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I Would Describe It Similar to 3-MeO-PCP and 3-HO-PCP
by melange
Citation:   melange. "I Would Describe It Similar to 3-MeO-PCP and 3-HO-PCP: An Experience with 3-Methyl-PCP (exp115404)". May 5, 2021.

10 - 30 mg oral 3-Methyl-PCP
  6 - 17 mg IM 3-Methyl-PCP


My Experiences With 3-Me-PCP

Observe, this is about 3-Me-PCP and not "3-Meo-PCP"

So in early March I received 500mg of 3-Me-PCP. Having not tried the substance before I started with 10mg orally. It took between 1-2h before the effects started to come in to full effect. I would describe it similar to 3-Meo-PCP and 3-HO-PCP, especially closer to 3-HO-PCP was a quite weak dose when taken orally, but I still got the "PCP headspace" with the feeling of increased understanding of the world around me, moderate feeling of happiness with a clearer mind, not fogged by the usual chit-chat-thoughts that I usually have in my mind.

- I also became more communicative and was more eager to talk and connect with people (something I often lack due to mild social phobia).
- It was also more psychologically stimulating than either 3-Meo-PCP or 3-HO-PCP.
- I had a hard time sleeping afterwards without any sleeping aid.
- This drug effect lasted about 2-3 hours with after effects with up to 5 hours afterwards.
- Even the day after people noted that I had slurred speech (and maybe some other symptoms where something about me felt "off" or just different than usually).

One time I took 30mg orally and this gave my a very powerful experience that lasted for about 3 hours with a lot stronger offset-effects. At this dosage I had a hard time understanding what was happening around me and my thoughts became dissociated and revolved around what is normally very weird. For example like how I felt reality had broken apart and I had to rebuild it, which normally sounds absurd but during the experience it felt very real and caused a lot of anxiety.

I also experimented with IM injections. Here I would dissolve 6-17 mg in 1ml distilled water, mix it in a spoon and boil it with a jet-lighter. When sucking it up in the syringe I would use a 5Ám micron filter and then inject it on my upper arm with an injection time of ~1min. I also used alcohol swabs on the skin before and after injections; and also on the needle itself.

- The effect would come slowly (unlike Ketamine) and would start slowly about 5-10 minutes after injection and would come in hard at about 20-40 minutes after injection and last for about 2 hours.
- The difference in dose made a huge difference. 6mg would still allow me to go out and work functionally without most people noticing I was high (from what I could tell) and was quite enjoyable.
- Dosages at 17mg however was a different creature and could be very confusing and also a bit and was no something I personally would recommend.
- A better dose for IM was 8-12mg and would give me quite a good and strong experience, without becoming too much. At the higher end of this spectrum (10-12mg) I would strongly recommend planning ahead about what to do during the experience, and also think twice before going outside among people since it is likely this may be confusing and many people will notice you are on drugs (and not drunk).

I would recommend users to start a timer on your phone when taking it in order to help you see how long you've been on it. Also I would generally advise against redosing, especially when doing higher doses.

Exp Year: 2021ExpID: 115404
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 29 
Published: May 5, 2021Views: 349
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3-Methyl-PCP (921) : Retrospective / Summary (11), Unknown Context (20)

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