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Body Load, Ebullient Emotions, Dreamlike CEVs
Citation:   weiss. "Body Load, Ebullient Emotions, Dreamlike CEVs: An Experience with 2C-E (exp115401)". May 1, 2021.

12 mg oral 2C-E (liquid)
12mg 2C-E (Oral) - Body load, ebullient emotions, dreamlike CEVs

Age: 22
Sex: not disclosed
Height: 185 cm / 73 inches
Weight: 80kg / 175lb
Date: 2021
Location: United States


My experience with other substances is basically none. As this substance is relatively lesser known, I've familiarized myself by slowly working up in dosage, starting with 3, then 6, then 9, then 12mg. Of those dosages, this was the first experience worth writing anything about. At 6mg and above, I experienced some body load, in a similar vein to what I will describe below, but less intense.

Substance was lab tested and confirmed unadulterated 2C-E, though exact purity was not tested. Dosage was calculated via volumetric liquid dosing, so dose should be accurate to at least within 1mg by mass of the substance as tested, though "actual" dose may have been less depending on purity.

Set and setting was very comfortable, at my house on the weekend. Day had been blocked off for this activity.


T+ 0:00 - Ingested 12mg of 2C-E (measured as 1mL of 12mg/mL solution) which was dissolved into my morning (decaf) coffee. Pleasant route of administration in terms of ingestion, was unable to detect any odd taste.

T+ 0:45 - First alert. I had been watching videos online, and around this time I started to notice the first signs of body load -- I've noticed that for me with this substance, that starts with a tightness of the jaw muscles. I don't grind my teeth and this doesn't really cause me to, but it gives a similar kind of tightness. I wasn't sure at the time if it was effects of the substance, but looking back I'm fairly sure it was, I felt temperature "imbalance" more acutely than normal. My room was slightly cold and I had a fairly intense desire to crawl back under my blanket, which I normally wouldn't have, so I did. I continued watching videos from bed at this point.

T+ 1:00 ish - First signs of cognitive effects. Having a bit of trouble concentrating on what was happening in the video game I was watching and was slightly annoyed by that, so I decided to turn some music on. I immediately noticed that my taste in music was a little bit different than normal, and it seemed to be because of a perceptual difference in how I was experiencing it, which got stronger as time went on.

T+ 2:00 ish - By this time I am definitely feeling the effect I was talking about before strongly. I feel very emotionally connected to the music -- like the music is able to dictate my mood. Usually when listening to music, I very much enjoy listening to strongly emotional pieces, even ones that are I guess "angry" or even disturbing in some way. I can sort of live 'vicariously' through the music. But at this point I am afraid to listen to those kinds of tracks because I know that I would feel the pain or horror in the song as my own rather than almost as if I was watching a movie or something like I usually would.

I also have a very significant body load. No urge to vomit or anything, but some nausea if I attempted to get up from laying down in bed. Feels similarish to being tipsy on alcohol in that regard. However the rest of me feels almost... tight and on edge. I didn't feel any pins and needles or anything, but it felt like many of my muscle groups were like tightly clenched, but when I would go to actually move those muscle groups they weren't actually squeezing. However, all of my movements felt sort of choppy and awkward because of this sensation.

T+ 3:00 to T+ 6:00 ish - Peaking. I had some mild OEVs -- mostly mild distortion if I held my field of view steady. At probably T+4-5 hours, this was strongest. The strongest effects happened somewhere in this time range when I rolled over in bed and looked at myself in a mirror that I have in view. I knew that sometimes it can be scary to look at your face while tripping, but even though mine was distorted, I think this knowledge plus some of my own artistic curiosity meant it was more interesting than scary. During this time I also got a sort of "flat color" or "painted" effect to my vision if I held my vision still and just tried to look around my cone of vision without actually moving my eyes. Body load stayed the same.

I had some what I guess you might call CEVs. This was the thing that stuck with me most during and just after the experience. It felt like I was in a state where whenever I closed my eyes I would drift into a very dreamlike state in terms of my visual and sensory perception but in which I was essentially fully conscious and could control fairly strongly what happened. Normally when I think about something and close my eyes, I get a general idea of what I'm thinking about. In this state, there was a vivid basically lifelike representation of what I was thinking about, in a dreamlike manner. Very interesting.

T+ 7:00 - Feel myself coming down. I still have some effects and the body load is still quite intense but it has a bit of a come and go lapsing effect. I feel well enough to take a walk around the neighborhood, and do. I definitely felt more... open and affected emotionally by things, like I talked about with the music earlier. The perfect weather outside combined with the music I was listening to (a very interesting piano composition called Evil N*gger, which was written by a black composer named Julius Eastman, who unfortunately didn't get the credit he deserved in his lifetime due to racism), made me feel very content and happy to be experiencing what I was experiencing.

T+ 8:00 - I get back home and at this point I am about 75% back to normal. I would say I'm about at the same place I was at at T+1:00, but with a more intense body load still lingering. I am hungry, so I decide to make a pizza, but I'm a bit concerned about eating with the body load. Ultimately eating was a bit weird, it felt like I had to force myself to chew more than normal and my tongue felt a bit leaded, but it tasted normal and was fine.

T+ 12:00 - I feel pretty much entirely sober. A bit of body load lingering, but I am able to get to sleep

Next morning - Wake up feeling completely normal. No body load left, and no muscle soreness, which I was honestly expecting based on how intense the body load was. I didn't talk a huge amount about it above because it wasn't super interesting, but the body strain was *quite intense*. I will probably experiment with sublingual and nasal spray as a method of ingestion in the future in an attempt to reduce the body load, as it was not very pleasant. However, there were no lingering effects the next day in that regard. Also as far as I could tell no lingering mental effects, I felt sharp and ready to go from the time I woke up.

Exp Year: 2021ExpID: 115401
Gender: Not Specified 
Age at time of experience: 22
Published: May 1, 2021Views: 1,348
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2C-E (137) : Music Discussion (22), General (1), Alone (16)

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