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Skeptic Turned Believer
Coleus, Alcohol & Tea
Citation:   anarkity. "Skeptic Turned Believer: An Experience with Coleus, Alcohol & Tea (exp115508)". Jul 8, 2021.

1 bowl smoked Coleus
  2 glasses oral Alcohol
  1 cup oral Carnegiea gigantea
I knew for years from my copy of Plants of the Gods I've had for years that a species of coleus was possibly psychoactive. Despite the picture looking very much like some plants I've had, I always assumed it was some obscure species I'd never get my hands on, and filed it away as an interesting fun fact. I've been growing coleus every year for maybe 5 years as an ornamental that will thrive in our shady garden beds. It's pretty, tough, and easy to grow from seeds or cuttings. I spend a ton of time gardening, it's my main passion.

However, a couple of days ago I realized these ARE that same coleus blumei. Immediatley at that moment, I looked over at the plants on my mantle that I had grown from cuttings and overwintered in a whole new light, with a new respect. I read trip reports for hours; I find psychoactive plants absolutely fascinating (most plants really) and was determined to dig as deep as I could into the relatively scarce info the internet could offer.

Then I started collecting the more tired looking lower leaves, some from each plant. About 10 different varieties were represented. I dried some material in the sun, then some in the microwave as it had gotten dark (I prefer the former method). I didn't have much to start with, as the plants are small and I didn't want to do much damage. I accumulated just enough for a bowl and 2 small joints. Maybe a bit over a gram total. It had a mildly minty sort of smell, not surprising, as it is in the same family as mint.

I've been going through an unpleasant time, having to quit dabs I was quite dependent on for an upcoming drug test. I've been smoking all kinds of garbage just to have something to smoke. I have Crohn's disease, which makes it very bad to ingest nicotine. So I tried herbal teabags cut open, a smoking blend ordered online, mint dried from my garden. It took me back to my attempt at smoking catnip in high school. I thought, what the hell, why not give this other plant I already have a try?

I was very skeptical that my coleus would do anything for me at all. I've done a number of psychs a number of times, at decent doses, favorites including acid, shrooms, and DMT. I was a subscriber to the theory only certain cultivars or genetic lines of C. blumei would be psychoactive, and expected that nothing whatsoever would happen, but was open minded and mostly prepared in case it did. Last night, I sat down on my favorite spot on the roof (disclaimer: do not try new drugs on the roof, I'm just a dumbass) with my usual Mike's hard lemonade and a green tea as I didn't want to get too drowsy.

Then, smoked it all as fast as possible, starting at maybe 10:30 PM. It was not pleasant, but not too horrible to get through. Maybe 7/10 unpleasantness. I wasn't impressed by the results initially. I felt kinda dumb and had a mental laugh at my own expense.

But when I picked up my phone some 20 minutes later, to text my friend that it did nothing but hurt my throat and give me a headache... there it was. Not super dramatic, yet very noticeable tracers. I couldn't believe it. I'm small, but one drink consumed slowly and a small amount of caffeine wouldn't cause that for me. I was delighted!

After looking at the night sky and the street under the streetlights for a bit, I got up to make some herbal tea with honey for my now sore throat. Back in the lit house again, walking downstairs, there was a subtle trippy feeling, like when you're just starting to notice a small dose of acid. I also got a shot of vodka and got some chips and stayed up talking to my friend for a while, sipping tea and smoking on one of my herbal blends. I didn't notice much unexpected difference with the added alcohol.

I had some vivid dreams, though I have most nights since I stopped the weed. I can't really remember them. I also woke up with the same headache, though it may have been dehydration or me being behind on sleep.

I'm not dismissing the possibility of this all being the placebo effect, but I personally don't care if it was that or not. Placebos are proven to work. So I enjoyed the effects without worrying about whether it was "real" or not; if my brain wants to trick me into a good time, I'm all about it. I suggest anyone who decides to experiment with this or any unconventional psychoactive plant go into it with a similar attitude.

I will definitely be trying this again when my plants are bigger. I also have a 72 tray of inch tall seedlings doing quite well. Hopefully this will be another substance to enjoy in my rotation.

Exp Year: 2021ExpID: 115508
Gender: Not Specified 
Age at time of experience: 22
Published: Jul 8, 2021Views: 1,447
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