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Exploring a Not Very Known Opioid
Citation:   Slayco. "Exploring a Not Very Known Opioid: An Experience with Etodesnitazene (exp115489)". Jun 16, 2021.

T+ 0:00
500 ug insufflated Etodesnitazene (liquid)
  T+ 0:10 1 mg insufflated Etodesnitazene (liquid)
  T+ 0:25 1.5 mg insufflated Etodesnitazene (liquid)
At the time I had experience with a lot of substances everything from weed to benzos, opiates, LSD, shrooms, 2C-B, ketamine, other pharmaceuticals, etc. Sometime the end of 2020 I bought some etazene (etodesnitazene) of the dark web. When I got it, I sent it a lab testing and got my results and it was etazene. I smartly decided to volumetrically dose this substance since it is quite potent. I mixed it up with distilled water in a concentration of 5mg/ml of water and began experimenting with the supervision of my close friends in case if something goes wrong. All doses were taken intranasally.

The experience started around 18:00.
This substance lasts more or less 1 hour altogether.

T+0:00 - this dose was very insignificant and was just for allergy testing, no effects felt

T+0:05 - I was very excited and I couldn't wait any longer so I took my first actual dose of approx. 500ug. Effects kicked in around 1-2 minutes. Effects were very mild and nothing very special, just constricted pupils and slight relaxation and anxiety relief.

T+0:10 - I was not satisfied with the effects so I take 1mg more and the effects were intensified. I began to feel some itchiness like traditional opioids, a sense of well being and a nice euphoric glow.
I began to feel some itchiness like traditional opioids, a sense of well being and a nice euphoric glow.
I was more talkative, a little more confident and was enjoying the experience and did not find the substance nauseating or very sedating. (Two of my friends did find this substance to be nauseating)

T+0:25 - This substance is very redosy and I really want to redose all the time because it's so good so I decide to take some 1.5mg more and the positive effects were increased, I wasn't nodding or slurring my speech just casually chatting with my homies and enjoying the experience. Still no negative effects felt, except compulsive redosing and itching if you count that as one.

For the rest of the night I continued to redose 1.5mg about every half hour
For the rest of the night I continued to redose 1.5mg about every half hour
and experienced the same effects until I went to sleep somewhere around midnight. I easily fell asleep and slept normally. The next day there were no residual effects, no hangover no nothing, just like I didn't take anything.

For the next two weeks I used etazene every day (not 24/7 but about 5-10 doses a day) because I very much enjoyed it and experienced the same effects all throughout my exploration. I did not develop any signs of physical dependency although maybe I was a little bit psychologically dependent but it didn't cause any problems whatsoever.

The comedown only features a strong desire to redose.

I really liked this substance and hope to have more experiences with it in the future.

Exp Year: 2020ExpID: 115489
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 16
Published: Jun 16, 2021Views: 2,660
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Etodesnitazene (948) : Small Group (2-9) (17), First Times (2), General (1)

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