Euphoric and Unfocused
by cat
Citation:   cat. "Euphoric and Unfocused: An Experience with Topiramate (exp115366)". Apr 8, 2021.

75 mg oral Pharms - Topiramate (pill / tablet)


At about 11am on a Tuesday I took 3 25mg topiramate pills (75mg total). I sat down on my bed with food and watched youtube. About 15 minutes later I felt a nice buzzing in my head, like a slight numbing feeling. Throughout the next hour my vision became very strange: Things around me had tracers, so when i looked around objects seemed to follow my eyes a bit, but only slightly. My head felt very... tickley? Very lightweight and airy. I felt calm and euphoric and had a silly grin on my face. When I tried to stand up at any point throughout the day I would bump into everything, lose my balance, almost fall, and walk incredibly slowly. Nothing hurt, I felt so calm. Speaking wasn’t too difficult, I just used simpler words and talked slower. Texting however was a nightmare and I kept sending atrocious messages that were barely understandable because I would have typos everywhere and the wrong form of every word and no grammar. Thankfully all parties that received the texts found it hilarious lol. My mind was very quiet and my body felt very heavy. I stayed in bed pretty well every second I could, since walking was a challenge

These effects went on through the next day as well. I woke up on wednesday with all the same walking and vision problems and the same euphoric feelings. They were just as strong as when i first took the pills. These symptoms continued until I fell asleep wednesday night. The high lasted 48 hours with no variation in symptoms; I was high and euphoric and dizzy from start to finish, and when I woke on Thursday morning I was perfectly fine. A wonderful experience that I would describe as a mix between the calm and daze and dizziness of weed and the painlessness and empty mind of an opioid.

Exp Year: 2021ExpID: 115366
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 20 
Published: Apr 8, 2021Views: 211
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Pharms - Topiramate (328) : General (1), Multi-Day Experience (13), Various (28)

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