(Forced and Unpleasant) Time Travel
2C-B, MDMA & Cocaine
by Q
Citation:   Q. "(Forced and Unpleasant) Time Travel: An Experience with 2C-B, MDMA & Cocaine (exp115324)". Erowid.org. Apr 18, 2021. erowid.org/exp/115324

T+ 0:00
  oral Alcohol - Beer/Wine
  T+ 0:00 6 - 7 lines insufflated Cocaine
  T+ 2:30 0.5 tablets oral MDMA
  T+ 4:00 1 tablet oral 2C-B
  T+ 6:30 0.5 tablets oral MDMA
  T+ 7:00 1 line insufflated Cocaine
I wanted to share my wife and my 2CB experience last Saturday night; I think that there were aspects of it that are unique enough to warrant the share, and also lessons that were learned which may be a useful guide to others.

The evening started off in the same ways as many others. We ate (but far enough away from the time of dropping the actual drug) and took wine, but not to excess. We also had some Cocaine, not a massive amount, maybe six or seven medium sized lines over a four hour period whilst we ‘settled’ into the evening.

We had intended to use the 2CB for the oft-reported sexual side effects; I have taken it for this reason maybe four or five times; this was my wife’s second experience, on the first we had a great and truly sensual time together. We had ‘tasted’ from the same batch before without mishap and so were confident that we were in for another exciting, memorable night. I had decided not to drop the 2CB on the back of an MDMA experience, but to take it ‘solo’ as it were.

About 35 minutes after we’d taken the 2CB, it started to have an effect. We chatted for a bit and then moved into the specially prepared bedroom. Without going into the gory details we had a fabulous time –the sensual powers of the drug hitting a peak about 90 minutes after we took it. Everything sense-based; touch, music, the trippy lighting all clicked in, to make a truly magical journey. One thing we noticed about this time; when tasting each other, we both noticed a distinct saltiness to our bodily fluids, which we had not noticed before – not unpleasant but certainly remarkable.

I popped out to the kitchen on a couple of occasions, to get water etc., and each time I did so, I realised that the visuals were extremely strong, certainly stronger than the last time we took it. I’m not talking about ‘Catherine wheels of fire’ or DNA spirals or anything like that, but the patterns of the living room carpet were taking on a 3D quality and all the edges of the furniture seemed extra detailed and real.

Around hour 2.5 I thought that it might be fun to add some MDMA into the mix, I was missing the empathetic cushion of that drug; whilst the 2CB was sensual and visual, I was coming to realise that it was also quite a ‘hard-edged’ psychedelic on its own, even though I had taken it by itself in the past. With this in mind, we split half a blue bar of some MDMA I had bought around Xmas – the empathic level of these particular pills had been perfectly fine but not overwhelming, which is kind of where I wanted us to be. As the time ticked by, we both slightly felt its effect but it was mainly lost in the strength of the 2CB.

About three hours in, my wife suggested that we had a line of Coke. Very aware that our poly-drug levels were reasonably high at the time, I carefully cut us each the very smallest line of Coke possible without the lines being invisible. We snorted that and then went back into the bedroom, to carry on the session.

About 30 minutes later the background music playlist we were listening to, put on a particular track by Goldfrapp (we are both big Goldfrapp fans) that my wife took exceptions to (she called it too ‘gnarly’ and ‘Germanic’, which I thought was an interesting term) so without further ado, I changed the track to something more cheerful, less edgy. I looked over to my wife, and I could see that she was bothered by the last track, and starting to look both worried and confused in a way that I did not like. It was about this point when I realised just quite how strong the dose of 2CB that we had taken actually was, doubtless exacerbated by the Cortisol boost we had had received from the line of Coke we had earlier.

My wife thought it best to probably call it a night around then, although I seriously doubted that she would able to drift off into sleep, as we had done on the previous occasion when we had taken 2CB. I was aware that we were both still very out of it, something that concerned me because, on all my previous experiences with the drug, the time from drop to baseline had been exactly four hours – so regularly timed in fact that you could almost set your watch by it. Yet, here we were, nearly 3.5 hours into the experience, and the drug was showing no signs at all of wearing off, or even diminishing in effect.

She rolled over and tried to sleep; although I was tripping out I was still having a good time and tried to pass the time by ‘amusing myself’ as it were. What really started to concern me was my wife’s increasingly erratic behaviour. She would lie deathly still, and then furiously turn over and over in the bed, waving her hands in the air, get up to visit the toilet, and then come back to bed and begin the cycle all over again. I tried to talk to her but she wasn’t much in the mood for that, and kept slipping back into her own internal world. She gave me a little information as to how she was feeling, but it was garbled at best, and I only got the full details the next day.

In her words, the first thing she noticed was that she “couldn’t really move, couldn’t really communicate.” And then…she started to travel in time “30s, 40s, 50s, just for a few seconds, and then I was back in the present.” She knew that she was in those periods by instinct as it were; she could ‘see’ people from those time periods but not by using her visual faculties as it were, not then. The furthest back she went was to the England of Henry VIII, the 1540s (we are English) where she could very vividly see two heads on spikes; a really horrible image that she found very difficult to shake, and kept returning to that image again and again, and visualising it as if she were actually there. Every time she opened her eyes, she was instantly back in the room, and back in reality, with me by her side.

When not time travelling, she held telepathic conversations with me, not in different languages per se, but in English, tainted with the accents of other languages (Welsh, Pakistani, and Gaelic.) Still later on, she kept sidestepping buildings as she was walking along and was even on a freeway in the States, walking along trying to sidestep cars that crossed into her path. To me this manifested as her kicking out with her feet in the bed, and looked horribly like a seizure, although there were no other manifestations of that kind of trauma in the rest of her demeanour.

As for me? I was basically OK, but obviously very concerned as to what my wife was experiencing and also, 5 hours into the experience, deeply worried that the effects were not diminishing. I kept telling myself that this drug was only meant to last four hours and yet it appeared to be as strong as ever. The old fears (from LSD usage, decades back) of ‘being trapped forever’ started to appear, even though I know from the past that this is a tremendously destructive way of thinking. Then I started to imagine that the drug was re-wiring our consciousness in a permanent way, I worried about how our brain chemistry was so much different from your average 2CB user (we are quite a bit older, I’d imagine, than many other psychonauts). I really wanted to smoke a joint but there was no way that I wanted to exacerbate the feelings I was experiencing.

After a while, I started to get tired, and began yawning quite a lot which would normally indicate that the drug was wearing off, except that the hallucinations seemed stronger than ever. The phrase that kept coming back to haunt me, again and again, was something that I had read about 2CB over dosage years ago. “A small amount is fine, too much can lead to an experience that is forced and unpleasant.” That phrase “forced and unpleasant” came echoing round again and again whilst I tried to comfort my wife (and myself) and basically just telling her to hang on, until it was over; by this time we were at least five and half hours into this thing. My wife and I are certainly not newbies in the world of hallucinogens; we have both had experience of mushrooms, big trips on LSD and K-holes, but this was something of a very different order and frankly, by this time, I was quite scared. This thing would not let go…

After a while, I noticed that my wife had stopped kicking out – she was still awake, but calmer. The next thing I knew, it was morning and I was down; the sound of my wife, peacefully asleep next to me, was the sweetest noise I have ever heard. We slept late but, apart from a feeling of exhaustion (no kidding) we were both as right as rain, no hangover whatsoever, clear-eyed and clear-minded.

In retrospect, this is what I’d have done differently. I admit that we may have had a little too much Coke (we have partaken in the past, but to a lesser extent.) Doing 2CB without the buffer of MDMA was definitely a mistake; 2CB by itself is too rough a psychedelic experience, at least as far as we are concerned. My wife turning in on herself in an attempt to sleep was the cause of her problems; without externalised stimuli, he mind had nowhere else to go apart from inside her, and this was a mistake, I think.

Finally, we were both bowled over by the vast difference in dose between these pills we had taken and the ones we had had before. I read somewhere else, after this experience, that doses can vary greatly (even within the same batch) and I can certainly attest to that. The chemical within the pill was certainly pure enough, but the dose was very erratic. Now, when we take these again we will be well aware that the time to baseline could well be at least another three hours longer than advertised; but we needed to have that experience to realise that this could be a possibility.

We are naturally cautious, experienced drug users – this event only goes to show that even the most experienced people can be tripped up (quite literally) from time to time. Nonetheless, I have not been permanently put off from taking this fascinating, rewarding drug again sometime, and I think my wife feels the same.

Just not today…

Exp Year: 2021ExpID: 115324
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 55
Published: Apr 18, 2021Views: 1,718
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