces, lifting up off the front of the car into the sky. Wall murals are insane and flowing into each other. Having difficulty walking.

t = 70 mins I realize I actually donít know where I am anymore. I also realize that while Iíve been walking around looking at the painted wall murals and laughing at the cars/cats, there have also been several seriously fucked up junkies on the side of the road that I just tried to block out of my consciousness to keep things positive. But I am realizing there are too many to ignore and actually I am in quite a fucked up neighbourhood. I get the obvious thought- arenít I also just a fucked up junkie now? But I tell myself itís not the at all same, first of all I only take acid like 2 or 3 times a year and secondly acid is not heroin.

I decide to get back home to the AirBnb to safety, I am stressing now about all these heroin junkies lying on the streets. I notice one guy 100% has two or three used needles on the floor next to him. Fuck this. So I make the biggest effort ever to get the address on Google maps, I canít even tell if my finger is actually touching the screen or not cos the phone is flowing and morphing so much. Somehow managed to get this in and walk/run back to the AirBnb.

t = ?? Back in my room in the AirBnb now. I think the running made the acid kick in even more. Just standing and walking around the house is a fucking mission now. Glad to be back to safety and away from the junkies. The plans to go to the art museum are long gone. I got some water from the kitchen, took off my clothes cos I felt like they were weighing me down, and just lay down spread eagle on the ground in my room. I had pre-loaded the album Starfucker by STRFKR on my laptop so I just had to press spacebar to get it to play.

t = ?? The album is only 30 mins but I think I listened to it two or three times. I donít really remember much here, it was just total chaos lying on my back in my boxers. Everything was spinning so fast and morphing into different layers of geometric patterns. It was extremely difficult to tell the difference between the walls, the roof, my body, etc. I would touch my hand to the floor and watch it disappear into the insane spinning, morphing geometric patterns. Everything so emotional, literally every chord change in every song was an extreme change of emotion and colors in the geometry.

It was also my first time tripping alone
It was also my first time tripping alone
and I realized I had taken that too lightly. It would have been so much better to have a friend with me. Wishing I had at least something to put my mind onto. I would love some watercolor paints and a piece of paper just to make something of this trip. It was supposed to be an art theme but now I am too fucked to go out and make anything of it.

I was definitely scared at some points. The geometic patterns would spin outwards so fast that theyíd ďtearĒ a hole in the middle, like there were literally black holes being ripped out of the center of the geometric patterns everywhere I looked. I tried to not look at them too long because I felt these black holes were calling me in and I was honestly just too scared to see what happens if I went into one.

t = roughly 3 hours into the trip. At one point, I heard the door open of the AirBnb. Another guest!

This was quite crazy because my whole trip changed immediately. I suddenly realized I am way more interested in being around people, going on crazy adventures, and just at least having somebody nearby during a trip to share the experience.

I know youíre supposed to go inwards on trips, but I really donít think that you canít do this while sharing the experience. Itís so much better, at least for me. and if at least the majority of the trip is shared, then if I'm alone for the last few hours that can be awesome too. So I was like, okay, whoever this is, I am going to say hello now and try talk to them for a few minutes so I feel better. Let the adventure begin!

I put on my clothes again, realized my hands are super sweaty and I probably look fucking crazy, but tried to put on a chilled face and walk into the living room.

I go out the room super calmly, see the Ďnewí guy, kind of sussed him out in a split second and figured, alright this guy seems cool enough to chill with for a while. Start calmly talking to him trying to hold a conversation. Later, the dude told me I had popped out of my room, eyes fucking huge and was like ďyo! yo! whats uppppp!!Ē, not at all calm and chilled like I thought I was playing it.

He figures out pretty much immediately that I am tripping balls. He is actually stoned as fuck, and I tell him about my plan for the museum and that I just wanna do some art now. So we decide to walk together to an art store so I can buy some watercolor paints, with him navigating and sussing out in case of any dangerous situations with the street junkies.

Back on the streets, this time I am feeling way better because all I have to do is keep walking, I donít have to navigate or worry about interacting with anyone. Cheshire cats everywhere. He starts telling me he actually owns a bunch of weed plantations in Colorado and even though he's about the same age as me, made 3 million dollars last year. Cool but not so cool to mention how much cash you make.

Long story short, because the trip didnít get any more intense from here. We ended up buying some art stuff but not using it at all. We decided to go to a bar and try some IPAs. I also needed some booze to chat to this guy. Adventures. The beer helped me sober up a tiny bit. I also ate for the first time, just some French fries. I couldnít actually make out this guyís face for most of the day since everything was spinning and morphing so much.

t = roughly 8 hours into the trip. The trip got way weirder later that evening when the Airbnb host arrived back home. He was a super weird, cringy, fake, insecure dude and I could pick up on that immediately. He was going on and on and on about escorts and strippers. We were both drunk when he arrived and I was still deep in my trip but happy to feel I was in control again and coming down and the beer helped a lot with a positive mood.

In the end the host convinced the other guy from the Airbnb to go to a strip club that night. I wasnít keen but definitely didnít want to sit alone at home any more since I was still tripping balls and a bit drunk, so I tagged along.

This is some weird shit that I really wouldnít recommend to anyone. A strip club is without doubt one of the worst places to go while on acid if you have any kind of empathy for people. The strippers seemed so sad, the place so fake, I found myself imagining 1000s of different storylines of how they got there and desperately wanting to have a real human conversation instead of this fake shit. Everyone I saw in the club looked like some kind of mafioso or Asian gangster. I actually donít know if it was the acid or if that really was true. Might have been.

This was around 10pm so by now I was in control and slowly coming down from the trip. Acid always leaves me way more empathic for days afterwards. So a part of me was also just laughing about it because I knew this would be a hilarious story for my mates.

Got home, a bit drunk but not too bad, slept like a baby.

The best part of the trip was actually the next day.
The best part of the trip was actually the next day.
I still had a crazy afterglow and just felt so positive about life and about myself, that I am a truly good person, seeing how weird so many people are, and I just like wholesome good things like being in nature and real connections. So I took a bicycle and spent the day cycling all around the parks of the city, that was fantastic and I was able to look back and reflect on the trip positively.

Overall, a super long and intense trip. It frustrates me when people talk about the ďrealĒ LSD being more spiritual, etc etc. Itís the same thing, you just create that for yourself by thinking youíre taking something less pure. In fact, by using 1P or similar, you are almost certainly better off because at least it will be dosed properly and it will be real acid. No risk of N-BOMB and the ubiquitously underdosed ďreal dealĒ tabs.

Lessons learnt:
1. Being around people, really helps me when I am tripping.
2. Always stay positive- the trip will end.
3. Next time, get to the art museum before taking the acid! :P

Exp Year: 2018ExpID: 115322
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 27 
Published: Apr 18, 2021Views: 134
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1P-LSD (682) : Difficult Experiences (5), General (1), Various (28)

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