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Decided to Stop After This Dosage and Use Occasionally
Citation:   B-okay. "Decided to Stop After This Dosage and Use Occasionally: An Experience with O-Desmethyltramadol (exp115379)". Sep 14, 2021.

20 - 95 mg IV O-Desmethyltramadol (liquid)
  1 mg oral Etizolam  
[Erowid Note: Interactions between opioids and other drugs can be very dangerous. By some estimates, over 95% of opioid-related deaths involve an opioid combined with at least one additional medication or drug, most commonly a sedative or depressant (alcohol, benzodiazepines, or another opioid).]
In writing this I hope it provides useful information to others seeking to learn more about using this substance in this way, as there isn't much info out there at the moment. But first I want to do my due diligence and make clear I would never recommend drugs or especially opiate use for anything other than pain management or some other legitimate medial application of the drug.

This is a report of of 5 days of usage

Day 1: received the product in the mail from China, took about a month to arrive as expected. Bags come unlabeled so I started by smelling and inspecting the product to make sure I wasn't sent fent, meto or iso by mistake. (Never know right) So first I rubbed >1mg on skin, then 2, then wait, then 1 mg oral, wait, 2 mg oral, wait, etc, etc....

Day 2: all was established that this is definitely the real product so the real testing began. I needed to find an appropriate dose so I started small at 20 mg IV to be safe knowing I would probably want more from what scarce info is out there. O-DSMT dissolves very easy in regular sterile water just a little stir and its a nice clear solution, also doesn't burn veins or anything nasty list that (that I experienced anyways).

After injection was finished I felt a very decent opiate rush (first shot in a year though so..duh lol) decent calming blanket feeling but slow, kinda like heroin maybe a bit slower and longer of a rush than that even. I definitely don't mind it, it's worth IVing in my opinion if that's your thing it certainly has a rush. Could also be compared to IV oxy because it's not totally sedating, kinda drawn out rush. It's still pretty sedating don't get me wrong but the initial NRI effects still make me able to function and clean up my dope shooting mess before nodding out if that makes sense to people lol.. Either way the 20mg definitely didn't make me nod felt like percs if anything, but this drug has a long half life so I waited another day for my next dose.

Day 3: Was confident I could handle double the amount I took last time and so I prepared 40 mg in the syringe and did the deed. After releasing the tourniquet I felt a nice rush down my spine and my muscles relaxed just as I would expect from any opiate rush. This felt great and I could tell I was approaching my dose. As I was hanging out listening to music the effects got noticeably stronger sedation wise as time went on, 1 and a half hours after the shot was when I think I peaked
1 and a half hours after the shot was when I think I peaked
. I found this odd but not too bad, although I'm used to Dilaudid/Hydromorphone where I'm at peak within 20 seconds. I popped 1 mg etizolam and was very content warm and chill for 8-10 hours after this and fell asleep watching youtube very content and half nodding.

Day 4: Day 4 was the day I decided I wanted to reallly find the sweet spot, I knew I could do a bigger dose because I could handle the 40mg dose + 1mg etizolam combo (not recommended). I upped the dose to 65mg and had a good feeling this is where I would be perfectly in my happy place, maybe a full nod.

I took the etizolam first this time and then did the deed and a very similar rush to last time with added intensity of taking a benzo derivative before hand. The added punch of the benzo had me sat down on the couch immediately. I think while in this state I realized that the NRI effects were probably being nullified by the etizolam. So for me the O-dsmt does have some slightly noticeable effects on norepinephrine when injected mostly in the first hour and a half or so then goes away and leaves me with a pure classic opioid feeling. This higher dose made the itching more prominent and I did nod off on this dose, very peaceful.

Day 5: had nothing planned and a friend with me willing to watch over just in case so I decided to get a full nod and see how a high dose feels. Accurately measured out 95mg dissolved nicely in 40-50 units of sterile water after some agitation and stirring, drew up, filtered and wiped my arm with alcohol. Took 1 mg of etizolam and did the deed. After I was done and pulled the tie and a rush of euphoria spread over me, I lay back into my couch melting for a moment. My breathing reflects the pleasure I'm feeling, this is involutory and nothing is uncomfortable at this point. Then start to feel my face itching. I rub my face and can't open my eyes because I'm just taking in the great feeling. After this rush wore off (about 30 second actually) I layed on the could in a state of noddy bliss listening to music and watching crime docs while half listening in a dream-like state slowly coming up. Found the dose, I was content and so decided to stop after this dosage and use occasionally when I need a mental break.

Now the downside.... I said this was a 5 day report but to be honest the 3 days after this were the worst, I'm a previous addict so the elimination half-life of this drug is (8~hrs) and the way I mistakenly used it made it so the molecules stayed in my system the entire 5 days while I was experimenting with it, and sent me into a very bad withdrawal I should have paid closer attention and spaced out my doses more. But also a part of experimenting and I learned a valuable lesson from it one again. Always respect the chemical.

All in all, I think this is a very good legal alternative to street opiates out there. I have a low tolerance (30 mg oxy IV would probably fuck me up for reference). Before I tried this like I mentioned I hadn't shot or done any opiates in a year so the rushes and receptors were all very fresh I suppose. After my 5 days other than the withdrawals there were no adverse effects different to any other opiate. Only thing that's distinguishable is the NDRI effect but I feel that less at higher doses.

Exp Year: 2021ExpID: 115379
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 25
Published: Sep 14, 2021Views: 5,529
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