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Elite Athleticism - Unlocking Potential
by RobinHood
Citation:   RobinHood. "Elite Athleticism - Unlocking Potential: An Experience with LSD (exp115398)". May 8, 2021.

2 hits oral LSD (blotter / tab)


After this past weekend, I feel I have enough experience to share the effects of LSD on my athletic performance on multiple occasions. I have done various physical activities approximately 5 times on LSD, and I'd like to detail each one. For reference, I have done LSD about 15 times in my life, so about 1/3 of the time I was playing a sport or exercising.
I have done LSD about 15 times in my life, so about 1/3 of the time I was playing a sport or exercising.
Although dosages vary, I tend to take 2 tabs each time which I would put around 150-200 mcg.

Experience one was opening Pandora's box. During college I was a bartender. One night my fellow tender and I were cleaning the bar. We found a jacket left on a barstool and emptied the pockets trying to identify its owner. What popped out blew my eyes wide open. In a ziplock bag, five 10x20 sheets of LSD tabs laid before us with colorful Grateful Dead bears dancing in harmony printed on them. Naturally we sold most of it, but about 50 I kept for myself and friends.

One weekend all my roommates went home for break as I stayed behind on an empty campus. With nothing better to do, and it having been about 3 years since my last trip in high school, I popped two tabs and fired up the Playstation. After an hour or so, I felt the lightness in my chest and knew the trip was beginning. I turned off the PS4 and stared in the mirror. Colors were sharper and I pondered what activity would interest me the most at that point. Without much thought I bent to the ground and started doing pushups. Now, I consider myself in excellent shape, but have never broken 40 pushups in my life. After a set of 25, I knelt on the hardwood floor and felt blood pulsing through my entire upper body but zero fatigue. So I reassumed the pushup position. With my hands perpendicular to the floor, I could feel every fiber in my shoulders and chest and how they connected under my skin and how to most efficiently use them in tandem. I proceeded to do 100 pushups without stopping. ONE HUNDRED. After the set I just sat on the floor and wondered what I had just done and how mysterious the mind is to assist me in such a ridiculous personal feat. I am aware of people doing incredible feats like lifting cars in times of crisis, a display that shows the human body has much more muscle power in reserve, and I felt like I had control of 100% of my strength.

Two days later my curiosity got the best of me. I had to test out my new found strength in an actual gym. The campus gym was entirely empty which was great because I might have bugged out a little bit with crowds there. I took another two tabs and jumped on a stationary bike. Typically I do 10 minutes on the bike to warm my body up but this day I decided to go for a ride. I biked 10 miles in 20 minutes. The pool of sweat underneath me needed a mop to clean up and my t-shirt looked like I jumped in the pool. For reference, 10 miles in 20 minutes is professional level riding, something I could never dream of replicating. On LSD however, each bike pedal was like a heartbeat, in perfect synchronicity with absolute efficiency and power. Full-speed on one of the highest gears available on the bike, my mind and body became one.

Snowboarding is one of my biggest passions, and testing the insane sensory control you have on LSD while riding was on my list of to-do's. I should note that for me, LSD has enabled my focus to expand from one object or item, to 3+ things at the same time. This is why I consider video games so fun on it, because I am able to concentrate on multiple high cognitive-load things at the same time. To visualize, if I was looking down a city street sober, I would see a person walking, or an interesting structure one at a time as I looked at them, but on LSD your mind is able to focus on both simultaneously. This grants things like anticipation and quick decision making during something like snowboarding. The same mind-body unification I experienced on the stationary bike found me while riding the snow. I no longer felt my feet strapped into metal bindings that were screwed to a board. The board felt like an extension of my body that I had complete and utter control over. I also had nerves of steel and the confidence of a king. This combination of insane confidence and control over my equipment led me to more feats I had only dreamed of. After nearly 10 years of riding I was only capable of pulling off 360's from small jumps in the terrain park. But on this day, on the first run of the day, I rocketed full speed at the biggest jump in the park and did a 720 like I was born for it. No hesitation, no panic, just controlled and effortless. I felt every small undulation in the snow and my muscles reacted with lightning speed response. The beauty at the top of the mountain made my eyes tear up as I felt like I was in the place I belonged the most.

Finally, last weekend I went to Maine to play some of the best Disc Golf courses in the U.S. Over two days my friend and I played 7 rounds across 4 different courses and walked nearly 30 miles. Those 30 miles are a testament in itself to the power of LSD. You are able to push your body to its limits. Again, from these previous experiences, I wanted to see what my mind and body could do as one during a round of disc. If you haven't played the sport it is much like real golf in the sense there are par 3's, 4's, and 5's, there are fairways in open fields and in the woods with a basket (hole) at the end, and various types of discs to throw a huge variety of distances and shot shapes. It is a very creative and relaxing sport that everyone should try. For reference, I compete in the amateur 1 division during tournaments where the winner will typically shoot -3 on a good course per round, where a pro would shoot around -12. Putting is nearly as difficult as real golf, where my putting percentage inside 30 feet is about 40-50% where pros are in the 90's. I popped two tabs upon arrival to the course after a long drive. It was sunny, a soft cool breeze, and 100+ holes ahead of us. On just the third hole (about 20 minutes in), things got interesting. On a par 4 I threw in my second shot from 150 feet away for the eagle. I could feel the wave of focus starting the envelop me. All the neon discs in my bag looked like they had their own light sources, like they had beams of sun emitting from them.

I remember my bright pink driver looking so bright in the sun it could glow at night. Each throw following that third hole was more and more accurate with increasing power. I was throwing laser beam drives through tight windows in trees and only using half the normal exertion. The woods are already beautiful on LSD, so throwing neon discs through fairways in them is just the most visually pleasing thing. When I stepped up to putt, my vision seemed to have a vignette effect where every ounce of sensory input and control available in my body was focused on a single chain in the basket. No outside thoughts of my life crossed my mind. Only the single chain my disc was going to hit for a birdie. No longer was wind an enemy when throwing my disc, rather, it whispered to me, it told me the angle, and height, the power I needed to deliver my disc to the basket. I finished that round -12, rated on that course as an elite professional score. Like my snowboard, the disc felt like a part of my body with my mind as the puppet-master.

To conclude, I have never been more fascinated with the potential of this substance and its use in athletics. The creativity, the focus, the efficiency, the confidence, and the control you have while doing sports or exercise is the fullest potential the body has to offer. Although I can never replicate my abilities entirely when sober, there have been many technique changes and lessons I've learned about my abilities that I am trying to utilize.

Exp Year: 2021ExpID: 115398
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 28 
Published: May 8, 2021Views: 229
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LSD (2) : Performance Enhancement (50), Retrospective / Summary (11), Various (28)

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